Great Video Proving MK Ultra Used: Deep Truth That Neither CNN Or Fox Will Tell You (Dana Ashlie)

Great Video Proving MK Ultra Used: Deep Truth That Neither CNN Or Fox Will Tell You (Dana Ashlie)

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  • I am a victim of this crime ..I have been put into a weapon system…torture ..tracked by military GPS and satellite…I paid to have this investigated and I had 11 radio signals on me……I am praying …this could stop with help…please everyone stand up for us…they are developing the system…right now as I type this the radio signal is going up…they send out stalkers with hand held weapons …Thumps to the brain..cracks to the brain…electrical currents to brain…burns showing up on body…hits to the heart that made me pass out…sleep deprivation…all kinds of torture…when you try to escape to another area..the signal tracks and finds you…We are praying but we need people high up in positions of influence to help us..these researchers are making millions of dollars on us while they destroy our lives.

Jan Brennan    ‘Conspiracy theorists’ : words created by the US government

Dana, thank you so much for this video! I have been a Targeted Individual for 10 years because I accidentally ruffled the feathers of an undercover FBI agent on Facebook. He was harassing one of my FB friends so I stood up for him. This FBI agent said “You don’t know who you’re dealing with. I Will Destroy You!” I called him a psychopath and then blocked him. Later after searching his name on the internet, I found out he was an FBI Agent. *Folks, please be careful about accepting friendship requests from people you don’t know personally. Many of them are undercover agents, as crazy as that sounds. And they tend to “act” extra friendly at first. Gangstalking is a nightmare! I not only experience Voice to Skull (where they constantly tell me they are going to use a guillotine to behead me) but I am chased by black helicopters, fighter jets, drones, smart dust attacks, character assassination, scapegoating, noise campaigns, street theater, even the torture and murder of my precious cat Barkley, and much more… I lost my friends, family, my marriage, my career as an autism specialist and more. Please pray for Targeted Individuals. There are thousands (some say millions) of us worldwide. Bless you Dana for uncovering this travesty. Please continue to expose this evil. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy! The only good thing about this is that it has brought me closer to Christ. Thanks for reading my long comment. P.S. That Facebook friend I defended unfortunately ended up committing suicide 2 years ago. He had been gang stalked for over a decade like me and simply couldn’t take it any more. God Rest His Soul and others who take their lives over this. I hope & pray Jesus forgives them for killing themselves. Suicide is the main objective of this horrible program. I believe it’s because that gives Satan permission to take your soul. Please TIs do not take your lives or anybody else’s lives. That’s an eternal trap you don’t want to fall into! It”s better to endure a short lifetime of suffering than an eternity in hell.ment to literally discredit any dissent to their totalitarian rule.

  • russ Jenkins I have to fully agree with you on all points. We are being shut down by the “Conspiracy Theory” tag-line. The line came from the CIA to label all theories that do not line up with the official narrative. It came after they assassinated Kennedy. They took over completely at that time. The full intent of Television is to brainwash the public.
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