Prophetic Dream: President Trump Was In Danger (Liz Aple McCall)

Prophetic Dream: President Trump Was In Danger (Liz Aple McCall)

Dream: President Trump was in danger – Liz Aple McCall 

Liz Aple McCall

Sunday May 6, 2018

I just dreamed that I saw president trump and I knew he was in danger. I went to call 911 and when I dialed 911 it changed to 10:11. It would not go through. Then I saw Laura Bush and she was just smiling. End of Dream.

10 means weighed in the balance or trial and 11 means last or end.
Is this the end of Trump’s trial?
Or is this the end of his presidency?


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3 Replies to “Prophetic Dream: President Trump Was In Danger (Liz Aple McCall)”

  1. Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show web site just today had an article that said the president cancelled his South American trip a week ago because he was targeted for assassination. Dave does an excellent job in explaining all the evil forces that surround the POTUS including the Federal Reserve, the armed forces, Big Oil, the banksters and Big Business and the globalists a situation not dissimilar to what JFK faced when he tried to right the ship of state. The Fed told Trump that if we didn’t replace the regimes in Syria and Iran the dollar would collapse followed by our economy. That is why he went along with the bombing of Syria last week. Trump is now in their grasp and war is at the door. In a recent Henry Gruver You Tube Henry relates that the South Koreans told him that if America doesn’t hit N.K. with our largest nuke the North Koreans plan to set off a super large EMP above the USA within the year. I believe this will be the Ezekiel 38-39 War and America could be the collateral damage.

    1. Wow, that is interesting about what Henry Gruver related. You think No Korea will set off that EMP attack? Psalm 83 war now escalating and soon to be over.

    2. that is very interesting about what Henry Gruver related. So do you think No Korea will actually do this EMP this year or will they just be blamed for it?


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