Prophetic Message: “Be Prepared” (Godshealer7)

Prophetic Message: “Be Prepared” (Godshealer7)

“Be PREPARED” – Barbara (Godshealer7)

Children are you meek? are you contrite? Have you been going about my business? Do you walk in humility?. I have moulded you with my own hands. I am pleased with my finished work. These trials and sufferings you say are unbearable have been necessary . You have been through the fire . You have been refined. I hear you thank me in your prayers, even after all you have been through. I have been gathering a remnant for this time . I have opened your understanding so you know you are with me. You are the sealed 144,00 as spoken by John from Patmos. The adversary Satan also has his own sealed. They seek after you. They have been deceived and believe a lie. I Am THE Light and Love. They are the DARKNESS and Hate. My appointed times are here. Every word written and every prophecy will come to pass. I hold the scroll in my hands, Be PREPARED.


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