Prophetic Dream: Antichrist & Bride Of Christ (Anonymous)

Prophetic Dream: Antichrist & Bride Of Christ (Anonymous)

Dream about the Antichrist and the Bride of Christ – Anonymous

The dream has three scenes

Scene 1:

I’m standing facing a panel of closed kitchen cupboards along a wall. I hear a voice (which seems to come from behind and in my left ear) ask/suggest “do you want to go to a party?”

I’m actually feeling pretty content standing in front of these cupboards. But somehow I know the voice isn’t actually talking to me. Somehow, it’s like I am seeing this through someone else’s eyes. I don’t recall having actually answered the question I was asked, but the next thing I know….

Scene 2:

I’m now in a car. Sitting in the passenger seat I look out my passenger window and realize I have no idea where we are. I don’t recognize this area. I turn to my left to gaze behind me out the rear window. I see that the City is not only behind us, but we are on the verge of leaving City limits. I realize the person whose eyes I am seeing through is in real trouble even though I don’t grasp how or why (yet.) I remember thinking to myself “I don’t even drink, and I don’t go to parties. Why am I in this car? Then another thought occurs, Parties usually involve drinks – but some parties charge money for drinks or have a cover charge and I realize for some reason I don’t have my wallet with me. I don’t have cash. I blurt out “will this party or the drinks cost money?”

I look over at the Driver as she responds (in a tone I don’t like one bit) “Of course there’s a cost. Did you think it would be free?” She didn’t turn her eyes or face while responding but I didn’t have to see her face to know that I needed to be very cautious.

This is the first time I have also seen the person that “invited” me to the party we are going to. This person isn’t easy to describe. The appearance seems female but something doesn’t add up. I also can’t glance at her long.

I am intentionally distracted and my gaze is re-directed at the car – there is a creepiness to this thing I can’t pinpoint. In hindsight, the interior and exterior is like a weird orange-ish red color. I know this vehicle is supposed to be a car but its like its other worldy and makes me unsettled – almost nervous.

I notice the driver frequently “meddles” with a nob on the ceiling of the car. Something about this bothers me, so I ask “what is that knob for?” Driver answers “better aerodynamics.” Outside the car, I see weird looking “spoilers” except these are actually on the sides of the car rather than on the back. It took me a while after the dream to figure out how to best to describe these – but they were made of “Air Puppet” Flag material (if you go to skypuppet dot com and look under “orange” this is close to the material that was attached to but flying alongside the car.)

Scene 3

We are in a bedroom. I am standing. There is a bed (Kingsized?) in front of me. The lady driver is on other side (I think there is a wall of mirrors behind her). The driver is naked (Thank God I am shielded from seeing details.) I am fully clothed.

Before crawling into bed, she attaches (clutches) something to her body (like a cell phone (?) to her chest area) then appears to lean over or (collapse) onto the mattress before pulling up the sheets. I remember watching all of this and feeling a sense of horror. I was fully clothed but knew I was supposed lay down. As I placed my body on the mattress I stayed as close to the edge as possible. Just as I pulled the covers up, something bizarre happened.

Alarms started going off in the room. It was like Mayhem. What happened next happened so fast these words don’t do it justice. The covers on the lady’s side “fly” off the bed she rolls out onto the floor like a gymnast “tumbling.” While she is still on her back she removes the phone attached to her body and points it directionally toward the wall of mirrors. In the same moment this all happens…I too have already arisen out of bed and am standing watching her. Right after she “cancels” the alarm she moves over toward the door (which I hadn’t seen previously and is now wide open.)

In front of the open door, this woman holds out her hand and I watch as a “Phallus” symbol (that is half the size of her body) appears out of thin air. It is now part of her body. I can’t tell if she is a she or if she is actually a he…now.

Just outside the door and behind her I see two males appear. The are scantilly clad wear only speedo style swim shorts.

As soon as I see them, I think to myself “I have to get out of here.”

Scene 3

Next thing I know, I am in what looks like a foyer but just outside of the bedroom from last scene. This room is fairly full. I see young and older. Male and female. I try talking to one of them but I don’t recall them responding. It seems like they are all looking in the direction of that room I was just in but it doesn’t seem like they are themselves. This scene kind of describes the memory.

I remember thinking I was not about to go into that room (bedroom) again but I knew everybody there waiting was about to go in. I knew they were going to do illicit things (Worship was among the things they would do.)

I didn’t think I could get anyone’s attention and warn them that would be a really bad idea – I just knew I couldn’t stay. That’s when I saw a completely open door off to my right. I saw the outside – it looked like there was a parking lot and a road.

