Prophetic Word: Why Hasn’t The Rapture Happened Yet? Word Of Knowledge (Godshealer7)

Prophetic Word: Why Hasn’t The Rapture Happened Yet? Word Of Knowledge (Godshealer7)

Transcript from previous video referred to in this video:

“Daughter, reveal this mystery so all can hear. This has been concealed for these later days. When I created all things, I put these events in time. Time is not what you understand; You can move in time. Your perception of what things are is different than how things are. In the beginning, the serpent had a place in the Garden so that the offense that happen would happen to complete and fulfill my plan for humanity. I AM all knowing. The plan was to place individuals in specific positions as warriors, messengers, prophets, kings, and leaders of nations and battle men. This has been since the foundation. I have granted and allowed these people to be part of this plan.

As creator of all things good and evil, over the centuries there has been a struggle for power, all power comes from I AM. Now you approach the ending of what I have allowed your consciousness to absorb. Now I speak plainly. There are men on the earth that have made themselves gods and masters of many. They plan to join forces and subdue the innocent for their own personal gain. They will exploit the common man and destroy and terrorize the multitudes they govern.

Arise o daughter of Zion, you will be a stumbling block. The evil men will launch fire weapons at you, at your promised land, the land I gave to you in my covenant, with Abraham. You are a blessed nation. Anyone that comes against you will be destroyed. I am the Lord of hosts, the Lord mighty in battle. Time will stop as these events unfold. Not in the time of your understanding, but the time of the heavens. Kings of your Russia, Korea, China and Iran have prepared their fire weapons and will launch them against you. Arise my daughter of Zion, the end comes quickly. All Scripture will be fulfilled.”

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