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Sad How Govt Forced People Out: Home”less” VICTIMS Of Weather Warfare-Deborah Tavares

Sad How Govt Forced People Out: Home”less” VICTIMS Of Weather Warfare-Deborah Tavares

OH my, they are lying on tv news; they say they are offering them places etc etc. This is not only in California but happening all over, crimes against humanity===Remember ROTHSCHILD Name====

I have found that the globalists are manipulating control under the guise of ‘The Climate Change Initiative’ worldwide. Trying to get into every country as possible. These evil Globalists are acting as if they care and putting false information out such as Global Warming, when they themselves are manipulating and controlling the weather. Are they human?
This is sickening treatment of people that have gone through a real loss of homes etc: bad enough losing their homes & now being treated like rubbish so inhumane & surreal, god bless D for you work.
Good morning Deborah. I live in Connecticut and I have to say our news is reporting little if nothing on current fires in California. There is little coverage of this massacre being implemented on American People . I’m appalled and angry. It’s just like Hurricane Harvey . The city of Houston goes under water and then radio silence . It’s really disturbing. God bless you and your family . You, my friend are doing god’s work .
Several Videos Of Coming Tribulation..”The Furnace Shall Be Heated Seven Times HOTTER” (Godshealer7)

Several Videos Of Coming Tribulation..”The Furnace Shall Be Heated Seven Times HOTTER” (Godshealer7)


Sister Barbra (Godshealer7)


Published on Apr 15, 2014


The beast shall rise up and make an image of himself for all to worship. He shall call upon all people to bow down and confess he is lord and king. Those of you who do not obey will be cast into the fiery furnace. This furnace will be heated seven times hotter than that which is standard. He will bind and cast those that refuse to obey his command. This command will be made law. Anyone who breaks this law will die in this manner. I speak these words to you today. Consider My servants, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. They too were ordered to bow down to an idol made of gold. They refused. We trust in our God that he is able to deliver us, and if he does not, let it be known to all that we will not worship, serve or bow down to any idol made of gold. This is the tribulation soon to come upon the earth. Come to me while time remains. Search your heart, for it is I. I am calling unto each of you, now, to come.

Consider my servants Shadrach, Meshack and Abed-Nego…they too were ordered to bow down to an idol made of gold. They refused… We TRUST in our God that he is able to deliver us and IF HE DOES NOT… let it be KNOWN to all we will not worship, serve or bow down to any idol made of gold.

Daniel 3:8-18 KJV/NKJV

Incinerator camps

The time of the Beast

Beware the words of the Beast

The Beast ..his time is short but his rage is great

The Beast walks among thee

Preview..Listen what the Beast says

The reign of the Beast

2 Other Words Echo The Same: America’s Fall Begins In The Fall

2 Other Words Echo The Same: America’s Fall Begins In The Fall

September 21, 2018 at 1:44 pm


August 10th 2018

“The time is coming. It approaches.
The destruction of America will begin in the Fall. The fall begins in the Fall. Remember I told you this.
And today I will make one more thing clear to you.
I speak of this Fall.
There will be no more Falls, as in no more Autumn days. This is the last beautiful Fall, with all of the colors for America. Her days are numbered. No one will notice the seasons after this Fall.
War, destruction will take its toll upon this nation. Natural disasters also. A great increase.
They have only seen the beginning of this with the Californian fires and flooding events. Earthquakes are yet to come. Yellowstone is brewing. All have seen how volatile this place is. Denver will burn. The elite will have their underground refuges, but the city above will not survive.

I received the above word yesterday, 9th August. And today the Lord rebuked me for not believing I had heard correctly from Him. I am aware that Fall is a favourite season for many Americans. It is very beautiful with all the changing colors. So I did not want to bring this word at this time. It is not the first time He has told me that the fall will be in the Fall. He has told others also. But it is the first time the Lord has said, THIS Fall.
I have never been to Yellowstone and know very little about it, Likewise Denver. I am Australian. But I do not find it strange that the Lord would speak to me about these places, because He told me some years ago that America would fall and be no more, as it is written in Revelation chapter 18. He has since given me a heart for this place and people and put me in direct contact with many Americans.

