Prophetic Dream: The Lord Showed Me The Fallen Angels/Demons & Nephilim/Giants Are Coming Upon The Earth (Christopher Harris)

Prophetic Dream: The Lord Showed Me The Fallen Angels/Demons & Nephilim/Giants Are Coming Upon The Earth (Christopher Harris)

The Lord showed me the fallen angels/demons and Nephilim/giants are coming upon the earth.

Last night in a dream I saw a man who was a prominent figure in the community. I was at his house and I was friends with his son. He pointed to the television and there was an episode of the Simpson’s where chief wiggam (the police officer) transformed into a reptile beast sea monster and was eating people, and his son Ralph was also a monster.

Then he pointed this to us and I realized later he was indicating the episode was made based on him. Then when I looked at him again, I saw he had three eyes and his son also had three eyes (his son was a very bad influence). I tried exposing him to those around him, but they couldn’t see the third eye that I could see. Then he tried to grab me and I was rebuking him in Jesus’ name and he fled to the bathroom.

Some of his servants were terrified of him (he was rich/wealthy and with a lot of control). He had a part in his house where it accessed the ocean and I knew he would transform there and go into the ocean. He was a demon, not even a person, a demon/fallen angel in the form of a man.

At the end of the dream, I was again trying to confront him and he had gathered many people around him and was smug as they all testified he was a great and upstanding guy. Little did they know they were friends with a demon, so they all came against me. Anyway, a bit full on, but the Lord has given me many dreams exposing the schemes of the enemy. Nephilim/giants are truly real and incredibly evil, and will be coming upon the earth. Oppose them in the name of Jesus Christ, equipped in the whole armour of God (Ephesians 6:10-18), and pray and remember your love for the Lord in opposing them.

I don’t know when they are coming on the earth, but the Lord has sure shown me a lot about them, so we should not take our enemy lightly. My dream might be indicating they are already here and some are disguised as people in positions of power and influence. May God bless you.

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