Prophetic Vision: London, UK Underwater (KerryAnn Gidden)

Prophetic Vision: London, UK Underwater (KerryAnn Gidden)

Vision: London, UK underwater – Kerry-Ann Gidden

May 8, 2018

Hi guys I want to share this vision the Lord gave to me on May 4th 2018.

In this vision the whole city of London in the United Kingdom was under water. I saw people moving out the city to go on the outskirts of London even moving further away to live in the country area.

I saw two of my cousins that lives in London and one of them had a measuring scale in his hands. The scale was old and very vintage and contains 3 cups for measuring. He said to me that the scale has been measuring the level of water for many years but now its full and overflowing. He said the over flowing of the water in the scale represent the flooding of London.

The water in the measuring scale was very dirty and murky. As I looked the whole entire city of London was underwater. The vision then ended.

I went on google to see if I could find the measuring scale that my cousin was holding. Yes this scale does exists and it is called “SCALE OF JUSTICE OR JUSTICE SCALE”…


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