Prophetic Word: “Brace Yourself For What Lies Ahead! Brace Yourself And Seek My Face Like Never Before” (Sandra Hide)

Prophetic Word: “Brace Yourself For What Lies Ahead! Brace Yourself And Seek My Face Like Never Before” (Sandra Hide)

“Brace yourself for what lies ahead! Brace yourself and seek My face like never before!”

On April 24, 2018, I saw a vision of a man who I felt was President Donald Trump.

A large serpent was thrashing around as Trump’s foot was on its’ neck. I believe this serpent was Leviathan, representing twisted and lies, how the enemy twists things, etc. It was wildly squirming and roiling trying to get free, wanting to take over. God, help us!!

Recently, I felt some things shifting in the Spirit realm as intercessors have been going into the “courts of heaven” and crying out to God to nullify word curses over our nation and our leaders who are trying to do the right thing in God’s sight.

On April 30, I heard, “Then comes the end.” I thought about how Jesus said the Gospel must be preached to all the world, then the end would come. Top Missionary Groups have said if things go as expected, the Gospel will have been preached/taught to every known people group by 2020, and that a written Gospel would be available to all peoples groups by 2024! That would be about the same time as the next major solar eclipse that is supposed to cross the US from the Southwest to the Northeast.

As I was praying on May 2, I was reminded it was almost 20 years ago in the summer of 1999 when the Lord talked to me about the “next Civil War”. He had led my husband and I with our kids to do an intercessory prayer trip around the country from Florida, up the East Coast, over across to Montana, down to AZ, then back to South Carolina. We were in our old motor home in Charleston, SC, where the Lord had led us to go down to the ocean to look at the Fort where the first shots of the Civil War were fired. Afterwards, we connected with a pastor in Charleston and helped with his church. During that time the Lord spoke to me about the “next Civil War”. I was puzzled because I did not see anything to that degree in our society at the time, but over the last 10 years (especially between 2008 and 2016), shocking and almost unnerving attacks have come against our country and our social fabric as never before in my lifetime.

As I was pondering this, the Lord said,

“It’s a civil war between good against evil, right against wrong, darkness against light – the civil war of the ages, because during the harvest, all comes to fruition – the wheat and the tares, the right and the wrong, the truth and the lies. And only those with eyes to see will be able to discern the difference. So, stay close to Me. Walk in My ways, trust and live in My word, for I AM GOD ALMIGHTY, and I WILL have a holy people!”, says the Lord.

I replied, “Lord, help us not to be deceived!”

Then He said, “If you walk in My ways and trust in My Spirit, you will NOT be deceived.”

God, help us all! Then, early this morning, May 7, as I was laying awake praying about 3 in the morning, the Lord said,

“There are some nefarious people groups in this country. They would totally destroy this nation, if I let them. Thus far, I have restrained them. However, My patience grows thin.”

As He said this, I saw the Him looking sad and weary over the nation. He continued…

“With all the sin and wickedness, My righteous judgment says to destroy this nation… but I see the Remnant. They are the reason I have not done so up to now. I also see all the babies and children, and although you (the United States) have destroyed so many of My babies through abortion, I still have mercy on the babies. Oh, that You, My people, would repent so no further judgment would come… but you would not. Therefore, judgment is coming! Brace yourself for what lies ahead! Brace yourself and seek My face like never before! Brace yourself!”

I cried, “Oh, Lord, have mercy on us!!

The Lord continued, “My righteousness demands judgment!”

I said, “Remember the Blood of Jesus, oh Lord, and your mercy! In wrath, remember mercy!

He then said, “My mercy is exhausted (!!) with this nation, but I remember the Remnant! People, DO the Word of the Lord!”

I am only a messenger, a “watchman on the wall”, and I wish I had many exciting and wonderful words to share like other prophets I hear saying how wonderful things are going to get, but I try to just share with you what God tells me, and I try to share it how He tells me. I definitely relate to Jeremiah, Ezekiel, John the Baptist, and many others, but I don’t claim to compare myself to them. They were amazing servants of God who were totally committed to God, and that is all I have endeavored to be for over 30 years, with God’s help and by His grace.

Please pray about these words I have shared and do as you see fit. For over 30 years, God has been giving me messages like this to share with His people, but The Church has not want to hear them. I still pray and intercede for God’s people and this country, in hopes they would REPENT, REPENT, REPENT, and turn totally back to God. I pray maybe God will continue to have mercy and help and heal our land. May the Lord bless and keep you.

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