Prophetic Warning: Part 3: To Those Who Stand In My Pulpits (KimChadwellHilton)

Prophetic Warning: Part 3: To Those Who Stand In My Pulpits (KimChadwellHilton)

Part 3: To Those Who Stand In My Pulpits – Kim Chadwell Hilton

Part 3: To Those Who Stand In My Pulpits – Kim Chadwell Hilton
Published on May 31, 2018
Prophetic Word: Specifically to those in ministry and who stand before the people proclaiming the Word of God.

Divided into four parts, To Those Who Stand In My Pulpits, is Part III of the main prophetic word Kim received.

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Sunday August 23, 2015 10:45am – Tuesday August 25, 2015 2:40am

Prophetic words are taken very, very seriously. Prophetic words are not to be changed. Kim Chadwell gives you permission to copy these words in exact form. However, if it is found that you have changed, added, or altered these prophetic words, you will be pursued for copyright infringement.

To Those Who Stand In My Pulpits

To those who stand in my pulpits I see you from afar. Where you stand to represent me is holy.
Where you stand to send my word forth is holy. I watch you as you take position in my holy church and
open your mouth as my vessel.

The Lord God rebukes you for your approach to my pulpit. You come with words with unprepared
hearts. You come with unprepared hearts from unprepared worship. You come with unprepared
worship from an unprepared prayer closet. Your closet is unprepared because I am not the Lord of your

Your lust for position, your lust for status, your lust for recognition, your lust for praise, your lust for
authority, your lust for possessions, your lust of self, your lust for eloquent words, your lust for beauty,
your lust for money, your lust for decorated homes, your lust for property, your lust to be showcased
before men, your lust of your eyes, your lust for favoritism which overshadows my Holy Spirit, your lust
for pictures which you call pornography – is a stench to my nostrils. I search for the aroma of the holy
ones who stand to send forth teaching to my people – I find few who have prepared hearts, prepared
worship, and prepared prayer closets. I find few who lust only for me.

Do you think you can pass through my threshing floor without me catching you? Do you think you can
fool the Lord God Almighty? I am sifting and shaking the very foundations of the earth and only the true
will remain. Only the true will I know by name. Woe to the one who screams to me, “Lord, Lord, did I not
prophesy in your name and in your name cast out demons and perform miracles?” but will be told, “I
never knew you.”

Do you think you deserve more than my beloved son? You place the yoke of teaching for material
possessions as a sign of spiritual favor. My son, my holy son of me, had no place for his head. He saw the
hoofs and legs of horses as he slept in a horse stable. Wrapped in cloth his bed was a feed manger for
the horses. He traveled and experienced the elements of this world without shelter. He died on a cut
tree and was buried in a borrowed tomb. Do you think you deserve more than my own? Do you think I
did not love and provide for my own? His life was not of the physical but of my spirit. He lived among
you, with ownership to my kingdom, without earthly possessions.

My favor is not the world’s definition of favor. My favor is not in man’s possessions. My favor is evident
within a man’s heart that gives all to serve me. Do not be deceived. The adversary has fooled you to
believe my hand is upon those with possessions. My son served both God and man without
possessions. Shame is upon you for claiming knowledge of me while teaching this message. Shame is
upon you for living luxuriously while claiming to be my servant. Do you think you deserve more than my

Rent and rake your heart before me. IF you repent before me now I will not remove you. Seek me while I
am able to be found for a time is coming I will raise high the false teachers for all to see and break them
before the people. Humble yourself now so that I will not hold you in shame before men. MY pulpit is
holy. Step NOT upon my altar, step not into position before the people, with an unprepared heart, with
unprepared worship and unprepared prayer.

I warn you this day I will hold all false teachers high before the people as an example of foolishness. I
warn you this day I will clear my threshing floor of the chaff who has been mere waste. I warn you this
day to remove yourself from the position you claim falsely as yours. My pulpit is holy. My words are
holy. My teaching is holy. My servant – MY servants whom I recognize – are holy. Remove the yoke of
possessions. Remove the yoke of the world from your neck and be the one called from long ago.
Remember the quickening of your heart when you received the burning in your heart to serve me. I am
a jealous God. Those who stand in my pulpit must love me first. Those who stand in my pulpit must
speak MY words. Those who stand in my pulpit must please me and not man. I will guide you. Seek me
and I will protect you. Seek man and you will not withstand the fire. Seek me and I will guide your steps.
Seek man and you will be discarded as dross.

I am a Consuming Fire. I am a Holy God. I claim only a holy people. I am coming with a swift hand to
clean my pulpits. Repent now. Go to another for counsel to cleanse the impurity from you. Go to
another, the one you have jealousy of – go for counsel. For it was not jealousy you had, it was your spirit
knowing them as true to me. You will find rest in their counsel and freedom for your soul which you
have bound in evil. You have stood in my holy pulpit with evil inside you. The great remnant was torn to
the Holy of Holies so that man could enter inside. You have not kept it holy. Free yourself now before it
is too late and I remove you publicly.

You have built stages in my Holy Church. You have built restaurants in my Holy Church. You have built
stores inside my Holy Church. You have allowed buying and selling inside my Holy Church. You parade
people, speakers and events with tables for buying and selling inside my Holy Church. You have made
convenience for the world as a lure to bring them into my Holy Church. You lure them with convenience
because you desire money instead of their hearts. You allow the young to ask for money, raise money
and collect money inside my Holy Church. Is it not written that my son removed the money changers
with a whip? You have allowed your youth to act like the world. You have built stages with lights and
music to appear appealing as the world. Even your leaders talk and dress like the world. What harmony
is there between Christ and Belial? Why do you make my Holy Church common for the unbeliever? I
hold you accountable for allowing this inside my Holy Church.

Guard my pulpit. Remove earthly pleasures from my pulpit. Remove entertainment from my pulpit. My
pulpit is not for pleasure. My pulpit is not for performance. My pulpit is not for announcements or
discussions. My pulpit is holy. Approach my pulpit with a prepared heart ,with prepared worship and
prepared prayer. Only then will I hear you and you will hear from me.

My word is holy. My Word is a double-edged sword to quicken even the most hardened heart. The time
is here! The people need my word! Teach my Word! Remove man’s conditions of my pulpit. Remove
man’s tradition of time, of comfort and of soothing the ear – make my pulpit a fire for the people to
hear the word of your mighty God! I am coming soon to claim a holy people and a holy church.

Cast not your eyes away from my word. Cast not your heart to another and claim to be my messenger. I
am a Consuming Fire – only those with true obedience to these words will withstand the heat I am
sending. Follow me and not man. Listen to me and you will hear me. I am raising up a new church , the
true church! I am destroying the false church of man, it will not withstand my judgment.

Prepare now! Prepare the people! Listen to me and not to man. Discard every tradition you have lived
and place it in your fire and I will give you a boldness to carry my message to the people. Listen ONLY to
me and I will guide you.

Obey these instructions. Tarry not for your time is short to repent privately to me. I will no longer accept
weak-kneed messengers in my pulpits.


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  1. Dear sister first I extend my Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My name is Hana Gezahegn. I am new comer to U.S. I have had dynamic gifts but for number of reasons I am not minstering. I heard your message in a great fear of God. I am praying hard for the will of God to be done in my life. I do live in Nashville. Please e – mail me.

    1. *If you would like to receive a brief text message when a new message is posted text 520-329-3657 with the word SUBSCRIBE ** You can also follow Kim on Facebook and Twitter.

      That is the only way I know that you can contact her.

      Ms. Sophie


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