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  1. Hello, It was very interesting video, I seen Deborah Tavares on a couple other video’s previous time’s, but this one sum’s up most important thing’s like Primary water, thankyou for showing this video.I do Not know if you know Ron Wyatt,and his Discovery of Mount Sinai, but that is a very interesting video,and I used google Earth to see Jebel el Lawz,and somehow after several month’s,later, I looked again,and to the right more where the Arabian land is, but still in the wilderness,there was,reddish colours in the land,when I zoomed closer, I got a Big Surprise to find actuall like blood pools there, and it look’s like it is stretching out long enough.Reminds me of Revelation 14:20. It look’s a very Dangerous place to ever visit, but through google Earth,you can see what’s there.And I know for a fact it was Not there, about 7 month’s back,it appeared in this time span,because I seen those areas too.Is there any way of knowing what that is.Plus I noticed something else, not too far away from there, there are many greenish blue circle’s, many of them.Are they doing something in the wilderness of Arabia, what the rest of the World does Not even know what is going on there.I just thaught to tell you, because it is very puzzling.Sueanne


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