Prophecy Word: ILLUMINATED (Gail Manizak)

Prophecy Word: ILLUMINATED (Gail Manizak)

Illuminated – Gail Manizak

July 12, 2018

“The LIGHT is on the body of Christ right now.
There has been a cleansing taking place in the hearts of many. This cleansing has been through and by the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Spirit.
Though many are in a place of discomfort, and nothing feels good; there is pain, there is pressure, you are desperately wanting to feel “normal” again, you cannot wait for the heaviness, the weight to be lifted off of you.

It has been painful, a fiery trial indeed, but because of your faith, because of your pressing, you will see and come through brand new.
You are becoming absolutely beautiful in the LIGHT of His love. A picture of holiness, cleanliness and perfection.
As He wraps you up in Him, in His righteousness, you will now feel the glow, the warmth of His love.

Your vision will now be clear, you will see and you will hear. I bring you into a new place, there will absolutely be no more fear.
I have seen you in the place of agony, the enemy told you with a lie, he said he had captured you, but I was there right by your side, not allowing you to be removed from the very palm of My hand.

I captured every tear while you were there. The lies of the evil one spilled over on you, hoping to drown out the voice that I have given you.
Arise and shine for My Light has come and the glory of the Lord rises upon you, afresh and anew.”


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