Prophetic Word: The Hour Is Closing Down (Susan Davis)

Prophetic Word: The Hour Is Closing Down (Susan Davis)

Word given from the LORD to Susan, Wednesday, June 27, 2018

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This is your GOD, children I have words for you: The hour is closing down. I have given many warnings: in MY Word…through MY people…in dreams and visions…messages through old and young alike…signs in the skies in abundance…mountains falling down…rivers overflowing…the winds are wreaking havoc on land and sea alike…men’s hearts waxing colder and colder with each passing day. The weather is erratic…animals are dying on all parts: in ocean salt water and inland fresh water. Pestilences are increasing…wars and rumors of wars are increasing. Talk of peace and safety is on the tongues of the leaders around the world. Abominations against ME are rising. The people are corrupting themselves with evil. They are embracing MY enemy in grotesque ways. They are engaging in unnatural affections just as I said they would. The days of Lot are here and those who love their sins are filling the streets. GOD haters are rising up in abundance, lifting their banners on high against MY Holy Ways. Children are being used as pawns in evil struggles between parents and each other. The beauty of the earth is being stripped by man’s insatiable greed. MY Holy Name is abused constantly. Most of mankind uses MY Name as slang and for cursing. Apostate churches are rising up and forming alliances with each other. Evil abounds and large numbers of MY children are intoxicated by their love for an evil world, their members burn with lust and their pursuit of wanton relationships. They laugh and say: “Who can see us?” as they carry on behind closed doors. All will know as nothing will remain hidden. Evil will be exposed. I will pull the covers off evil in due time.

MY little flock prepare yourselves. Come clean your garments in MY Blood-bought Salvation. Come clean in the pages of MY Book. Surrender to ME and take on MY SPIRIT in all HIS fullness. Empty the heart and life of your “self” will and make room for the Will of GOD. I will clean your heart and take up residence in your soul. Repent for your sin-filled past and I will hear in heaven your plea and make MY Home within you. We will walk hand-in-hand together in a fallen land. I will bring peace to your troubled soul. Lift up your eyes to ME. Seek ME now and I can be found. This is not the hour to look away from your GOD. Truth will prevail, I AM TRUTH…


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