This Man Died And Asked God “What’s The Meaning Of Life” (LivingForChrist)

This Man Died And Asked God “What’s The Meaning Of Life” (LivingForChrist)

Please listen to what he saw and get right with our Creator NOW. There is seriously not much time left to do so. Things are heating up and much more is coming and so many will die. You do not know where it will hit, if you are next to go or anything so please do it now. I get so sad about this. It only takes a few minutes to give your heart back to God. Welcome Him in please and He wants more than anything to forgive you and bring you into His Kingdom. Don’t procrastinate any longer. Please.

You can tell her this man is not producing fake tears. These tears are real of the love he felt. Below are some testimonies of others who had encounters.

Montana Pearl1 week ago (edited)

Similar experience. I was not dead but could not move or open my eyes. I saw the throne, it was big white glowing bright throne, I saw Jesus, Before I go there I want to tell you I was a little child again I saw my Clothing a white blouse and a little checkered skirt, And Oxford shoes. There were 12 steps in front of me. They were huge giant I had to throw one leg over the top of each step to get up the stairs. When I was almost there I saw the right foot of Jesus I saw his sandle, the nail hole in his foot, and the hem of his robe. With the last step of climbing the stairs his right hand reached down to help me up. I was a grown-up again. I saw the nail scar in his hand not his wrist like some say, it was in the palm of his hand. I did not see his face but the love I felt I cannot even begin to tell you. There was a glow around him like bright white clouds …off in the distance over Jesus’ right shoulder I saw my mother and my husband waving at me. My mother was so young, I have not in this life seen her that young. At the time of this experience my mother and husband were both still alive, since then my mom has passed. When I finally woke up I couldn’t figure out why I would have inexperience like this. Then a scripture popped into my head out of know where ; Except You become as a little child You can’t enter the Kingdom of God. This is my story , It isTrue. With this experience I realized God wanted me to trust him as a child trusts its parents. Thank you for reading, <>< MP sorry for spelling errors I keep trying to fix them, I did my best.

Mark Hollenbeck1 week ago (edited)

I died in a auto accident in August 1975. I met Yeshua that morning and I too have never been the same. That was 43 years ago. I am now about to turn 64 this November 29th. Praise the Lord !!! I leave you with a Blessing that Ruach Ha Kodesh gave me back then … ‘May the Lord Jesus Christ be wherever you are, His gentle touch filling your heart, And until that day when you met Him Face to face, May your life be filled with His Eternal Grace’

  1. Bond2 weeks ago

Yes, he’s telling the absolute truth. My ex left me and it destroyed me. I remember lying in my room all alone and asking for a touch from him to comfort me. Jesus entered the room, and embraced me and it was indescribable. I slept so peaceful that night and he continued to guide me through that terrible separation from my wife after that. Gods love for us “IS” “UN”- conditional for sure. Meaning, we come as we are and NO ACT OR WORK PAYS OUR WAY TO THE FATHER. It’s through faith only in the son, Jesus.

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