Urgent Prophetic Word: You Will Mock Me No Longer-Sound The Alarm (Ms. Sophie)

Urgent Prophetic Word: You Will Mock Me No Longer-Sound The Alarm (Ms. Sophie)


Mock, Mock, Scoff, Scoff! Did I not say I would shake everything that can be shaken? I AM is shaking nations to its core like never before. My eyes are full of fire and burning with fury for your refusal to repent to Me. I am about to rattle your cages oh you stubborn people! I will force you to see it has always been Me, the Almighty One, that is in control.

Weeping, wailing, sorrows so great and this is only the beginning of what you will go through.

Did I not say I would do what I said I would do? You ignored the warnings-now you will pay for your ignorance, your mockery. You have not prepared—you shall be overcome.

Anguish, fear, the new way to live as you go into captivity. Those that have not returned to Me will fear the most.

Unbelieving, lukewarm, comatose people, I will wake you up! Dead people in dead churches remain dead—no eyes to see nor ears to hear—they made their decision. Death, Death, Death—none to save you for it was only I, Yahushua HaMasiach, that can save you.

War, disease, pestilence—new way to live coming upon you, oh wicked generation!

Invasion, foreign soldiers in the mix, Martial law, FEMA camps all waiting for your arrival—NO way out, NO escape!!

Will you mock Me now; laugh at those I sent your way to warn? You think you can wallow in your sins and test Me, a Holy God and not pay? I do the testing, I bring the chastisement, I bring the sword against you! No longer will you keep me in your fantasy box of who I am.

I am a CONQUEROR, STRONG AND MIGHTY WARRIOR! Now you shall see the severity of a Mighty King!

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy—NO Mercy on the wicked who deny, reject Me! Pray for Mercy—My judgments fall. Pray for mercy as you watch My Power take hold!

Darkness all around you first, then the light, My Light, all will see. Miracles, healings will then ensue. First—darkness, wailing, lamentation will be heard.

Persecution, Martyrdom, Pale Horse all going forward at My Command!

Repent, Return or Perish! Your days are numbered! You will NOT inherit entry into My Kingdom if you do not repent! DO YOU HEAR ME NOW?

Sound the Alarm, child, sound the alarm! I AM is done with these obstinate people who desire to live as they wish. My eyes will NOT spare, I will NOT relent! The Fear of God about to fall on these wicked nations.

America, I detest you! I look forward to destroying you!

I, saith the Lord, have spoken. All is in motion. Oh, how I LOATHE you America!

Time for all to see I AM THAT I AM will NO longer be mocked. Judgments upon you oh wicked evil generation!

Time to strip you of all your luxuries! I gave you plenty of time—you laughed. Now you shall mourn! Only in your mourning will some of the lost be found. Others will curse Me, deny, reject Me all to be forever sent to the place of torment forevermore. FOOLISH, FOOLISH, FOOLISH people—you choose unwisely!

DONE—ENOUGH–Laughter turned into mourning! Only those who truly repent will I save—rest I will say: Away, away with you, I never knew you!

Are you ready Oh nation of vipers to reap what you have sown? You will mock and test Me no longer!!!

NO Peace ‘til I return. I gave My all—you give Me nothing—NO love for Me. I died for you. My life was precious yet I laid it down for you. My sacrifice means nothing to most of you. No songs of praise, no love for Me.

I cried, interceded for you—still no thankfulness. You want Me to do everything for you but where is the heart that I can rest on? Where is My resting place? How many opened their hearts to Me? TOO FEW. You grieved My Spirit. You live as you wish even though I showed all how you were to walk. NO desire to walk with Me.


Yahushua HaMasiach, the Conquering King!

(Given To Ms. Sophie on 5/6/2018 to be released right away)

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7 Replies to “Urgent Prophetic Word: You Will Mock Me No Longer-Sound The Alarm (Ms. Sophie)”

  1. Ms. Sophie,
    This is the most severe word ever. It makes PERFECT sense and reminds me of His responses to ancient Israel before they went into captivity. Depravity in this nation cannot go much further. I deeply repent for my own sins and those of my nation.

  2. Ms. Sophie,
    Is this the first word you received with no Scripture given?
    Does this mean HE is near the END of WARNING?

    1. Peggy, when there is an urgent stern warning he does not always put scripture with it. Look at HolySpirit Wind’s site and you will see most of his do not have scripture back up on them. Did Bette’s stern warning have Scripture with it? NO………….people need to stop thinking it has to ALWAYS have Scripture to it. The Word itself can simply line up with Scripture or the times we are in. Peace…..

  3. Ms. Sophie,
    My intent was not to question in any way, but simply to observe that perhaps the lack of Scripture reference this time was an indication of severity. This is the problem with written communication. The true intent of the writer (in this case, me) may not be accurately communicated/discerned. I meant nothing more than to support your word. My motivation is never division. IF I disagree, I keep quiet.

    1. It is fine and I wasn’t offended by it and just wanted to clarify it not just to you but others also. No problem Peggy. Peace and love always my friend.

  4. This afternoon at work (somewhere between a little before, and after 3:00 [Eastern Time], Thursday, May 10, 2018) the Fire Alarm went off. I thought of THIS Word, and that of Pastor Benjamin Faircloth’s (also titled, Sound the Alarm) when it happened (while the alarm was ringing loud, for a long time [that is, until one of the Firemen figured out how to shut it / turn it off]).

    1. another friend of mine said that her fire alarm in her house went off and would not shut off even when the batteries were taken out.


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