Prophetic Word: Father Speaks-A Covering Over The Earth (Dr. R.W. Roberts)

Prophetic Word: Father Speaks-A Covering Over The Earth (Dr. R.W. Roberts)

15 May 2018

FATHER speaks – a covering over the earth

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Interpretation? – From a newly recruited prayer warrior intercessor. My heart is being renewed to pray for salvation for all mankind on earth. I wanted to believe that this covering was 1. A total worldwide outpouring of GOD’s agape love – unconditional love, love that requires a choice or 2. A supernatural protection and empowerment for intercessors and harvesters. No peace about this so HOLY SPIRIT led me to research “covering”. In Strong’s Concordance there are a few references to covering but the one quickened in my heart is Isaiah 50:3 –                                     I (GOD) clothe the heavens with blackness, and I make sackcloth her covering.                                                                                                                                                                                  The context of this verse is rebuke to Israel for unfaithfulness.                                                                                 ..clothe = to wrap          heavens = cloud level above the earth   blackness = mourning, darkness    ..sackcloth = mesh, coarse mourning cloth that allows liquid (tears) to run through                        ..covering = veil, garment

The word mourning hit me hard as we are in ever-increasing severeness of judgment. Ongoing Judgment is righteous but will be devastating resulting in much loss and sorrow. Mourning, grief is a painful attention getter.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  I sought solace in HOLY SPIRIT and HE led me to read in Genesis the section about the closed door on the ark. After rereading Genesis 6 and 7.  The focus seemed to be on Genesis 6:5-7 and Genesis 7:16-23.  HOLY SPIRIT brought to my attention there is no mention in these passages about Noah or his family mourning for over mankind that perished even their friends or family. After some thought it becomes apparent that Noah and his rescued family may have grieved some but they had much work to do tending to the care & maintenance of 1000’s of GOD’s creatures.  An admonition to the teachable is : Don’t be paralyzed by grief – cry some then get back to GOD’s business,  there is much to be done – multiple 1000’s to “rescue” into GOD’s Kingdom and to disciple.

(Given to Dr. R. W. Roberts)

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