Prophetic Dream 278: Jesus, Troubles & The Door Revisited (SparrowCloud9)

Prophetic Dream 278: Jesus, Troubles & The Door Revisited (SparrowCloud9)

Dream 278 – Jesus, Troubles and the Door Revisited

Received on Sunday, May 6, 2018


Dear Father,

Thank You for another day!  Thank You for all that we have.  Thank You for my husband, our children and our friends.  I cannot thank You enough for answered prayers.  I also know that Your unanswered prayers are blessings too.  This is because You know all things from beginning to end and therefore what is best for each of us.

My husband is now home.  According to the doctors at the hospital, his full recovery in such a short time was a miracle.  I cannot thank You enough for this.  Please, Father, continue to restore his strength and heal him supernaturally.

To go with all of the other ‘bad news’ (but not to God) we have had recently, I just found out about something else to be concerned about.  A mass has suddenly showed up on the left side of my brain.  This could even be one of the causes of the severe headaches I have had at times.

The other thing that is a bit unusual right now is that so many ‘personal’ doors are closing for us.  Oh Father, we love You with our whole heart and soul.  All that You have done for us has been nothing short of a true miracle.

We know that nothing is impossible for You.  Despite this, I am getting more and more tired with every round of trouble.  I keep thinking that it cannot get worse and then it does.  Father, please come quickly as only You can heal me.

Jesus:  “Erin, come up.”

In front of me was the same massive door as that which was in front of me in the last dream.  I was somewhat discouraged as the door that had been opened ever so slightly before was now once again completely shut.  This obviously did not ‘delight’ me.  As a reminder, this door has four panels, is made of very thick wood and has a bronze doorknob situated higher than my reach.

Just as I had last time, I sat down next to the door with my back against it, rested my hands on my cheeks, looked down at the ground and let out a massive sigh.  I then expected that Uriel would be with me immediately just like last time.  However, I instead remained here ‘on my own’ this time.  I decided to pray out loud.

Me:  “Father, this door is massive and once again closed to me.  I have never been so discouraged.  My hope is gone and my heart is sick.  Our entire household is ready to conform to Your Will again once You present us with an open door.

“Father, we have not been healed yet and I am growing tired of pain, illness and mobility issues.  I am growing tired of the barriers constantly being erected by the enemy’s hands.  There are so many things that impede me from freedom right now.  Why?

“Lord, I have repented several times for various things just in case I did not repent properly the first time.  I have repented for not having peace and joy while waiting for You.  I have even repented for feeling the need to repent for things already repented for.

“Father, all of us need a reboot of our brains.  Please fill our brains with good things.  Please replace our memories with good things.  Please grant us the supernatural ability to restore what has diminished in us.  May we be less of us and be more of You.

“Please refill us with Your healing water from the River of Life.  Please refresh and cleanse us, purifying us from that which is unholy.  Please breathe life into our old dead bones and place a new Spirit in us.  We sing ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ to You.  We recite the ‘Lord’s Prayer’ to You by using the Words You gave to us.

“Father, You have prepared us.  You have strengthened us during our times of great weakness.  You have provided a way for us where there has been no way.  Well, I am now knocking at Your door yet again.  By Your Words, ‘knock and the door shall be opened, seek and we will be found by You’.”

I took another sigh and knocked on the massive door.  It stayed stubbornly closed.

Jesus:  “I am so glad to see you continuing to knock at My door.”

I felt His hand on my shoulder and I leaped to my feet to hug Him.

Me:  “While I am so happy to be here with You again, I am not happy to see that this door is closed again.”

Jesus:  “This had been opened as part of My lesson on doors and is shut for now.  Do not be dismayed, Erin, as you knocked and I heard you.  Here I am, Erin!”

Me:  “While this is the case as this is Your Will, I was still hoping that You would have come through the previously opened door today.”  I pretended to pout.  “I want this door to be opened now!”

Jesus:  “I know, Erin.  Just remember that I remain with you, both here in Heaven and there on Earth.  While I know your feelings are hurt at times, know that all that is happening to you is for a purpose.  While you do not understand this now, you will understand this fully once you are changed.”

Me:  “Yes, Lord, but it is still hard on us while we wait for You.  While You call me friend and tell me that You love me, You still allow all of this trouble to fall on me.  Why?  I see doors closing and no doors opening.  Again, why?  Why has all of this been allowed?”

Jesus:  “It is not time yet.  Erin, the time has not come.”

Me:  “Oh no, not a time!  Please, Lord, not another year.  Oh no!”

Jesus:  “Do not worry, Erin.  Even though a ‘time’ can mean a year, sometimes a ‘time’ can be used to describe a measure of time in hours, minutes or seconds on a clock.”  He smiled.  “Does a clock not ‘tell time’?”

“Now, let us talk about the door in front of you that is once again shut.  The door before you is about to again be opened by Me.  You will not have to wait long for this.  This will not happen in a year or more, but now.