End of Dream (because I woke up)

Initial interpretation received 3:50pm 4/2/18: “This dream is about the great Falling Away.”

Interpretation: The Lord has been giving it to me in bits and pieces over time. Most of it is disturbing (at least to me) but it is all pertinent to what’s ahead.

Kitchen cabinets: Lord’s provision (His provision – The Manna) will always be there for His Believers.)

Voice behind me: (enemy)

Car: methods enemy uses to distract us and the means he will use to deceive us (to go to “The Party”)

City in Rear View: Most of The Bride/Remnant/Wise Virgins will be relocated or moved in the days/hours ahead (when Rev 13 occurs) to safe houses or locations of Lord’s choosing. The Unwise Virgins – those without adequate oil and those not yielding to the Spirit will find themselves on a very difficult path because they are not listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Not recognizing the surroundings ahead: There will be places The Bride travels to she has likely never been. Places she will go that she may not recognize. The Bride/Elect has to trust Christ to be their GPS. The phones and devices you now have will not help you – The Word – The Ruach IS your SOURCE.

No Wallet: The enemy is a liar and the provision he offers has no value – Our wallets won’t help us (or for only a very short period of time.) The worst part is – There is no party. It’s a trick of deceit at a cost of the soul.

Spoilers: Indicative of enemy’s status as fallen angel – The “Air Puppet” symbolizes that he is Prince of the Air and he will utilize the beast as his puppet.)

Nob on car ceiling: she referred to this as being for better aerodynamics. So I looked up its definition:

Definition of aerodynamics

a branch of dynamics that deals with the motion of air and other gaseous fluids and with the forces acting on bodies in motion relative to such fluids

the qualities of an object that affect how easily it is able to move through the air

I think the aerodynamics in this case also refers to how the enemy “moves” about us, how he is about to “surface” (as described in Scene 2) and is another reference to “prince of the air”

The Bedroom: This is the exact opposite reference to Song of Solomon 1:4. The enemy’s ultimate goal is to get access to our temples to the Holy of Holies.

Nakedness: See Gen 3:10 & 3:7

Driver attaches device to her body. (this is indicative of the beast using

1) In the natural, on 5/4/18 during a conversation, someone uttered the words “You have to embrace technology.” Following that comment I replied, “I disagree. I don’t have to embrace what I don’t think is to our advantage.” (Or something to that effect)

2) Artificial Intelligence will be (and is being used) to further the enemy’s agenda

3) Cloning: Even as I update this interpretation, cloning is somehow related to the males in speedos. Seeing the driver – clustered – with these two guys at this door (“portal to hell” – “genetic manipulation” – “Sodom and Gomorrah.)

Naked Driver then collapsing on bed/laying down: wound to the body (Revelation 13:3) The Major Revelation/Interpretation of this dream came at 11:42pm on 5/3 (I just about fell out of my chair!)

The Driver being covered by blankets (Death)

The Alarms going off (there is something that happens here I can’t fully see. I think something has happened outside the building.) However, I do know that part of the reason Alarms are “triggered” is that The Driver was alerted that I was not one of sheeple – that I represented Christ’s Elect and I actually had POWER over him.

(Footnote: Power of HS Anointing has not fallen yet in dream but I’m under impression the alarm symbolizes that happening!)

That’s when she simultaneously “flew” out of bed as I also instantly arose (and not in my own power)

We weren’t intended to share the same bed because Light and Dark (Iron and Clay) don’t mix.

Driver Flying out of bed – Tumbling on the floor

1)Tumbling: Falling from heaven (representative of Luke 10:18)

2)Flying out of bed: Wound is healed

3)Removing the phone: A/C has incarnated The Beast

4)Phallus Symbol: The Beast arises

5)Speedo clad men: (Anti-Christ/False Prophet)

6) The Phallic symbol “arises” first and then joins forces with the two men and this is the first meeting of the “unholy trinity”

My needing to get out of there was indicative that The Bride/Elect will not be part of the Worldly System. God’s Army will have a job to do and there are a lot of soul’s at stake. We need to keep listening for our orders. Our instructions are forthcoming and we need to remain praying in the Spirit. At some point there may be many receiving directions that they need to “get out of there” and flee (as Lot was instructed to).

USE your prayer language! If you need to understand what your Prayer Language is and how it works – read Pastor Dave Roberson’s Book (Walk of the Spirit – Walk of Power)

1 Thessalonians 2:3

Daniel 7:25

Rev 13:4-9


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