Coming Back To The Truth & Exposing The Lies About Divorce And Remarriage And The Cost Of Following Christ!

Coming Back To The Truth & Exposing The Lies About Divorce And Remarriage And The Cost Of Following Christ!

I am a Watchman On The Wall and this was brought to my attention by the Holy Spirit last night and out of obedience I am here to warn and share. He takes this extremely seriously. What has been taught in our local churches and nationwide for the most part have been lies. We must rightly divide the Word of Yah (God) and as you listen to these, please note that one must repent and then remove the sin. I can testify of this also and I had to remove the sin. Whenever a Pastor says “God just wants us to be happy” I say RUN!! The road to heaven is narrow because it is a difficult road to travel and one must remove all held belief systems passed down for generations and come before God as a child so He will show you. You have been warned! We will have stand before the Almighty Yah (God) on that day! Mike Gorrie from High Calling Ministries in New Zealand does rightly divide the Word and backs it all up with Scripture.

Now it is up to you to listen and then go to the Holy Spirit and ask for confirmation. Whatever you do, do not run to your church leaders for they are the ones that have taught you wrong as it is. YOU MUST GO to Yah (God) on everything now and not bicker back and forth with me or anyone else. Truth is right there in these videos; you will either accept it, reject it and deny it and then Yah will judge you on your decision, not I or any other human. He is everyone’s Final Judge and Juror! For Him to lead me to share this means it is extremely important! I pray you make the right decision!

Please remember it is about a covenant you made with Yah (God), a vow before Him.

Now if anyone has a testimony to share about this & how you removed yourself please post in comment section.

7 Divorce And Remarriage And The Cost Of Following Christ

Scripture references: Mark 10:10-12; Romans 7:1-3; Proverbs 14:12; Romans 7:13; I Corinthians 6:9; Revelation 21:8; Galatians 5:19-21; Ephesians 5:5; Hebrews 13:4;
Matthew 5:32; I Corinthians 7:10-11; I Corinthians 7:39; Matthew 7:23; Ephesians 5:25-32; Proverbs 14:12;
Matthew 7:21; John 14:15; Luke 6:46;
Ezekiel 33:12-20; I Corinthians 6:10; Matthew 25:23
Matthew 24:13; I Corinthians 15:2; Romans 8:13;


Scripture references: Malachi 2: 10-15

Are the marriages of non-Christians, or unbelievers, legal and binding in the sight of God and the Lord Jesus Christ?
Scripture references: Genesis 2: 22-24; Matthew 19:4-6

3 Is my first marriage still standing even if I was not a Christian then? Scripture Reference: Luke 16:18

I got a divorce and later remarried another person, all before I came to faith in Christ. Now that I’m a Christian, does my current second marriage stand before God?
Scripture reference: Luke 16:18; Proverbs 28:13-14; 2 Timothy 2: 19

5 I’m a Christian Divorced and married, am I living in adultery?  Scripture references: Romans 7: 1-3; Romans 8:13; I Corinthians 6:9; Revelation 21:8; Galatians 5:19-21; Ephesians 5:5; Hebrews 13:4; Matthew 7:21-23; 2 John 1:9-11; Ezekiel 33:5; Acts 20:26-27;

6 My first marriage ended; now I’m divorced but I’d to marry a godly Christian
Scripture references: Mark 10:10-12; Romans 7:1-3; Proverbs 28:13-14; 2 Timothy 2:19;


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26 Replies to “Coming Back To The Truth & Exposing The Lies About Divorce And Remarriage And The Cost Of Following Christ!”

  1. Divorce and remarriage is not the unforgivable sin. This is terrible teaching that is not taking in the culture and context of the day. Read the Septuagint in these passages, look up David Servants teaching and know the character of Jesus. Yes God hates divorce and yes it involves the hardness of heart Joe sin somewhere but you are not going to hell if you repent and remarry. This is condemning and is the heresy of a religious spirit.

