Prophetic Word From Abba Daddy To His Children In The United States (Lindy Snow Pierce)

Prophetic Word From Abba Daddy To His Children In The United States (Lindy Snow Pierce)

Word from Abba Daddy to His Children in the United States – Lindy Snow Pierce

“The times and seasons are changing. Be prepared to move when I say, “Move.” Many are going to be displaced soon by forces they cannot see. But I am calling many of my own to move ahead of time.
This way they will avoid disaster and loss. Do not be stubborn nor willful in this area. It will cost you greatly if you are.
“Many blessings will be poured out upon you in the havens I am leading you to. Though it may seem hard to leave where you are, I promise you will be thankful if you obey and regretful if you do not obey.
“Many changes are coming upon this country [U.S.A], much upheaval in many areas. You will see many of these changes before the end of the year. Be in prayer over the elections. The evil one is endeavoring to infiltrate even more than he has. You must pray against this and pray that MY choices gain the offices they seek. I am depending on you. You will have the country you pray for if you do not grow weary. Join others in prayer and be in agreement, for agreement has much power.
“Many of you are growing in strength and wisdom. You will continue to grow if you stay close to Me. I am preparing you for things to come even later down the road, preparing you to minister boldly as you never have before. I am increasing your anointings. You have already seen this and you will continue to see even more, exponentially more. Stay humble in these anointings as I will not have them defiled with pride.
“Many are taking a breather in their ministry right now and that is because I have pulled you aside to purify and grow you for the next season. This resting season will soon be over. Some of you are already seeing that now as well as opportunities to minister find YOU, instead of you looking for them. But keep your eyes open just the same. Keep your spiritual “feelers” active at all times. You will walk into many situations where you may share My love in various ways. Stay “prayed up” and prepared.
“I love you, my darlings, more than you can ever know. Rest in Me. Abide in Me. Great things are to come!”

Abba Daddy

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