Encouraging Prophetic Dream #297 & #298: Rejoice & Proclaim “The Year Of The Lord’s Favor” & “Uriel-Removing The Old To Allow The New (SparrowCloud9)

Encouraging Prophetic Dream #297 & #298: Rejoice & Proclaim “The Year Of The Lord’s Favor” & “Uriel-Removing The Old To Allow The New (SparrowCloud9)


Dream 297 – Rejoice and proclaim ‘The Year of the Lord’s Favor’

Received on Monday, August 27, 2018


Dear Father,

Thank You, thank You, thank You!  Today is a marker of so many promises and dates.  Please do not forget about us, Father.  I woke up this morning with a song of praise in my head.  I sang it quietly while feeding the small animals and birds in our yard…

“Just as it is in Heaven, just as it is in Heaven, Oh God, Oh Savior.  My Jesus, my hero, don’t forget me.  I love You, rain down now, open the skies, Lord, rain down now, on Earth just as it is in Heaven.  My Jesus, Oh God, my Savior, my love, don’t forget me.  I am waiting, my Jesus, my Lord.”

I cried out, “Oh Father, I love You!”  Any other thoughts that come to me during the day are quickly replaced with the hopes of Your promises.  I am a waiting bride.  However, I ask that You fill the oil in my lamp as I have waited a long time and my reserves are depleted.  My heart is becoming sick and broken.

I often wonder if I was not worthy and my household not prepared as I am becoming sick again.  I am no longer a youthful bride.  Will You still desire me if I am not young and vital?  My heart is tired and my brain tissue is old and dying.  Please do not forget about me, the one You have called ‘ready for service and My friend’.

Please grant us mercy, Father.  Please look at the palm of Your hand.  Are our names no longer written there?  Please forgive me as I have children who have placed their hopes for healing in You.  I come today to praise You and plead for You to strengthen and encourage us if You are delaying.

Oh dear Father, who resides before the Throne in Heaven and presides over all things on Heaven and Earth, there is no name greater than Your Name.  There is no God greater and nothing above or below You greater.  Your name has no beginning and no end.  There is no idol to worship which would survive the fire.  Therefore, there is no greater God in all of Creation than the everlasting Father, our Father in Heaven.

Please come, Father.  Please let Your Kingdom come and let Your Will be done on Earth exactly like I have seen in Heaven.  Even just a fraction of this glory, Your glory, would change the balance of the wicked gaining on Your children who love You.  The world is imbalanced now and evil seems to be prevailing as so many of Your shining lights are growing dim.

Please give us this day the blessings of heavenly oil to restore our lamps.  Please send bread like manna from Heaven to satisfy our hunger for more of You.  Please send rainwater to refresh our parched bodies as we have shriveled to nothing here apart from our hope in You.

Oh dear Father, You are wonderful, glorious, marvelous and brilliant in all of Your power.  Please send Your Spirit to our households.  There are so many sick and dying who love You.  Please heal them.  Please do not let the enemy celebrate another warrior for God exiting this Earth.  Oh please, Father!

Father, we are arrows in Your quiver.  Please remove us and use us as a weapon of truth in the midst of lies.  Use us as a weapon of truth to testify to Your justice in corrupt courts.  Let the verdict be life everlasting for those with no hope.  Let those with no voice speak to Your glory.  Father, please consider Enoch 49 today…

In those days, the saints and the chosen shall undergo a change.  The light of day shall rest upon them and the splendor and glory of the saints shall be changed.  In the day of trouble, evil shall be heaped up upon sinners, but the righteous shall triumph in the name of the Lord of Spirits.

Others shall be made to see that they must repent and forsake the works of their hands and that glory awaits them not in the presence of the Lord of Spirits, yet that by His Name they may be saved.

The Lord of Spirits will have compassion on them for great is His mercy and righteousness is in His judgment and in the presence of His glory, nor in his judgment shall iniquity stand.  He who repents not before Him shall perish.  Henceforward I will not have mercy on them, saith the Lord of Spirits.

Change us this day!  Let Your Kingdom come upon us here on Earth as we are in Heaven.  Let the wicked confess and the demons flee when they look upon Your glory shining upon our faces.  Set us free to do Your Will.  Just like the time of Pentecost, please settle and rest Your Spirit upon us to preach the Good News to the lost.

Please give us Your Spirit to allow us to restore the dying and raise the dead in Your Name.  Father, at Your command, fill this land, our houses and our lives, with unexplainable displays of miracles, signs and wonders.  Declare our vessels worthy today in Jesus’ Mighty Name!  I had a dream last night…

Sub-dream begins…

I was college age in appearance.  We were in a gymnasium.  There were several sports activities going.  In each area, athletes were amazed at the displays of supernatural abilities and feats each of us who had been transformed were displaying.  As an example, I was able to perform perfect layups in basketball with absolutely no effort despite being of average height.

Soon after I put my basketball down, a friend, also transformed, came up to me and challenged me to a leaping and skipping contest.  It was so much fun as we could leap and skip further than any normal person in history, all with no real effort.