    1. who said it is the unforgivable sin? If one repents and removes the sin, they are then forgiven. Yes you can lose your salvation ……read verses on adultery. Read the newest post please. It is not condemning because I can’t condemn you nor can I judge you but God will. He is your final Judge and juror. This has nothing to do with a religious spirit. Those in remarriages when first spouse is alive are in “religion”. Those that came out of it are free of false ingrain beliefs that have been passed down from generation to generation. Much study needs to be done on this subject. I won’t say anymore on it. God takes it very seriously

  2. God has been speaking to me recently about the divorce/remarriage in the church that is rampant. I believe that the differentiation between fornication and adultery in the Bible is clear and we have made it one and the same. The Lord showed me that we as Christians are sinning in this area and it grieves His heart. Sin will not go unpunished unless we repent and turn away from it. It was a confirmation to what I’ve been shown as I read and heard Mike Gorrie expound on these scriptures. We MUST heed the Word!! Even if it doesn’t “feel good”.

    1. ???????????? One unpardonable sin is if one blasphemes the Holy Spirit. You can be forgiven if you repent and remove the sin in your life.

      1. ??? again what do you mean? what is no longer desired? What is no longer an option? that you can’t remove the sin of remarriage?

        1. I am not talking about marriage/remarriage I am simply though ineffectively trying to talk about the Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost… i.e., attributing to satan the works of God. I was responding to Michael that remarriage is not the unforgivable sin as long as you repent.. which means you turn 180 degrees. Remember the Greek tense that is used in the verses of Jesus regarding marriage and remarriage is the same used when He says in Luke 11:9 And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. It means to ask and keep on asking, seek and keep on seeking, knock and keep on knocking.. in other words CONTINUOUS action. adultery and keeps on being adulterous… understand ?

  3. Did you know that the scriptures teach that it is an abomination for a woman to return to a previous husband? Is that still an abomination?

    If a woman is bound to her husband, then she is required to obey him and submit to him as Sarah called Abraham Lord. That husband is their authority and covering.

    1. it says it is an abomination to reconcile only if that spouse had remarried but if they remained single then it is not an abomination to return to her previous husband. I posted more on this through that I was led to years ago on it and put some of the chapters there. He has 40 plus years doing that ministry so read those. I know you are talking about that one verse in Leviticus.
      there is much more to learn on all this.
      anyway, I remember the Lord wanting to know if I wanted to be reconciled to my first husband and I said no because I just didn’t want him back for many reasons and I enjoy my alone time with Abba and he would be in the way of that. I am posting what He showed me to post and the rest is up to everyone else to read more, study more, and then seek the Holy Spirit on everything.

  4. That was the point in my comment. So why would the Lord ask you to commit an abomination? You were already remarried.

    1. I was in adultery and He showed me Scriptures on lust and adultery for several days and I had to make a decision. He put in my spirit about a year ago about if I wanted to go back. Was it a test? Could very well have been. I don’t know. You ask Him for me okay. 🙂

      I knew posting this would fire up everyone; it did on FB for a couple of years and now here we go. I won’t answer anymore on it. I already went through that long ago and to be honest, most will not remove themselves from any remarriage, whether 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or more. Noone wants to give up the extra income, having someone to go to dinner with and out with and won’t give up the sex. I don’t debate it anymore for that reason.

      1. You are SO right Ms. Sophie. Nobody wants to “pay the price” to be completely obedient to the Word of the Lord, but eventually the price will be paid because it will be required by the Lord, the righteous judge. As with all things however, a person must see this himself…….between him/her and the Lord.

        1. it is a big leap of faith and most do not believe what God ordained in heaven. It is a big change but I am so glad I did it and obeyed Him.

