Exposing Lies, Great Video: Climate Engineering Wildfires To Temporarily Cool Earth (Dane Wigington)

Exposing Lies, Great Video: Climate Engineering Wildfires To Temporarily Cool Earth (Dane Wigington)

We, the people, are being assaulted from every angle that these evil power elites can think of.

Pinned by Dane Wigington

As the environment and climate systems collapse around us all, how extreme can the desperation of the climate engineers become? How far are the geoengineers willing to go in their attempt to mask the unfolding climate collapse from the masses? Are the climate engineers willing to incinerate huge swaths of Earth’s remaining forests in order to temporarily cool parts of the planet with continent covering expanses of smoke? Examine the dire data presented in this video report and decide for yourself. We, all of us, are rapidly running out of time. If the biosphere is not soon freed from the ongoing global climate engineering assault, there will very soon be nothing left to salvage of our once thriving planet. If we are to have any chance of altering our current course in time to make a difference, the effort will take all of us. Detailed activist instructions and geoengineering awareness raising materials can be found on the home page of GeoengineeringWatch.org. Reaching a critical mass of awareness is the only way forward in the battle to expose and halt climate engineering, please, help us to sound the alarm. Dane Wigington For more information go to the full GeoengineeringWatch.org article: https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/climate-engineering-wildfires-to-temporarily-cool-earth/ To support GeoengineeringWatch.org: http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/support/
Paris is being blanketed. I live in the Black Forest, in Germany, where I see massive spraying, especially in the south of Germany. Corn crops are dying, trees are dying, we’ve had floods, on and on it goes. I pointed out the chem-trails to a local German and he looked at me as if I were insane. In Paris, a local Parisian whom I approached regarding the sky over Paris, told me they were “vapors”. He did not want to engage in a conversation. There is MASSIVE DENIAL here in Europe. I give up. No one here wants to believe it, and it’s right in front of them. Truly sad and disconcerting.
For anyone having trouble believing this, please pay attention to the scripts from the news anchors and weather people, radio and television. “Thanks to the forest fires we escaped today’s forecasted high of 100” is the rough quote I remember. Part of the script was to say we did not need to worry about the air quality because the smoke was so far up in “two different levels of the atmosphere.” (They could not continue that narrative, because DEQ came out with warnings and people are having so many respiratory problems and headaches, and so many activities cancelled in the Pacific NW). Still, the radio personalities read scripts—“So cooled off due to this current haze. So hazy!!” one local DJ commented. The other DJ sharply corrected him—“SMOKY haze.” He sort of begrudgingly added, “Oh, yeah, “Smoky… Smoky haze.” I could be wrong, but this seemed scripted to me. The aim seems to be (as headlines show) to convince the population that this is the “new normal.” Welcome the smoke; accept the haze. It’s a “natural cycle.” It is the “new normal.” After all, it is “the fire season,” (which keeps being extended). Now, go back to sleep, little ones, it is keeping us cool and safe. Nighty night.
Another outstanding update to what is going on with these WILD fires. The map showing the fires currently going on world wide proves we are in uncharted territory as Dane so soberly mentioned. So many people will needlessly suffer from the smoke/particulate fallout. I have compromised lungs and sometimes go from one upper respiratory illness after another. The winter of 2016-2017 almost took my life as Doctors couldn’t figure out what it was I was coughing up. But Ii knew what was causing it. Anyways, I’m doing as much as I can to detox and drink lots of good, clean water. Plus I will relentlessly fight the geoengineering programs that are being forced upon us by writing newspapers and circulating informational flyers that Dane has available for all of us to use. Social media like this platform YouTube is great for getting the truth out. Thanks to Dane and all who are true Patriots and heroes. God Speed!
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