Prophetic Word: Stiff Necked (Robin B.)

Prophetic Word: Stiff Necked (Robin B.)

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Stiff Necked (Robin B.)

Exodus 9:21 The Lord said to Moses, “I have seen these people, and behold, they are an obstinate people.”
Proverbs 28:14 How blessed is the man who fears always, but he who hardens his heart will fall into calamity.
Mark 6:52 For they had not understood about the loaves, because their hearts were hardened.
Hebrews 4:7 and He designates a certain day, saying in David, “Today, after such a long time, as it has been said, “Today if you hear His voice do not harden your hearts.”
Acts 7:51 You stiff-necked and uncircumcised in heart and ears! You always resist the Holy Spirit, as your fathers do, so do you.

Robin note: Upon awakening today I had a feeling that I had just had a dream , but I could not remember it. Do you know that feeling? So anyway, I laid in bed for a little while listening for the Lord, when I suddenly heard the word “earthquake” in my spirit. I did not hear this word in my head or near my ears. I have learned that those voices are in general demonic. The Lord speaks through our spirits. It takes time to learn this, but we are all works in progress, right?! So to continue, I waited for more but only that one word kept rolling around now in my mind. “Earthquake.” I then decided to get up and make coffee. Afterwards, I went back to bed. Hey it’s Saturday people! As I laid back in bed the message below started flowing from my Spirit. I pray we are all spiritually prepared for what is coming. Let us not be a stiff necked people who will suffer destruction.

  Message received at 8:53 a.m.

Earthquake. Hollywood earthquake is about to take place. One in the natural and one in the spirit. Many lives will be changed forever. Destruction shall devastate the rebellious. Many shall call out to me and I shall answer.
A tsunami. A tsunami so too shall happen. The waves shall roll again and again. Growing higher with progression. 
Those who think not that these things shall happen shall be overcome and be exceedingly regretful. 
Washing. A washing of My Spirit shall too move with the tsunami of judgment.
The two shall happen together. 
America shall be brought to surrender.
Come to Me My people before all these things happen. Coming under the protection of My wing is needful.

Robin note: Immediately after receiving this message, the Holy Spirit then brought the dream I had right before awakening to my clear memory.

Dream: I was standing looking out at the ocean through a sliding glass door that was halfway open in a motel room on the beach. Suddenly, I noticed a tall wall of beautiful blue green water approaching. When I saw the wall I warned the two other people in the room that it was coming. I have no recollection of who these two other people were. Right before the wall of water hit the beach and hotel, I closed the sliding glass door and hid behind the same wall that the sliding glass door was a part of. After the wall of water passed, I got up and looked and there was another wall coming. This happened several times. Once we were satisfied that all the tsunamis had passed we went downstairs. Note: The room we were in was not damaged. As we arrived at the street in the front of the hotel we looked around to assess the damage. There were people running around and I sensed complete confusion everywhere. We walked a short distance down the road which was perpendicular to the hotel. At this point, I turned to look back at the hotel, and on the beach side of the hotel, I saw another monstrous wall of water. I had no time to even think before the wall of water hit me. I was washed away with the force of the water, and I remember injuring my neck. Somehow I ended up on dry land, and I was rubbing the back of my neck. End of Dream.

Lord’s interpretation. Judgment is coming to a stiff necked people. These judgments will be consecutive and with increasing devastation. God’s judgments have purpose to bring people to Himself. They are not meant as punishment. We all must position ourselves to be under His wing of protection before the judgments arrive. He will protect those who belong to Him. Only the blood of His Son gives us protection. None of us are perfect or righteous apart from Him. All our righteousness is as filthiness to Him.

Robin note: I do not know if “Hollywood” is literal or symbolic in this dream. To me, it is a representation of false gods in our lives. Hollywood is associated with worldly glamour, the high life, fame, fortune, romance, and destruction of the innocents in my mind. Hollywood represents everything evil and nothing good to me.

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