Clinton Investigator Found Dead In Hotel After She Says……..

Clinton Investigator Found Dead In Hotel After She Says……..

Clinton investigator found dead in hotel after she says…

A veteran journalist, who was reportedly investigating sex crimes and former President Bill Clinton, was found dead in a Washington, D.C. hotel last week — just days after telling a friend that the documents she’d uncovered on a pedophilia ring had put her life in jeopardy.

That’s according to Robyn Gritz, a well-known FBI whistleblower whose firing from the bureau under former FBI Director James Comey’s tenure caused significant controversy in 2015.

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Gritz told One American News Network on Monday that her friend’s death was suspicious — and that she wants answers.

“FBI whistleblower Robyn Gritz told One American News that her friend, Jen Moore, told her that if the wrong people found out about the documents she’d just obtained, they would kill her” OAN reporter Neil W. McCabe said Monday.

Gritz says she doesn’t know exactly what these alleged documents contained. But she was called by authorities on Aug. 13 to notify her that Moore had listed her — not family — as an emergency contact in case of an untimely death.


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