Correlation Is Very Interesting! 911-17 Years! Psalm 23-46-69! Israel 120! Separate From This World! (Many Fish)

Correlation Is Very Interesting! 911-17 Years! Psalm 23-46-69! Israel 120! Separate From This World! (Many Fish)

Published on Aug 24, 2018

I believe we are being shown Satans plan to attempt an override of Gods plan! Ha! 911= Divine completion-Chaos-Judgment! 23 will separate, 46 remaining will have tribulation and big decisions to make! Do not take any mark which causes you to submit to the beast system of this world! This will be the 3rd strand if you will (69) the beast DNA! Eternal separation from God-Jesus-peace-hope-life!. Escape these things that are coming upon the earth through Jesus Christ! Cry out to Him today! Never submit to the mark till death and be saved. Peace and grace to you all! 🙂……………………

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Tina Ruiz1 day ago

Today has been full of confirmations and reveals once I gave up my grumpiness this morning to His will for today! When you were talking about the 120… I looked down and my watch said 120!

Love what you said about we all ha e pieces and it’s no coincidence He has woven the watchmen/woman together here on You Tube.. so cool…

As I was going to the fridge to grab my lunch I heard… It’s a nice day for a white wedding!

Sharon O1 day ago

hi dear brother and amen! i can’t keep up either! i have 2 things the Lord has shown me regarding what you are saying re: 9/11 & confirmations abound! 1. He has shown me that recorded in one of the Apocryphal Books (the First Book of Adam & Eve), Adam & Eve were married on the 223rd day after they were exiled from the Garden. As you already know, Skull & Bones number is 322…… 2. The Lord showed me Mt Vesuvius (stratovolcano in Italy) – listen to this! So the Temple was destroyed in 70 ish CE and Mt Vesuvius erupted in 8/24 79CE and buried Pompeii and Herculaneum. 17 YEARS prior to Vesuvius blowing there was a great Earthquake in Italy on 2/2/62 CE… now listen to this… on 9/11 it is reported as a fact that there was seismic activity in NYC… it was determined by geophysists that it was from explosions under the Towers. SO if 9/11 represents a great EQ and 17 YEARS later we are watching all this EQ and Volcanic activity. i think we are looking at a major eruption soon…. if you read what happened when Vesuvius erupted it sounds just like it came out of the Book of Revelations….. any way, GOD BLESS! I pray this race is finished soon brother!!!!

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