Prophetic Word: Leadership Spill In Australia (Alison Pound)

Prophetic Word: Leadership Spill In Australia (Alison Pound)

Prophetic word: Leadership Spill in Australia – Alison Pound


Whist the talk of Donald Trump being impeached continues and prophecies of the return of Barack Obama keep coming, Australians have woken up today to news of another leadership spill in Government.  Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s Cabinet have lost confidence in his leadership. Peter Dutton has made his move, believing he had enough support to take the helm. Now, apparently Scott Morrison is going to oppose him and make a run for PM himself. Cabinet Ministers are resigning left, right and centre. A truly pathetic state of affairs.

Back in September of 2017, the vote on Same Sex Marriage was happening here and the Lord spoke to me at that time about the future of Government leadership in Australia. This is what He said:

I am going to allow the wicked to have their vote.   But My purpose is to get the church to wake up and get on their knees. I am after a national repentance here in Australia. From the government leaders right down.  Penny Wong will be disgraced, discredited. I am going to expose her and those like her. The Greens who have pushed for SSM will suffer great losses.  For a time, Australia will be without a true leader. Indeed she has been without Godly leadership for a long time.  But I am going to wake up those who do believe in Me. The stalwarts.  I am speaking to these. The Tony Abbotts of government.   
 Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!  May His will be done. May He wake up those who do believe.
 May the church wake up and get on their knees!
The Lord is after a national repentance.
 If The Lord says He is speaking to Tony Abbott and those like him, then we need to get in line with this and pray for these men.   Tony Abbott was PM from 2013-15. He is a Catholic, who believes in God. He does not walk with Him but he at least believe He exists.   God says He is going to WAKE UP those who do believe in Him.
Penny Wong is current Leader of the Opposition. She is a Lesbian.  How she will be disgraced and discredited remains to be seen.
These people need to be brought to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Please pray Gods’ will to be done in Australia.  This is such a critical time for our nation. I think most are either sick to death or bored to death with the Government playing their little games.
 And the church continues on its merry way. No talk of repentance, no talk of the imminent return of the Lord Jesus Christ.
There truly needs to be a shaking in this nation, from the Government down.  So that the people will cry out to God to save them.
God bless
Alison Pound
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