Prophetic Word: Suddenly The Danger Is Upon You. This Is The Warning! (Godshealer7)

Prophetic Word: Suddenly The Danger Is Upon You. This Is The Warning! (Godshealer7)


Published on Aug 28, 2018

Serious warning!! Praying to be counted worthy to escape all that is coming upon the land and stand before the Son of man… Luke 21:36!!!! Thank you sister Barbara!!

TRANSCRIPT: My children I love you so much I don’t want any of you to perish. I laid down My life for you. My watchmen have been sounding the alarm. The gate closes at twilight. No one will be able to enter once I close it. Suddenly the danger will be upon you. This is your warning. Have you prepared like I instructed you to do? Sudden destruction and darkness will cover the land. The nation will be in distress. Do not open your door to strangers. The enemy is cunning, they will seek after you. They know where you live. Trust no man. They will be sent to deceive you, to gain access to your family and household. Do not put your trust in government peace keepers. There will be no peace, only lies. You My children, will need to have faith. I will give you the strength. You need to continue as you see these things unfold. Many will see shocking and unbelievable events. Famine, death pestilence. Be prepared to defend yourself and your family. The shofar is blowing. Repent!

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