This Only Happens Once Every 2,373 Years (Hal Turner World News)

This Only Happens Once Every 2,373 Years (Hal Turner World News)

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Mercury, Venus and Saturn directly above the Great Pyramids in Giza, Egypt.

Seems like the folks of what we call “ancient” times, were a lot smarter than we give them credit for.

The photo was taken on July 31, 2018.

This only happens once every 2373 years.


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3 Replies to “This Only Happens Once Every 2,373 Years (Hal Turner World News)”

    [16] Here is a prophetic witness of the Great Pyramid, which in turn confirms our eschatological chronological show:
    »…other pyramid of Giza, the so-called “Khafre”pyramid, together with a third “Menkaure”pyramid shows signs that say that the return of the pyramid builders and end of the world will be at a time when middle star of Orion’s belt comes to 91 degree from the north celestial pole. This will happen around 2037. AD.« (Petko Nikolić Viduša, The house of God and gate of heaven, 2010, page 23)
    »The three pyramids of Giza are located on Earth exactly like the three stars of Orion’s belt. On the west side of middle of the pyramid, which corresponds to the middle star of Orion’s belt, Alnilam (εOri), there are 91 notches or “rooms”. Those 91 notches show that this star will be 91° away (1 notch = 1°) from North star circle during the end of the world (2000 – 2070 AD). The current position is very close to 91° (exactly 91° = 2037 AD )” (Petko Nikolić Viduša, God and Geometry, 2009, page . 38-39)
    »Does The Great Pyramid say anything about the end of the world? Not only tells, but speak the exact times of the end. How has the Adonai Elohim through Seth, through the plan of the Great Pyramid left a message to the people about the end of the world and the end of everything in the world?
    At middle, or so-called secondary pyramid on its western side there are 91 notches, i.e. 91 measures (modern archaeologists name these graduations as “bedrooms” of pyramid builders?) These data are not any rooms, but each of these notches is actually 1° (degree): 91 notches are 91°.
    What do these degrees mean?
    It is known, and it is evident that these three pyramids are placed approximately stars of Orion’s belt. The smallest pyramid is an image of the star Mintaka (delta Orion) which is next to the celestial equator and is the least luminous.
    The Great Pyramid is the lowermost star in Orion’s belt Alnilam (epsilon Orion). This middle star in 2000 was in the declination (DEC) – 1° (degree), 12′ (minutes) i 07” (seconds) south of the celestial equator or 91,201944444° distance from the celestial north pole. What does it mean?
    That is the message of the voice of our ancestors from the biblical before-Flood time: “We turn to you, the people and the nations, you sons and daughters of distant future! We, your ancestors from the beginning of the world, who hung out with the angels and built the pyramids by the will of God, deliver you and your descendants in time of the end of the world these stone markers and heavenly signs.
    So, hear us through the voice of our message: “When this star, that since our days is called Alnilam, reach 91° away from the north celestial pole, it will be days of the end of time and the end of the earthly world. For almost 6000 years away from you, this star, marked by the Second Pyramid, in our time was well below the celestial equator.” (at about 29° south below the celestial equator).
    And we know that during time, because of the event of so-called precession, these stars were gradually shift towards the equator and through thousands of year arrived here where they are right now. After precession DEC, precession of declination, movement of stars in the direction of the south-north is 0,0055677 degrees per year, which means that in the next about 30 years star Alnilam will be found exactly at 91° from the north celestial pole.
    Among the readers of these lines there are many of those who will experience it.Jesus Christ personally mentioned the stars as signs of the end of the world.« (Petko Nikolić Viduša, The Great Pyramid and the end of the world II, 2009., pg. 76-77)

  2. Yes, interesting! We have 11 years tIll The Rapture and then, 7 years later, The Second Coming which of this about The Great Pyramid is another sign. “Who endures till the end that will be saved”, as our Savior says. Greetings!


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