“You are disheartened right now as the last fifty days have been filled with troubles for you.  You have been judged, accused and weighed by many and even by some that call you friend.  You have also been the subject of gossip by these same people.  While you have also been a victim of theft, this list continues on and on.

“Erin, I have now taken you to the brink of what you are able to endure.  You have been made numb by the passing of so many ‘uncomfortable’ events.  You have been in shock by the many days in which bad news was followed by even worse news.  Despite all of this, Erin, here you are!  Despite this, you are still here with Me.”

Me:  Crying.  “Oh Lord, I just know that You were with me during these times.  I just know that, in my current condition, I would have never made it through these events all on my own.  I needed You.  Could You help me understand why this recent series of battles felt a bit different than my previous battles?”

Jesus:  “First off, make no mistake, Erin, that you have enemies that seek your death.  This has never stopped.  What you experienced is that I strengthened you to the point that these things were unable to penetrate your faith.  Erin, you still stood during these battles and storms even though you doubted at times.

“Please understand, Erin, that all of this was meant as a measure and meant for your good.  Your troubles had ramped up to such a degree that your youngest son even asked, ‘Why follow God?  Does He not continue to allow all of our troubles?’

“These questions showed how he is both wise and without understanding.  He then later showed himself to be of great faith when he stated that he understood that God is God over all thing and even over all events, whether ‘pleasant’ or not.

“Erin, does this scenario not remind you of what the wife of Job had said to Job?  Even when prompted by his wife to turn away from God, Job still did not curse or deny Him.  As Job did not deny Him, so too have you not denied Me.

“Now, when that door behind you opens again, Erin, you will be changed.  While you wait for this to happen, make sure to get your house in order.  Remember that the pool is about to open, understand?”

Me:  Crying.  “Thank You, Lord.  Even so, these last several months, but especially the last few weeks, have become too much for me.  I am scared, Lord.  If I am not healed or strengthened soon, I will not be able to accomplish all that You have said I would.

I also want to see our children, our friends and my husband healed.  I do not want to be subjected to the courts of the world anymore.  I want so much to live free like a citizen of Heaven, but here on Earth as well and for right now.”  I smiled.  “Remember, Lord, ‘on Earth as it is in Heaven’!

“Please teach me, Lord.  Please grant me the authority to heal others.  Oh please, Lord, pretty please!”

Jesus:  Smiling.  “Erin, you heard a choir of angels singing for an hour a few days ago while you were doing your earthly chores.  You then called your daughter and your husband to ask them if they heard it.  Were they able to here this too?”

Me:  “While I heard the choir singing clearly and loudly, both my daughter and my husband could not.  This was so odd for me to hear this so clearly on Earth that I guessed that perhaps that night would be my last night on Earth.”

Jesus:  Laughing.  “Hmm, yet here you still are and even now speaking of this.”

Me:  “Lord, it seems as if You are giving me many signs of various ‘closures’ these days.  These various closures have involved:

  • Two of our computers failing, one tower and one laptop
  • The car I have owned since 2011 to become in poor condition
  • My husband was in the hospital
  • My dog was sick
  • My husband’s close family member betrayed us in a variety of ways
  • There were at least five other events that occurred as well

“It seems like You are slowly removing things and have changed my desires.  Well, it really has not been that slow lately, Lord, as You have not let up.  Lord, why did You not let up on me?”

Jesus:  “I did, Erin, as each of these events could have been so much worse.  Even though these events were difficult, all that was lost will soon be restored, replaced and renewed.  Remember that My recompense is with Me, Erin, and that I am with you.

“Most of these events that came against you were small and will come to nothing.  Please do not worry, Erin, as I shut doors which cannot be opened and I open doors which cannot be shut.”  He then directed my attention to the massive door in front of me.  “This door is one that only I can open and the moment is at hand.”

I smiled as I looked at Him and then at my hand.  I formed my hand into a fist and started to knock on this closed door in desperation.  I could hear the Lord laughing good naturedly behind me.  I turned to Him and saw that His arms were now crossed as He laughed in amusement at my desire to speed things along.

Jesus:  Smiling.  “So, Erin, how is that working for you?  Just remember that I am always there with you.  Oh yes, I should also let you know that I am the door you are knocking on right now.”

We laughed together as I then pretended to knock on Him.  After doing so, I then looked behind Him in an ‘exaggerated fashion’ as if the door had just opened.

Me:  Smiling.  “I love You, Lord.  Please do not wait too long.”

Jesus:  “I will not.  I am here with you even now.  I am here with you right now with the door shut and I will be here with you once this door opens…”  He then laughed.  “…perhaps to push you through it.”  I laughed in response.

Me:  “I might need You to do just that.”

Jesus:  “Do not worry, Erin, as My promises remain unchanged and have not been revoked.  Take heart, Erin, take heart.”  He reached over and hugged me.

Me:  “I love You, Lord.”

Jesus:  “I love you too, Erin.  Do not worry, Erin, as I am here and My recompense is with Me.”

Dream over…

SparrowCloud9 (Erin)

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