Prophetic Dreams: EMP Attack & War (ForHisGlory)

Prophetic Dreams: EMP Attack & War (ForHisGlory)

For His Glory 1 day ago (edited)

Thank you sister! I have a dream to share: I had a dream on May 15, 2018 where I noticed that one of the YouTube Videos that I had shared had 999 views and the next one I uploaded had 888 views then the next one 777 views and so forth until one had 555 views. The very next thing that happened was that I clearly heard “Seal the Book of Life.” I also heard another voice with another prophetic meaning however I cannot recall the words. Bless you sister and I will probably share your video!
For His Glory hey I am not able right now to listen to this video. But it caught my eye. Interesting fact is the other day I was watching a video and the views were 999. And someone made a comment about bittersweet. And then it made me think of Revelation 10: 9-11. But read all of 10. Something is going on.
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  1. I just walked in the door after lunch today. Kept seeing 444 on my way here on license plate (444) first noticed, then road signs, and kept wondering what this is all about and this is the first thing I pulled up. Something is going on. I’m not a prophet or anything but this is confirmation–something is going on. very strange.

    1. I see 444 a lot too and so found this on that number:
      1st verse of KJV Bible contains 44 letters
      the 4th word in KJV is God
      the 444th Word in KJV is God
      the 4,444th Word in the KJV is God
      the word God appears 4,444 times in the KJV
      The last verse in KJV contains 44 letters

      saw this on prophecy news. interesting huh. I also read elsewhere that 444 represents God’s children and there was more but don’t remember it. So God is showing you He is in control and in the midst of things. Yes, things are happening.


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