There was another area of this huge gymnasium where amazing artists and sculptors displayed their artistry.  There was yet another area that had incredible singers.  Each area had ‘worldly’ instructors who were then in shock at the IQs and abilities we had to perform several complex tasks at once.

Unfortunately, our fun came to an abrupt halt when we learned that a hospital just down the road from us had just had their ceiling collapse.  Several of us were immediately sent there by God to save survivors and to heal those as God directed us to.

When we arrived, there was one patient that had a piece of metal rebar twisted into his leg.  To make matters worse, this rebar had gone right through his leg and there was blood everywhere.  At God’s direction, one of us were then able to effortlessly twist this thick metal back to being straight.  This person was then able to remove the rebar from the patient’s leg.  He then prayed over the wound and it was instantly healed by God.

Sub-dream over…

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

Uriel was right there in front of me.

Uriel:  “All that you have proclaimed will come to pass as the Lord has told you.  The time of the Lord’s favor is now.  Heaven will be displayed on Earth.  Opening the sky, the Spirit of God will come upon those He has called.  Your time of rest is coming to a close and your waiting is over.  The door is about to open and God will instruct you clearly in everything you do.”

Me:  “I am ready.  I so want the Lord to come for us today.”

Uriel:  Smiling.  “God loves you and He will not be delayed…on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Now rejoice and sing songs of praises.  Whether today He comes or tomorrow, celebrate!  Rejoice and proclaim ‘The Year of the Lord’s Favor’.”

Dream over…


Dream 298 – Uriel and Removing the Old to Allow the New (Sparrowcloud9)

Received on Saturday, September 1, 2018


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for Fall, one of my favorite seasons.  Thank You for our home and Your promises that we cling to.  The leaves are changing here.  School starts for the girls in a matter of days.  We need to either go now or in two weeks, but, either way, we have no choice but to leave.

My husband will soon have no work and no ability to work around here.  No matter what, we must leave soon.  Father, all seven of us have now stepped out of the boat and onto the water.  We have done everything in full faith of Your promises.

As for my diet, I am still mostly eating only bread, butter, honey, mashed potatoes and salt.  However, I also just added bananas to the mix.  I almost only drink water, but will occasionally settle my stomach by drinking a vanilla milkshake or by eating some salted crackers.  I have not really been that hungry at all during this time.

I have had more tests at the hospital.  On some days, my headaches can be unbearable.  My vision will then become blurred at the same time.  This then forces me to lay down.  This is not from my diet, but rather from the tumor that is behind my left eye.  While I know God will eventually heal this, it is time for us to go as the best ‘earthly treatment’ is not here.

My dreams last night consisted of impossible obstacles to get from one place to another…

Sub-dream 1 “A city with no road signs” begins…

I was in a city on top of a hill and had to navigate several of its streets at night.  The winding roads were endless and there were no road signs.  On top of all of that, there were night animals that I had to contend with.  I was also aware that my other family members were walking the same course.  While I was the first to go, I had no way to give them directions to get to where I was going or where I would end up.  The bottom line is that I was fully reliant on God alone for my directions!

Sub-dream 1 over…

Sub-dream 2 “A deep channel as an obstacle” begins…

I was sitting on one of three very tall bar stools out on the shore of the ocean of a seaside resort.  The trees surrounding the resort consisted of coniferous trees.  The beaches were a beautiful white sand.  I was relaxing and enjoying the sights when I realized that the tide had risen quickly and had surrounded me.

The water was very dark and I could not see the bottom.  The tide had now risen so high that I was forced to stand on my stool.  The shore was still not that far away so I decided to leap towards it and try to walk and swim to safety.  As I was trying to get to the shore, I realized that there was a sudden drop off, really a deep channel, where the waves had eroded the shore.

This made me instantly recall a similar situation I had been in when I was a child surfing in Pacifica, California.  Just like then, I was now stuck in this drop off.  I was in a precarious position and I would really need to battle the water to get to the shore.  Just like when I was a child, I was finally able to crawl to the sandy beach before the tide could overcome me.  I made it, but it was scary.

Sub-dream 2 over…

Sub-dream 3 “Six-way intersection on a bike” begins…

I found myself at a series of very busy intersections.  I was riding a ten-speed bicycle. There were transit buses, cars and large, long haul trucks everywhere.  To make matters worse, the weather not great and it was beginning to rain.  I soon came up to a stop sign at a six-way intersection.  Since I had never seen an intersection like this before, I became confused as to what to do.

I decided to park my bike at the side of the road so that I could study the situation better.  I just could not figure this out.  When I finally decided how to navigate this intersection, my bike was gone.  Someone must have stolen it.  Despite this, I still soon somehow made it to my destination.  I knew this arrival must have been supernatural as I cannot even remember how I got there.

Sub-dream 3 over…

Sub-dream 4 “Working for several of my former bosses” begins…

I found myself working for several of my former bosses in one warehouse operation.  Each of these bosses had been extremely controlling, or at least had tried to be.  These bosses were from my past and I just could not believe that I was having to deal with them again.