Please pray about this, as with all you hear and ask the Lord to speak directly into your own hearts concerning this.
May the Lord bless you and keep you in the day of trouble.”


 Wednesday, August 3, 2016 (HolySpiritWind)
The Fall will be the Beginning of the Fall
8-1-16 thru 8-3-16

My precious, holy, chosen sons and daughters;

I must speak to you again of the time and season that you are in.
You must be prepared now and come to Me to be your shelter for this storm. It is deceiving most, they won’t even stop looking at their phones, computers, games and TVs long enough to notice what is actually taking place.
Did I not say to look up, lift up your heads. for your redemption draws near?
Sadly most have never heard of this verse. Very few know My word even in “Christian” countries though most have a bible in their home and many have more than one. Many of My faithful ones long to read just one verse. There are those that think this world is not a bad place to be, there are even some that think your world is better than it ever has been. This is why I must allow the enemy to steal, kill and destroy more than ever before by withdrawing My hand of protection. This is taking place even now. If I do not allow these catastrophes and cataclysms to occur almost all, except for My remnant, would be lost for eternity. Please understand that the amount souls that I AM speaking of is in the billions.

Each one of you must come to Me in worship, praise, prayer, humbleness and repentance every day and throughout the day. It is Not a suggestion, it is a necessity and if you do not do as I say, you
WILL NOT make it through this coming time of complete darkness. I will no longer allow those of you who love the things of this world to straddle the fence, with one foot in the world and one in My kingdom.
I AM removing the fence!
One side has lush green pastures with shade trees that you can rest under and I keep all the wolves, lions and snakes out. The other is a deep, dark, fiery, abyss and those who get too close to the edge will fall over into it because I Am shaking EVERYTHING that can be shaken. For those who fall over the edge I AM still merciful if they cry out My name, Jesus.

Come to Me now my beloved ones and sit with me, just Me and you, nothing and no one else. Do not be afraid. I will never reject or condemn anyone who comes to Me with all of their heart. Come as you are and I will cleanse all of your sins and pour My life within you. I will pour My liquid love and glory into you. I promise that if you do this, you will feel My presence, it feels like a warm, tingling sensation all over your body. I will also give you rest, strength and peace in your mind. These things I give, the enemy cannot take away unless you allow him to and he will try. Submit yourselves to Me, resist the devil and he will flee from you. This is the way that your armor is put on, spending one on one time with Me. It is so much easier to resist the evil ones if you have your armor on, and if My words, the sword of the spirit, is in your heart and on your lips. Ask of me to fill you completely with My Holy Spirit and baptize you in it. Just yield to Me and receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit so you may have Me inside and out. I will also baptize you with My consuming fire to burn from you everything that is of this world. That you may be able to hold more of My Spirit. I will give you My perfect prayer language so that you will be able to commune with Me unhindered by your mind or by the enemy. Be filled continually as we fellowship with one another throughout the entire day because I AM always there.
Oh how I desire this from you!
It is all that you can give me!
I Am in need of NOTHING!
Trust Me.

If you give yourself completely to Me I will speak to you. I will whisper secrets to you and tell you specific instructions for your life regarding the days to come. The day is coming soon when the enemy will have his evil followers shut down every website that speaks My true word. Pay close attention and use the discernment that I have given you, for they will leave some “religious websites” running. These are the ones that include every religious belief, except for the belief that I AM the way, the truth and the life and that No One comes to the Father but by Me.
You need to learn to hear My voice now more than ever, because soon you will not be able to ask My will from My apostles. prophets, teachers and preachers. Come to me with a humble and broken heart and I will speak. I am close to the broken hearted but I resist the proud and arrogant, these My angels will cut down and cast into the fire.
You need to get your own specific instructions from me, this what will be necessary for your survival and the salvation of billions of guests you will bring to My banquet, our wedding feast. Just be open and willing and I will speak to you plainly, but I will not give you every last detail. You must walk some of the ways by faith, some by the anointing and then My glory will come. When My glory comes, your job will be easy, no faith or strength will be required. I will do it ALL!

