MUST SEE Prophetic Visions About Everything & The Order Of All That Is Coming Our Way! (Witness For Yeshua Mashiach)

MUST SEE Prophetic Visions About Everything & The Order Of All That Is Coming Our Way! (Witness For Yeshua Mashiach)

Published on Jul 25, 2018

I’m putting myself out there, to SHOW YOU this, before it gets removed, if it gets removed, at possible GREAT risk to my personal safety. All i can do is, is show you what i believe will happen. Up to you what you believe. This was given to me to show you. I believe that a president will get taken down, assassinated, and that this will be arranged, in order to use as an excuse to go to WW3. Nukes will be exchanged SOON, between countries. I seen New York nuked, and I know that this is actually a desired result, as the nuking of our country will finally set off YellowStone, which is the physical manifestation of the actual gate to the Spiritual Pit, to hell. We are about to get BORN, and the blow out of Yellowstone is the final blow. I seen how soon after this, the asteroid covers the Sun, from our point of perspective, that the Sun goes black, from our view. That at the same time, the reflection of the heated side of the asteroid causes the moon to appear BLOOD RED. The days of darkness commence, due to nuclear war, volcanic atmospheric interruptions and the asteroid blocking the Sun. People will panic, as the economy collapses. Expect a bank shut down within 24 hours before the nukes fly. Expect a complete and total freeze of all purchasing power, the day before or during the assassination event. This is all scheduled. This is what I believe. When we endure these days of darkness, people who are NOT PREPARED, will panic, and violence will strike out EVERYWHERE in a desperate rush for food and water. MANY places will not have power, at this point, due to the nukes and volcanic eruption. GO IN your homes, and board up your doors and windows. WAIT for the Lord, as what comes next is the RAPTURE. Those of us who are raptured, will be raptured BEFORE the asteroid hits. ALL those who were left behind will endure the asteroid and the coming aftermath of all three events, nukes, eruption and asteroid. All who are left behind will have to die to be sorted out. The floods will finish off many people, that are the result of the tsunami form the asteroid. Many will fall ill and die almost immediately. The atmosphere will completely change. I seen many things and I AM SHOWING YOU, what I was shown, for you to know, because you are supposed to be warned BEFORE hand, for many are to come to the Lord now and get saved. While there is still time. There is very, very little time left. The camps will have power, their power is protected. Many will be under absolute complete compulsion to get the ‘Mark of the Beast’. Warn others and you yourself, get ready. Up to you if you believe or not.

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