Prophetic Word: “Do NOT Blindly Follow Trump, For He Is NOT Who He Seems” (Byron Searle)

Prophetic Word: “Do NOT Blindly Follow Trump, For He Is NOT Who He Seems” (Byron Searle)

“Do not blindly follow Trump, for he is not who he seems.”

My son, as I have spoken to you over and over to pray for the repentance of this sin-soaked nation, I have heard you. However, this nation refuses to repent, just as the king, for they think they have done nothing wrong. I am using this wretched king to fulfill the words of My prophets concerning My people Israel. I allowed Trump to win the election for My purposes. All he has done has been by Me. However, his pride and rebellion will bring much suffering to this nation. Do not blindly follow Trump, for he is not who he seems.

My son, I have given My people time to repent. I have had My Watchmen shouting the alarms. Many of My true prophets have been shouting, ‘Repent! For the time of judgement is now!’ But My son, My heart breaks, and My eyes are wet with tears because no one hears. I love My children so much, but because they are stiff-necked and prideful, I must bring the judgments, else none would repent.

My son, My heart aches for the people who will perish, having not received the free gift of Salvation I suffered and died to give them. Repent – turn from your evil ways is all I ask, but they love the flesh more than Me.

I speak to those who call themselves by My Name, but live in sin. I speak to those who knowingly allow sin into My house, yet refuse to repent.

I speak to those who agree with and promote the homosexual abomination – REPENT!!

I speak to those who allow and say nothing about the innocent blood being spilled every day – REPENT!!



I say to those who never seek Me, but believe I will bless them – RREPENT!!

I say to those men who indulge in secret sins – REPENT!!

I say to this nation – RREPENT AND TURN TO ME, AND I WILL SAVE YOU!! Repent – for I am coming soon for My repentant people! I love you.

Messiah Jesus

Scripture Reference:

3 Therefore say thou unto them, Thus saith the Lord of hosts; Turn ye unto me, saith the Lord of hosts, and I will turn unto you, saith the Lord of hosts.
4 Be ye not as your fathers, unto whom the former prophets have cried, saying, Thus saith the Lord of hosts; Turn ye now from your evil ways, and from your evil doings: but they did not hear, nor hearken unto me, saith the Lord. (Zechariah 1:3-4)

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5 Replies to “Prophetic Word: “Do NOT Blindly Follow Trump, For He Is NOT Who He Seems” (Byron Searle)”

  1. You’re messages are misleading and untruthful ! Much of what you have proclaimed has NEVER come to pass . I believe you are listening to a lying spirit .
    Desernment is KEY to what you are releasing. Please be VERY CAREFULL

    1. Why is this untruth? Are you a TRUMP FAN who thinks he can do nothing wrong and is who he says he is? just wondering because those are the people that get offended when a word goes
      out saying Trump is not who he appears to be. He follows Obama’s orders and answers to others also. He is not going to make America great again sir! I hope you are not fooled by this man.

      many prophetic words are not to come to pass right away sir! Did not the prophets of old in the OT prophesy of things that would even happen 2,000 yrs later? Some prophecies are for now, some
      for months from now, some happen years later from when they were originally put out and some could be that far in the future. David Wilkerson prophesied the end of this world and destruction back
      in 1973 or so and did it happen right away? No, but it is now happening before our very eyes. Please be careful judging a word if you don’t understand how prophesy works. That is all I am trying to say.
      I saw nothing wrong with that Word and neither has anyone else that I know of. God Bless You and be careful putting it down and ask for more discernment from the Holy Spirit. 🙂


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