Now for what is immediately ahead of you. I know many of you have questions because there are so many different voices saying very different things. Some hear from Me, some hear from the fallen ones, and some even make things up in their own heads. I will leave you with this:
The Fall will be the beginning of the fall of this world into utter darkness and chaos. Something will occur that will change everything that follows it. The Fall is NOT the end, it is the beginning of the end of this age. Pray that the devastation will be lessened, that lives would be saved and that there would be a great harvest of souls for My kingdom. I will counteract the movement of the enemy with a greater outpouring of My Spirit and it is available to you even now! As this world grows darker, the outpouring of My Spirit will grow ever more powerful and you will become ever brighter until your final transformation into glory.
Remember that I have said that time of tribulation will be cut short for the sake of the elect. The elect are not appointed to My wrath. Through many fiery trials and tribulations you shall enter into My Kingdom.

Draw close to Me and remember all of My promises.
I AM with you even to the end of the age.
The one who loves you like no other!

Prophetic Word: Is Something Coming? Another September Warning (Anonymous)

Prophetic Word: Is Something Coming? Another September Warning (Anonymous)

Another September Warning – Anonymous

Last night, I was praying in the Spirit when I heard, “Watch this weekend.” I didn’t really know what that meant at the time.

I continued to pray while speculating openly what this meant. I didn’t inquire, just speculated.

After I finished praying and laid down, I was almost asleep when I heard, “It’ll be an earthquake.” I don’t know where or when.

However, as I told you a few days ago, when Bette and I emailed she thought an earthquake was next and it would be in an unexpected place.

I’m not saying anything will happen this weekend. But today is the 21st. A few weeks ago, I was led to listen to “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire.” The lyric, “Do you remember the 21st day of September?” kept ringing in my head.

Also, a few years ago the band Green Day had a song called “Wake Me Up When September Ends.” The song is about summer coming to a close, but September being worse. They keep repeating “wake me up when September ends.” Is there meaning here, I don’t know?

I’m just sharing what happened last night in prayer and while trying to sleep. I pray I am wrong. Because if not, this weekend (and Sunday is 9/23) could be filled with A LOT of death somewhere on earth, most likely in the US.

You have my permission to share this if you choose to. I just wanted to inform you of what I heard last night.



Last night I was told while praying in the Spirit, “Watch this weekend, Ken.” 



Prophetic Word About October, 2018 (5779) And Beyond (Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer)

Prophetic Word About October, 2018 (5779) And Beyond (Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer)

October 2018, 5779 and Beyond!

Word "october" on blackboard | Stock Photo | Colourbox

Posted on September 20, 2018 by Beverly Juelsgaard-FischerSeptember 20, 2018

“For I say to you many changes are coming forth on the earth, even now, for I AM moving and shaking all that can be moved and shaken. 

There has not been a time, other than creation, when the earth has been moved so much in such a short amount of time.  Just as I AM rearranging the earth, so am I rearranging governments, nations, and all creatures who reside on it, including man.

This is not a time to sit still and watch what is going on around you.  It is a time to SEEK ME, EVEN MORE, so that you will know your part in the days ahead.

As I’ve said before, the more you seek Me, the more you know about Me, the better relationship we have, and the better equipped you are and will be for the days ahead.  SEEKING ME MORE will give you better revelation, understanding, knowledge, and abilities to do more within My Kingdom.

Those without a deeper relationship with Me will find things getting increasingly harder in the days ahead, as the battle between good and evil heats up even more, both inside them and around and near them.

For the enemy is up to no good, as he always is, and is really working hard to throw confusion, distraction, forgetfulness, anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, manipulation, control, deception, lies, perversion, death, destruction and division into the camps of My people.

Jezebel and other types of witchcraft continue to stir the pot, trying to get their way, but their time is short, even though they refuse to believe it.

They are getting increasingly uncomfortable and trying to squirm their way loose and are willing to do whatever needs to be done, so that they can win.

But I’ve got them, right where I want them for now.

October will be a month of surprises, bringing with it much more than you can imagine. 

So much so that it will spill over and continue throughout the year of 5779.

I’m excited for there is so much I want to show you and do with you, and with My Kingdom.

