Prophetic Vision: Obama Totally Possessed By The Dragon (Patti Huson)

Prophetic Vision: Obama Totally Possessed By The Dragon (Patti Huson)

Vision: Obama totally possessed by the dragon – Patti Huson

Patti Huson

August 27 2018

I can’t sleep…I’m wide awake it’s almost 3:00 in the morning. All night I feel Gods presence. I had a weird vision. Obama’s face came before me and his eyes were flickering like when someone has a seizure and then I saw Africa and I saw witch doctors dancing around a big fire and the music got louder and the fire became bigger. Everybody was dancing around the fire like witch doctors, and Obama’s eyes kept flickering, then all of a sudden they stopped the flickering, then his eyes opened wide, and it was the most horrible thing ever. I saw a red dragon, I saw fire in his eyes, it was horrible, he was totally possessed the dragon was in him. Then I saw the word United States and I saw a map of the United States and the scripture came to me where the Lord said he wouldn’t destroy the Earth by flood but by fire next time, then Obama opened his mouth like a dragon and he blew flames and fire all over the United States he destroyed us,it was horrible..


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