MASSIVE IDOL In Front Of Catholic Church & Preacher Confronts (Gabe The Street Preacher)

MASSIVE IDOL In Front Of Catholic Church & Preacher Confronts (Gabe The Street Preacher)

IDOLATRY EXPOSED: Soon this idol will definitely fall

But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.” – Matthew 15:9


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2 Replies to “MASSIVE IDOL In Front Of Catholic Church & Preacher Confronts (Gabe The Street Preacher)”

  1. Brother Gabriel,
    If I want to be baptised who can do it? I don’t trust most church’s.
    Thank for telling truth and loving GOD and your neighbor. Also can a woman street preach or is she to be quiet… I thought I could hold sign up with the word and direct people men to the word and your videos. I have not heard many telling the truth but praised GOD over and over watching your videos. Because you are telling the truth not letting people die in their sin GOD BLESS YOU for telling them to repent turn from sin. I have a hate sin I asked GOD to make me hate everthing HE hates.
    He said If you say you love me and dont keep my commandments you are a liar. Amen
    God bless you and yours
    I have a late start 50 yr old woman but we are near the end and I want to do GODs will. I am sharing your videos on FB I do not put anything else as of yet but want only to serve tge LORD JESUS and I believe you have tge Hoky spirit. Also I have read that women should dress in modest apparel no make up and wear a head covering when praying… I thought my hair and Christ was my head covering when I pray another minister said women who wear make up are whores and I tried to ask him about head cover showed him scripture He said I was contentious I want trying to be. I pray everywhere in the shower all the time. So I did not know this I thought everything was uncovered to GOD. So I need to study what is expected of me as a woman I have warned people about the things happening in this world.
    If you have any scripture on the role of women please let me know. The woman at the well … She was told not to by Christ but she told everyone. Not sure why this was. She was a samaritan.
    God bless

    1. Thank you for writing and I am Ms. Sophie here and I was not baptized in any church and you do not have to be in a church building to be baptized. I was pulled from all churches because they are deceptive at best and so one night I asked to be baptized and went in the shower and I felt Him baptize me. I had no river by me to go to or lake. So you can have it done at home. There are so many lies in the church system and why they are soon going to be torn down. Also, yes, I received the supernatural language of tongues driving in my car one day. I was confused with churches because no 2 Baptist churches even agreed on everything with each other so just asked Him to be My Rabbi (teacher) and a few minutes later the gift was given to me. It was awesome! I was led the last few months to stop wearing makeup or dyeing my hair so I have and wondered why and He said “it’s because I am beautiful as I am to Him” (sweet words).

      As far as modest dress, yes we should not expose our breasts or show our thighs off in public etc. You also do not need to be dressed like some Amish person either. That is extreme. I wear a head covering when in prayer and we are to do that out of respect to God and His holy angels. That Is what I was given on it by Him.

      Ask The Lord what He wants you to do for him and what He has called you to do. I am not called to be a street preacher but to warn on here & when I go out, I talk to them one on one and no megaphone needed. Yes women can be out there but take all that to the Holy Spirit and pray for an answer. Right now, we are all to warn if we know what is coming so it is perfectly okay to go somewhere, talk to people, and warn them. Why do you think you need a big sign to do that? I guess if you feel you most, ask God on that. 🙂 Women are not called to sit around and not participate in warning so by all means let the Holy Spirit lead you as to what to do next.

      As far as Gabe the Preacher man answering you on here, he cannot. He does not come on this site. Sorry about that. So I answered you because I know of these things. Hope it has helped you somewhat. By all means be a doer of the Word. 🙂


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