Humans cannot even comprehend what is coming; there is that much change ahead of you.  My expectations are great and much will be fulfilled within this next Biblical year!

There is much more change than the evil ones anticipated coming down the pike.  They thought they had the cat in the bag!

They also believed everything the enemy has been telling them.  Now you and I both know the enemy is a liar, but they, in their pride and self-righteousness didn’t believe he would lie to them, his own team.

HA!  Too bad they have refused to listen to Me and My people, for they have been thrown in the pit.  A very deep pit, that they will have a hard time getting out of, and some never will.

They did not think I would have My way, nor that I would intervene on behalf of My People.

They felt and had been told by the enemy that they could have it all for the taking.  Oh, it might involve a few hardships on their part, but that basically whatever they wanted they could have or do, as long as it was in line with the enemy’s plan of total domination and destruction of all that I love.

But he and they were wrong.  From the beginning I have fought for and with My People.  I have intervened when it has been part of My plan.

Remember Moses holding his mattah/ staff up, while Joshua fought below and Aaron and Hur came to help hold the staff when he became weary?

I even changed My mind about the people after Moses came back up Mount Sinai, pleading for them and refusing to let Me destroy them after they made the golden calf to worship, instead of worshipping Me.

There was also the flood, when I saved Noah’s family, and there was Nineveh, the people who repented after Jonah told them what was about to happen to everyone who lived there.

And there was Rahab, who helped the Israeli spies at Jericho and became a part of the bloodline of Jesus.

So My Heart does intervene for My People at times, despite what My feelings are telling me.

That is not saying that there won’t be judgment, because that has already started in some nations.  Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is LORD of all!

“Since it is written in the Tanakh (Mikra / Hebrew Bible: canonical collection of 24 Jewish/Aramaic Old Testament books), “As I live, says ADONAI, every knee will bend before Me, and every tongue will publicly acknowledge God,”    Romans 14:11 CJB.

“Therefore God raised Him to the highest place and gave Him  the name above every name; that in honor of the name given Yeshua, every knee will bow – in heaven, on earth and under the earth –  and every tongue will acknowledge that Yeshua the Messiah is ADONAI – to the glory of God the Father,”   Philippians 2:9-11 CJB.

Judgment is necessary, because there are some who are even now refusing to turn their hearts to Me completely, and the only way they will is through hardships of life or consequences for their thoughts / words / actions.

Some of these people may be your friends, family, or even some of you.  When you continue to refuse Me and My heart for you, then you leave Me no choice, but to give the enemy permission to do what he wants or to sift you as wheat.”

“You are the ones who have stayed with Me throughout My trials.  Just as My Father gave Me the right to rule, so I give you an appointment,  namely, to eat and drink at my table in My Kingdom and to sit on thrones judging the twelve tribes of Isra’el, Shim’on (Simon Peter), Shim’on, listen!  The Adversary demanded to have you people for himself, to sift you like wheat!  But I prayed for you, Shim’on, that your trust might not fail.  And you, once you have turned back in repentance, strengthen you brothers!”   Luke 22:28-32CJB.

“For when I give the order, I will shake the house of Isra’el, there among all the Goyim (Gentiles), as one shakes with a sieve, letting no grain fall to the ground,”   Amos 9:9 CJB.

“As you know the enemy loves to sift someone or something as wheat.  Remember everything he did to Job?  Job had pride and self-righteousness.

How many of you have pride and self-righteousness that you are refusing to get rid of for your own sake?

Sometimes pride is attached so closely to you, like a soul tie or a familiar spirit, that you struggle to recognize it and at times don’t because it has become so deeply embedded and you have knowingly or unknowingly covered it with false humility.  So many are fooled by it, but I AM not.

Pride is pride or sin is sin.

“Continuing to address Iyov (Job), ADONAI said, “Does the critic still want to dispute SHADDAI?  Let him who wants to correct God give an answer!”   Job 40:1CJB.

