NEWS: Lava Still Spewing Out Of Volcano, Signs Of Economic Collapse Everywhere, Iran Warns US, 5G Wins Approval & More

NEWS: Lava Still Spewing Out Of Volcano, Signs Of Economic Collapse Everywhere, Iran Warns US, 5G Wins Approval & More

Why Was Paul Ryan Forced to Resign?

Fountains of lava from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano spew up to 300 FEET high, destroying dozens of homes and filling the air with toxic fumes as it shows ‘no signs of slowing down’ SQ-LOOK AT THE LINE OF CARS EVACUATING

Gold Is Leaving the Country and Economic Collapse Signs Are Everywhere-What Should One Do?

Fountains of lava from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano spew up to 230 FEET high, destroying 21 homes after 2,000 residents were forced to evacuate and toxic fumes fill the air

MUST WATCH:Brazen Plot To Exonerate Clinton’ Starting To Seep Out Daily Caller Interviews -Joe DiGenova

‘You will soon see the historic remorse’: Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani delivers threat to Trump, declaring the US would regret it ‘like never before’ if he quits nuclear deal

Wikileaks Dumps Hillary Email Exposing Her Ordering US Diplomats to Steal DNA from UN Leadership;SQ-THINK OUT OF THE BOX ON THIS ONE-NOW WHY WOULD SHE WANT THEIR DNA? CLONE AND REPLACE OR ?????

Samsung 5G Home Router Wins FCC Approval Ahead of Verizon’s 2018 Launch. Now Verizon Should Stop Installing Risky 5G Small Cell Towers in Front of Homes and Everywhere Else – But They Won’t.

The UN Is Behind the Deadly 5G Rollout In America :Coincidence vs. Conspiracy Theorist?

STRANGE TRUMPET SOUNDS CONTINUE—Is The US Government Preparing A Secret Underground Apocalypse Bunker? Hell Enlarging Itself? Or Are Angelic Trumpets Warming Up For ‘The Great Tribulation’Period?

Emotional moment former choirboy, 76, who was raped by a nun when he was 12 is reunited with the long-lost daughter his predator gave birth to 62 years ago 

Australia has less than 50 days of fuel left in its reserves as experts warn the situation will only get WORSE 

Boy, 13, who fractured his skull in seven places is hailed a miracle child for ‘coming back to life’ after doctors predicted he would be a ‘vegetable’ and his parents signed papers to donate his organs

Euthanasia drug in dog food: Court documents reveal new information :Earlier this year, an ABC7 investigation exposed the drug and prompted the recall of more than 107 million cans of pet food.



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