10 Replies to “Prophetic Dreams: Things Will Happen SUDDENLY: RFID Chip In CASH & 3 Years Left (ChurchIntheWilderness)”

  1. HOW can there only be 3 years left ‘until the end of time’, when there is STILL the MILLENNIUM to get through??? And, even AFTER THAT, satan will be ‘loosed once more to deceive the nations.’

    NOBODY EVER EVER talks about how the 1000 years Millennium fits into everything!!! EVER!!

    1. there are only 3 years left of this earthly time. There is the persecution and destruction of the USA coming. Earth is going away but after the 3 yrs is the new earth, the Millennial age. She was not instructed to discuss the millennial age so she didn’t do so or else she would have. She is pretty thorough and led by the Holy Spirit and He didn’t tell her to mention it if she didn’t mention it. The END OF TIME AS WE KNOW IT NOW is 3 yrs. that is correct.
      The END OF ALL TIME will be the end of the Millennial Age. God Bless You and thanks for commenting.

  2. I thought the antichrist would reign for 3.5 years,… And Obama hasn’t even COME BACK YET!!! So.. How does THAT work??? I’m not being cynical, I’m just CONFUSED!!! HELP ME UNDERSTAND!!

    1. From what I understand He is shortening the time for the elect’s sake. They have so much evil planned for us all that nobody would make it if it is not shortened is how I understood it when I read it before. I even heard it is going to be shorter than that now too so we will see. I know He is merciful and could this be why? I think Obama is returning this fall (that is my opinion about Obama though)

  3. The questions related to timing that concern me the most are:

    1) When will kickoff be?
    2) When will Obama return?
    3) When is the 3 days of darkness and harvest?

    I’m not too concerned about how much time will remain after the harvest, because all of us reading this had better make sure we are gone by then!

    I am hoping we are at least within a year of the “finish line” (harvest), but truly I have no idea!

    1. Well it looks like Kick off event is in the fall so far and I will be posting a really good video of the visions someone got and it gives a good run down of the order of things. Also have a post that someone else got that confirms the video so will post these shortly.

  4. Well.. All this talk about prepping to prepare when you are unable to buy food anymore… I am on the sick and don’t have one spare penny to store up any food or supplies… It’s kind of crazy to say the least…

  5. Also.. I really can’t see Obama coming back unless something major happens to America.. Why should he?? Trump is still in office…! And has potentially another 4 years (although I ABSOLUTELY don’t see him reigning THAT long!!…

    Its just.. Obama could not come back UNLESS something major happens.. Right?? Why would he?? (she repeats herself like a parrot) 😂

    1. He is the prophesied One of the Bible so he will be back. He will finish America off. Trump answers to him now anyway and Obama has been working behind the scenes. Don’t be fooled. There are tons of dreams/visions/Words given that Satan enters into Obama so he will rise to power and then destroy.


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