“ADONAI answered Iyov (Job) out of the storm,   “Stand up like a man, and brace yourself; I will ask questions; and you, give the answers!  8  Are you impugning My justice?  Putting Me in the wrong to prove yourself right?  9  Do you have an arm like God’s?  Can you thunder with a voice like His?  10  Come on, deck yourself with majesty and dignity, robe yourself in glory and splendor.  11  Let loose your furious anger, look at all who are proud, and humble then.    12  Look at all who are proud, and bring them down; tread down the wicked where they stand.  13  Bury them in the ground together, bind their faces in the hidden world.  14  If you do this, then I will confess to you that your own power can save you,”   Job 40:6-14 CJB.

“When the door to pride was opened, whether through generational curses or through consequences you have gone through, it is still pride.

Do not be fooled by the enemy into believing, that something just goes from family member to family member for generations and is not a generational curse, but a habit or just a family characteristic.

The enemy is trying to blind you through your pride, oftentimes because you want everything perfect.

So you think that can’t be possible and you open the door widely to false humility.

Pride is rampant among humans and as Leviathan who represents pride is hard to get rid of, so is pride.

I AM is the only one who can get rid of pride, just as I AM the only one who can get rid of Leviathan.  Seek Me to get rid of pride and any other unholy spirit within you.

Get ready, to watch MY WINDS OF CHANGE blow over the land, people, governments, nations, and more.

I have LOTS OF SURPRISES up my sleeves, and My sleeves are really HUGE!

Holy Spirit is really excited we have come to this time!  He can’t wait to stir things up in each of you!

My warring angels are mounted and ready with their swords and other special weapons that have been designed for this time and the places they will go and for My People to use in battle.

Again, this is not a time to sit and watch what is going on around you, but a time to rise up and fight for truth and righteousness to prevail. 

That godliness shall sweep the nations, and overcome evil. 

It is time for you to rise up to become what I AM calling you to become.  It is time for the harvest, for the fields are white. 

I AM ready, are you?”


God Bless You!
Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer

Word Lines Up With Others: Dream: Obama Provides FEMA Camps For The “Safety” Of Christians (Sherri Ohler)

Word Lines Up With Others: Dream: Obama Provides FEMA Camps For The “Safety” Of Christians (Sherri Ohler)

Dream: Obama Provides FEMA Camps for the “Safety” of Christians – Sherri Ohler

Sherri Ohler

Obama Provides FEMA Camps for the “Safety” of Christians

SEPTEMBER 19, 2016 12:08 PM

Our God is AMAZING and so good to tell us what is happening in the world. Between October and December of 2013 during a six month coffee fast (I LOVE coffee, LOL), I started having one end-time dream after another, like five all in a few days. The one I am posting here was the one that started to convince me that Obama is most likely the beast.
In this dream, I was in a ‘camp’ for Christians. A smiling and charming Barack Obama was there and all the Christians had the impression that he had provided these camps for their safety and protection so he could take care of them. I ‘knew’ that behind the smile was pure evil and that the camps were much like the concentration camps of the Holocaust.
He was intentionally misleading the people and had the evilest intentions. My goal was to wait until night and try to convince as many as I could to come with me as I escaped. I ‘knew’ I would be leaving at dusk.

A lot of times in dreams I have information that isn’t necessarily spelled out, I just ‘know’. Everywhere you see the word ‘knew’ in quotes like this, it’s one of those times.
Before I had this dream, I was not an Obama fan, but was still on the fence about whether or not he was intentionally evil or just kind of clueless. As time has gone on since, I am convinced by what I see him doing and not doing, that the Obama in my dream is the real Obama.

I believe this dream was both prophetic in the ‘what’s to come’ category, and symbolic for what has already happened. Obama has convinced many into believing that he and his plans are good, his biggest deception was toward Christians when he claimed to be one. But by his fruits we have seen otherwise. I believe physical persecution is coming to Christians in America very soon and that we cannot trust our government to protect us. In fact, our government may be the persecutors. The fact that I was leaving and taking others with me at nightfall speaks of Christ’s return and of my desire to teach others how to hear and know Him better.

Interestingly, about six months ago I met a person who is a survivor of satanic ritual abuse and government mind control. Since I know part of what is involved in that is split personalities that are trained to carry out end times assignments for the antichrist, I asked the person if they were given an assignment. They said “Yes.”
I asked them if they would tell me and they said, “Yes. I am to play a good Christian and talk other Christians into coming into safety FEMA camps with me.”

