Prophetic Word: The Fire In The Spirit & In The Natural Will Burn During This Season (HolySpiritWind)

Prophetic Word: The Fire In The Spirit & In The Natural Will Burn During This Season (HolySpiritWind)

The Fire in the Spirit and in the Natural will Burn During this Season – Holy Spirit Wind

My beloved remnant; My holy spotless bride,
I have message of comfort that I want to give this day.
I know what you are all feeling right now, because I know you.
You are not of this world and you know you don’t belong here.
Every fiber of your being hates the thought of staying it this evil world even one more day.
You long to be with Me, your groom, your first and only true love.
I see your tears, your anguish, your pain and your broken hearts before Me.
I feel the same!
I also feel great anticipation as the time that we will be united is very soon.
Please understand, that the fullness of the number of the gentiles is SO CLOSE to being fulfilled.
Please pray that these will come into My sheep fold quickly, so that we may proceed unto the next step in our relationship.

Please be patient, though My love, how would you have felt if I would have if come before you were ready? Think back to where you were 10 years ago!
Think back even 5 years ago, were you ready, like you are now? Think back even one year ago for some of you, you were not ready but now you are! Now that you are ready you need to help bring in the last guests and help the others with their preparations to meet their Groom, all the while keeping you garment spotless and without wrinkle and stay in intimate conversation with Me.
You will be glowing with My radiance on that day.
The day of the marriage and supper of the Lamb.
I can already see you and you are so beautiful to Me.
There is nothing in all of creation that I desire more than you!

What is it that will make you glow?
Of course it is the oil of My Spirit.
When I light you up, I burn away all of the impurities of this world out of you.
That is why you must be refilled constantly so you can burn for Me.
The fire in the Spirit and in the natural will burn during this season. The Spirit will always precede the natural and that is to make you ready for what is about to happen in the natural.
Otherwise you would be unprepared for the fiery devastation and destruction you will see with your natural eyes. I am giving you Spiritual eyes so that you may see the way I see. For just as in the Spirit this world is burned out of you, so will the natural be allowed to be burned.

You My remnant bride, know that I am always about redeeming that which is lost. That’s why I gave Myself on the cross as a sacrifice for all. There will be many that come to Me because of the fiery destruction that would never come to Me any other way. You have come to Me because of My love and compassion and that is how you will pull many from the fire. You will have strength and courage that supersedes anything you have known up to this point. Do not look back upon the former things, because they will pale in comparison to what I will do through you in the coming days. It will truly defy your imagination. Have faith in Me not yourselves!
Even the stories from the Bible, though incredible and supernatural, they will be surpassed in number and magnitude. Think of what I am saying here!
The Moses parting of the Red Sea, Elijah defeating the prophets of Baal, Joshua defeating Jericho as the walls fell into the ground, healings, creative miracles, resurrections from the dead, multiplications of food, mana appearing,chains falling off, protection from death, translation and divine transportation, even invisibility to the enemy. etc. etc. etc.


Your groom Jesus

HolySpiritWind at 11:11:00 PM

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  1. Praise Almighty God!!! Thank you, brother, and many, many blessings as we prepare for the arrival of the King of Kings and occupy until He comes. Bring on the Great Harvest swiftly and mercifully according to your perfect will, Father. AMEN.


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