  5. I did not watch these videos, but the Lord has shown me some time back that most of what the church has taught on these subjects is incorrect.
    It is quite lengthy, but some of it is this.
    Jesus said in Matthew 19 that you can divorce because of “hardness of heart”, but if you remarry it is adultery. This is probably more cases than where unfaithfulness is involved. If unfaithfulness is the cause though, Jesus was implying that one could remarry. Paul also said in
    1 Cor. 7:11, if the wife leaves, (or husband) to remain single or be reconciled. So, if because of hardness of heart is the cause, to remarry would be adultery.
    In Malachi 2, God was speaking to the priests and Judah who had divorced their wives and remarried foreigners. In verse 14 He says,
    “she (IS) your companion and your wife by covenant.” So, God sees a first marriage as permanent, unless unfaithfulness, widowhood, or abandonment ( 1 Cor. 7:15) is the case.
    Therefore, I believe many if not most of remarried Christians are in adulterous marriages. In 1 Cor. 6:9,10 Paul says no adulterers will enter the kingdom of heaven. BUT, here is the good news!!! Verse 11, “Such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, and you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ by the Spirit of our God. So, if people will humble themselves, acknowledge, confess, and repent of that sin, it is just as forgivable as any other. The problem is most do not know they are in an adulterous marriage, because most pastors just marry anyone who wants to for any reason.

    1. Please study further. No you cannot remarry unless your first spouse has died. That is so very clear but each person will decide what they want to believe. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you more. Thank you for commenting

  6. I’m taking this posted word on remarriage to heart out of obedience to Him. The battles are bad enough right now without knowingly stepping into more darkness. I believe ms. Sophie was lead to post this as further confirmation and separation for the bride. Now I’m greatly distressed for all those family and friends who have remarried that now come to mind. God help us turn and keep on the narrow path.

    1. Thank you Another Michael. I have warned my own son about this and he refuses to listen and my brother lives with a woman for years. Both are in trouble. I only warn and pray for them. Just keep praying for them.

  7. I had responded to one of the other posts you did around the same time as this one. I resisted the word and went about my business. But it has remained on my mind. Everytime I think I have come to the right answer, I’m brought back to this teaching. I have prayed and cried and reasoned and this is still where I end up.

    I do not know how to discuss this with my non-believing husband. He won’t understand. I don’t know how to tell my 4 year old. I hate how this will affect my husband and children, but I know my loyalty is to the Lord.

    I could really use some prayer. I need God to be patient with me as I figure out how to talk to my husband. I need him to have mercy and not let my time on earth be up before I can fully forsake this second marriage. This is a terrible week for me to need to talk to my husband as we won’t see much of each other. I don’t want to say this as he’s heading out the door. I don’t even know what to say in the first place.

    I fear for his soul and I also fear for mine. I am so grateful that God has pressed the issue and has opened up my eyes, but this is terribly difficult. 10 years and 2 kids later.

    But I choose Jesus.

    1. Hello Mindy, I remember you wrote awhile back. You need to go into prayer and ask the Lord to make it easy and smooth for you and he will. The enemy is keeping you in bondage of how to say it; he wants your soul and will do whatever it takes to stop you, distract you, or have you never feeling it’s the right time to say it to your husband. You must use warfare prayer. Do you do warfare prayer daily Mindy. I just asked God to put in my husband’s mind at the time that it is the right thing to do and He did that. So when I said it to him, there was no fight, no nothing. It was incredibly easy.

      Is your husband divorced from his covenant spouse also? If he was never married before, does not matter because if you were, then you need to get out of it either way. This is what I said to mine. I said “you know I was thinking and God has been showing me in Scripture that something is terribly wrong with what we are in” and “did you know that we both have first spouses that are alive yet and if we stay married, you and I are both going to be judged as adulterers and burn” (or something like that). He then said “no I didn’t know that and I showed him and he turned around and said something like “so what do we need to do?” and I proceeded and told him we need to dissolve this marriage on paper but you and I can remain platonic friends. So within a week it was done. That is really how easy it was.