Sherri Ohler


Prophetic Word: INFLUENCE (Lastrumpet08)

Prophetic Word: INFLUENCE (Lastrumpet08)

Influence – Lastrumpet08

September 19, 2018

Be different, have a good influence on others, in a world that is in darkness. Be children of Light and not of darkness.

Do not let the world influence you. The world is in turmoil because of all the bad influence. Many choose to be evil and not good. They have a bad influence on others also. Do not become their victim. Be separate and distinguish properly between good and evil, right and wrong, truth and lies, or you will bear the consequences. You will all give account for your own deeds, good or evil. The wages of sin is death. There will be no mercy without true remorseful repentance.

I did not Change. I Am Holy. Be Holy because without Holiness no one will see Me. The unrighteous will not Inherit My Everlasting Kingdom. Be pure in heart and do not let evil influence you. Be wise and do not let satan catch you off guard. Be always vigilant, watchful and praying. Put on My Full Armor every day so that you will be able to stand against all the wiles of satan, all the bad influence. Give him no foothold, but resist him and he will flee.

“Dear friend, do not imitate what is evil but what is good. Anyone who does what is good is from God. Anyone who does what is evil has not seen God.” 3 John 1:11


High-Level Emergency Alert At North Carolina Power Plant After Floodwaters Inundate Lake (DAHBOO77)

High-Level Emergency Alert At North Carolina Power Plant After Floodwaters Inundate Lake (DAHBOO77)

People really need to know that these Geo-storms are being unleashed on unsuspecting people by the Globalist Elite to depopulate the world. Anyone ever Read the Georgia Guidestones. ?? These Sick Bastards are waging Silent Warfare on all of us. There is another Hurricane developing on the East Coast will begin to hear about it by Monday. North & South Carolina are in the crosshairs. Wake up people NY, FL and the West COAST ARE NEXT. Watch Hawaii its not over. Jesus Christ is the only safety we have.. bless you all.
coal has arsenic, mercury, benzene and dioxin, all deadly and teratogenic
Living here in Jacksonville NC. My brother lives in Wilmington NC where the Cape Fear River is. A thirty minute drive from me. His house is pretty much a total loss. Thankful for him and his fiance being safe, their pets as well. Send prayers for him and everyone here affected by this, please.
Israel Moves To DEFCON 3 While Battle Fronts Set In Syria And Ukraine (Steven BenNun)

Israel Moves To DEFCON 3 While Battle Fronts Set In Syria And Ukraine (Steven BenNun)

This all started with obamas muslim spring , they destabilized country after country, egypt rose up and conquered it then syria was on their sights but syria fought back with the help of russia. I really thought once trump got into office we would change the direction but so far we havent. That deep state is real!
You need to keep an eye on the US Congress the British Parliament and the vatican…if they go to recession or the pope goes to vacation get ready this is the sign that the war is going to start. be safe everyone
If they take out Assad he’ll become a martyr and someone else will pick up the fight for Syria . He won over 80% of the vote during the last elections . The Syrian people know who the real enemy is . What we’re doing to Syria is disgusting . Syria has been a defender of women’s rights for years . The vice president of Syria is a woman,half of it’s parliament is women. Its also against the law to prevent a woman from finishing high school and so many other things that people in the west have almost no knowledge of . They’ve had a secular society for a long time now but yet we in the west are totally oblivious of . Yet our government supplies money and weapons to barbarian savages that want to take Syria and all of us into the dark ages again . What’s wrong with this picture ? It’s obvious who the true enemy to humanity is .
I do believe the US was in reserve status and waiting for the Russians to react in a way that would have given them justification, not just for a devastating firepower response, but to also justify their degrading comments at the UN against Russia, and this would have opened the door for them to put into action their plans to break up Russia, especially with NATO practically holding a knife at Russia’s throat on it’s borders. One must look at the Georgia Stones to understand the goals of these demons.
The attack was almost certainly designed to provoke Russia into engaging American allies, and regardless of what Trump might have to say on the matter, it would automatically drag the US into conflict with Russia. The whole thing smells of globalist scheming, same goes for the Skripal nonsense..