Prophetic Word That Fits The Days We Are Now In: An Army Strong In Battle (Olivia Long)

Prophetic Word That Fits The Days We Are Now In: An Army Strong In Battle (Olivia Long)

An Army Strong In Battle by Olivia Long

An Army Strong In Battle
Olivia Long – (2003)

I am calling forth an army that will be strong in battle. An army who will not give up or give in to the enemy. An army who has been “seasoned and strengthened” in the wilderness. My mighty army whose weapons are supernatural and who are endued with power to destroy even the strongest of foes. An army of those living by Faith, placing their entire belief and trust in their Commander In Chief. An army being called forth by MY Son. The ONE who the enemy trembles at the very mention of His Name and you have found it to be no surprise of all that which has come against you as you await your rightful place in My Army.

You have never battled such a strong influence from the enemy. He is out to destroy My Army, but his tactics are the same…..deceptions and lies. Do not retreat, do not give up any ground or territory I have given you. Do not give in to discouragement or confusion. You are not alone… I AM with you. Will you ride with me? Can you trust me even this day? Your calling is sure and the timing is upon you. Clothe yourself with the “full” armor of God. Get ready for battle. Get ready to fight the good fight, for you are the victor.

My Spirit is hovering over you and “SUDDENLY”, you will feel my breezes increase. First you will feel a gentle breeze, be alert for you are about to hear the voice of your Leader as you begin to arouse your fellow men. I have been connecting a few of you together, so that you would know that you are not alone. I am still moving some of you geographically and once you are all in place …… one by one, you will begin to stand to your feet as you hear His voice even closer still….

Next you will feel the ‘refreshing wind’, the wind that shall bring refreshing, restoration and healing.

And last you shall feel the strongest of winds, blowing away any ‘confusion’ that has beset you. It is in this wind that all will be silent and still around you as you listen for your approaching Leader. It is My timing for the fulfillment of your destiny, In Me. An army arising, strong in battle to go unto the nations with it’s message of salvation and healing.

As daylight breaks on the horizon, in an instant it changes from darkness to dawn. In an instant, in a “twinkling of an eye” those who were chosen will perceive, you will be ready, you will be as one “on-call”. The call will be as the trump of God. Yes, there is a trumpet sounding….but it is not the blast of the return of your King, it is the “alarm” sound of the horn. The “alert” is now sounding and I AM calling forth My Army to “take your positions” and to ready yourselves for what has begun. Be ready to move out for you will move out in the mighty power of your Mighty God. Watch the horizon. Take heart for the enemy has sought to abort. Yes, this has been a long process, much longer than you ever imagined it would be – but I say -“Listen for my winds, Beloved, listen for MY voice.

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