      Ask God to soften your husband’s heart to be receptive to what you have to say. You have to walk in faith and trust God Mindy; he knows exactly how to get you through this easily. you are the one stopping this. Don’t let the enemy win. I was shocked at how he changed my husband’s mind because this man is strong willed and I thought “oh my what a battle this will be” and it was anything but. You need to trust and step into the cloud. Remember even if he does get a bit irritated does not mean anything bad and you have a child together so God knows that. That will be worked out also. If you are best friends, you can be best friends but you can no longer have intimacy with him when you divorce. Nothing wrong with friendship either.

      I hope this helps you some and time IS VERY VERY SHORT NOW. You can’t keep putting this off. I can’t stress the importance of this as far as timing goes. You must do this now and not procrastinate any longer. We are going home soon and His return, and I mean this, is so very soon so the decision must be made NOW, not a month from now etc etc. If you step into faith and go forward, you will be guided & protected through this. TRUST HIM. If you are afraid to do it face to face, then do it by a phone call if you have to. I did it face to face and just waited on his reaction and it was not much longer at all (same day) that he answered and agreed to it or it was the next day. We are friends to this day and this was back in 2011 I chose God over a man and walked into faith like never before. Best thing I ever did. I am with you, I understand, but now you must overcome this fear and God is waiting for your answer and you said you choose God so no more procrastination then about whether it is this time, that time, right time, wrong time etc etc.

      Let me know how it goes. Much love to you and so important to move forward like never before NOW. Keep me posted. 🙂 Bind the strongman of fear, of procrastination, hinderance in the name of Jesus. Use the authority He has given us in His Word.

      Seek him in prayer and please do not choose unwisely and not go forward. If He has shown this to you again He is emphatically showing you what you need to do. He is waiting. Don’t make God wait too long Mindy. I will pray for your breakthrough Mindy concerning this. I sense such an urgency as to the critical times we are in of things changing suddenly all over and to put it off and off can cost you dearly. Oh please, listen to Him. He will make the way easy for you.

      1. Thank you so much for your words. I absolutely feel the importance of doing this quickly. I feel the weight of eternity on my shoulders. I can sense just how close the Lord truly is in his return. I don’t personally get visions or dreams or any sort of messages from him, but I still feel it in my spirit.

        I believe this marriage could be the reason that I have always felt a bit of a wall between me and the Lord. Not that he is not working in my life, because I can clearly see that, but that I was not experiencing him fully because of my sinful choices.

        I am walking around praying nonstop, crying, preparing myself to talk to my husband tonight. I ended up needing to call off work because my daughter is sick and my husband is doing some day travel, so this actually works out well for this matter specifically.

        Again, thank you for your words and your your guidance. I do know how short time is even if God hasn’t spoken this to me directly, I hear what he saying to you and others who are watchmen. I will not delay. My decision is made and I will do it. I will obey my God.

        1. You will be truly blessed for obedience. God is faithful. I prayed for you earlier and I would love to meet you in the kingdom and dance!!! 🙂 If you need me, I am here for you! You will be okay!!! You really truly will. A song from me to you!!! You’re gonna be okay!!

          THESE SONGS HELPED ME GET THROUGH THE TOUGHEST TIMES. Thy will be done is about how she lost her baby and didn’t understand but trusted and kept the faith. 🙂

          1. Thank you again.

            I told him. He doesn’t understand and told me no. That I’ve been almost radicalized recently and he disagreed. That he would fight.

            I know he’s so hurt. He just left a little bit ago. I hurt for him. I pray that God is speaking to him right now. And that he would help me know that I really am doing the right thing and walking in obedience.

            I feel terrible. My dinner is untouched. But I do feel slightly better after telling him.

          2. Hi Mindy, It sounds like he is shocked by what you said so just give him time. Keep praying for him. What is his first name? I will keep him in prayer too. It sounds like he is not understanding Biblically so just give him a little space and when he calms down, just explain that it is not to hurt him. Is he saved or unsaved?

            Yes, I understand how you feel. I felt really bad about it too and was not sure how to even say it to him. It is hard for sure. Keep me posted. The first step is always the hardest!


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