There were many divisions in this business.  Each section represented a talent that God had gifted me with.  In each area, there was some type of production going on…

  • One was antiquities
  • Another was textiles
  • Another was illustrations and painting-art production
  • Another was lighting
  • There were also other areas there

In each of these areas, I had a former boss who knew very little.  The one thing they all had in common was that they were saying horrible things to me in order to try and force me to produce more.  I was frustrated because I knew that, without me, they would have no viable business.  I also knew that, if I quit, they could no longer afflict their punishment.  As it was right now, it was my worst nightmare.

A day soon came when I had decided to go in and quit on all of them.  Each of them then threatened me and told me ‘NO!’  As they protested, there before me was an open door.  I began to walk towards it.  They verbally threatened me.  When this did not work, they each took turns to try and physically stop me.  Thanks to God’s protection, not one of them were able to touch me.  I walked through the door and I was free.

Sub-dream 4 over…

Father, this last dream was very odd because I had not worked for some of these guys in many, many years.  In each situation, they needed me, but I no longer needed any of them.  Father, there is clearly a common theme to all four of these dreams…I am trying to get from one place to another place in difficult or impossible circumstances.

Oh Lord, please help us!  You are my God over all things.  We are stuck on the water right now.  Please, Father, where are You in this storm?

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

Uriel was right there in front of me.  Just behind him was a door.

Me:  “Uriel, please help us.”

Uriel:  “I am a messenger from God.  I follow His instructions.  I do not act on my own nor do I create ‘a thing’ on my own.  My King says, ‘go here’ and I go.  Now, a door is being presented to you here, Erin.  You will walk through this.  While you have been kept away so far, you will soon step through this and into the land God has promised.

“The evil has been increasing over the land in a great wave.  God has been allowing this as a plumb line.  Your household has been in a time of mourning and repentance.  As a result, you now have no directions or ties to this world other than those given to you by the King.  You have been worried that you have missed instructions or have made mistakes.

“All of this relates to what you are experiencing in your fast.  It has been 21 days since the gall has been removed in your stomach.  You no longer crave the things you once loved or expected.  You have been separated from your own ambitions.  You and your family have now offered yourselves to God.

“You are soon to leave your place of ‘comfort’.  As this ‘comfort’ was meant to be temporary, changes have come and will continue.  You changed as you knew you cannot rely on man for a definition of who you are.  I was sent to confirm this to you today.  God saw your great distress and your cries were heard in Heaven.

“Now, the Lord went on your behalf to petition for you.  What you thought was loss is truly gain.  The water is rising, Erin, and, if you were to stay where you are, you and your family would eventually be overcome.”

Me:  “Uriel, I wrote down our troubles starting on September 1st, 2017 and ending August 31st, 2018.  It truly was a year of great pain and loss.  I am only human and I know that I will be unable to endure another year like this.  My favorite month of the year is September.  Please ignite my lantern as my flame has grown dim.  My heart is sick.  Please tell God for me as this door is not open behind you yet.  Am I to die before my children enter in?”

Uriel:  Smiling.  “Erin, are you really believing in God’s promises or are you making up new ones based on your discouragement?  You have been chosen and appointed for a time such as this.  You have not been forsaken.”

Me:  “But God had told me that August was our month of change, a time when we moved.”

Uriel:  “Hmm, did He really say this?  I was there as a witness and can confirm that August really was a month of great change, as has all of the last 12 months for you.  Did you not experience the same things that I witnessed?  You have let go of the former things.  While some things were painful, you are now free from the world.”

Me:  “No, we are still slaves as we still have debt and are subject to the banks.”

Uriel:  “God owns all things.  As He owns the banks, you are slaves to God.”

Me:  “But…”

Uriel:  “While I know it is difficult to understand this, God will soon deliver you from the shackles of institutions.  Celebrate as a man delivered.  God loves you and those He has hidden and chosen for this time.  Soon He will summon angels across the four corners of the Earth and all of you will be changed.

“Before the Israelites entered the promised land, instructions were given, a process of circumcision of their hearts.  Removing your old cover and entering into a new cover with God as your cover, you will enter into a different state, a new frontier, where you will be strengthened.

“While you are low, weak and humbled by the punishment of the wicked, through this door, all changes.  Your dreams show you changed and youthful, strong and vibrant.  Wherever you step, the enemy will be subject to God and he will see the time of the King’s return is here.

“You are like a wave, a tidal wave like a tsunami, that will change the landscape.  While it is written and was prophesied years and years ago, there was no understanding as this had never been seen before.  This has been ‘prophesied’ AND is ‘a new thing’.

“Now, Heaven is visible on Earth, on Earth as it is in Heaven, not with Heaven as a planet in the sky, but visible by God on Earth.  Rejoice, Erin!  Do not fear!”  Uriel smiled at me.  “Now look!”

As he turned to look at the door behind him, I saw the latch on the door move.  I then saw a flash of light come from the door.

Dream over…


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