NEWS: More On The Catholic Church & Their Abuse, Ebola Outbreak, El Salvador Arrests More Than 600 MS-13 Gang Members, Coffin Homes & More

NEWS: More On The Catholic Church & Their Abuse, Ebola Outbreak, El Salvador Arrests More Than 600 MS-13 Gang Members, Coffin Homes & More

‘They are the enemy of the people’: California man, 63, is arrested for threatening to bomb and shoot staff at The Boston Globe because he ‘was angry about their Trump editorials’

Body of vice-president of one of world’s largest steel companies is found in street beneath his luxury ninth floor Moscow apartment close to the Kremlin

Why Americans Can’t Understand The Middle East

Is THIS where Jesus turned water into wine? Archaeologists in Israel uncover tunnels they say could be the true location of the Wedding at Cana

What Did Pope Francis Know And When Did He Know It? Pope Benedict XVI (who tried to take action and was apparently thwarted and flouted by his own bishops).

The unbearable ugliness of the Catholic Church:It is to see the Catholic Church as a repulsive institution — or at least one permeated by repulsive human beings who reward one another for repulsive acts, deigning to lecture the world about its sin.

Ebola outbreak that has killed 75 in the Democratic Republic of Congo has ‘the potential to be the worst ever seen’

El Salvador arrests more than600 MS-13 gang members and leaders including evangelical pastor, mayor and motel owner following year-long ‘Operation Arpon’

Pope faces mounting pressure to QUIT as ultra-conservative members of the Catholic Church hierarchy continue to accuse him of covering for cardinal in abuse scandal

The Blood Of Americans Is Once Again On This Evil Woman’s Hands: Is It Just A Coincidence That More Than 20 CIA Agents In China Were Executed While China Had Real Time Access To Hillary Clinton’s Emails?

Coffin Homes To Industrial Squatting: Hong Kong’s Insane Housing Prices Push Millennials To Break The Law

Wells Fargo Fires Over A Dozen Bankers For Doctoring Expense Receipts

The party from above: Stunning drone shots capture Burning Man from the skies as festival-goers whip out outlandish outfits for the eight-day, cash-free desert festival

Pressure Leak On International Space Station Caused By Micrometeor Strike

US soldier who kissed the ISIS flag and said he wanted to gun down innocent Americans pleads guilty to supplying terrorist group with secret military information

Here is injustice when the courts go in favor of the killer

Three arrested in New Mexico Muslim extremist compound WALK FREE after judge drops child neglect charges because prosecutors missed evidence deadline, as dad and wife plead NOT GUILTY

Porn star who once earned $30,000 a MONTH quits her lucrative job to become a PREACHER, after adult film work drove her to a heroin addiction and left her feeling suicidal

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Ukraine ministry rescues children dumped into poorly run orphanages


Transgender man who gave birth to two kids as a woman reveals how he finally found the courage to embrace his true gender after his NINE-YEAR-OLD step-daughter came out as a boy

Young rhino lies cowering beside its dead mother that was slaughtered for its horn by poachers who hacked the calf with machetes when it tried to save her

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