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Sunday, 06 May 2018 01:35

Scientists from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) have contacted me regarding a staggering development taking place right now during the eruption of the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii: An area of land on the south flank of the volcano known as the “Hilina Slump” – about the size of Manhattan – is moving and could BREAK OFF into the ocean, sending a Tsunami toward the west coast with 100+ foot waves moving at 500 miles per hour. Cities like San Diego, Los Angeles and others could be wiped off the face of the earth.

They say the bosses at USGS know about this and are intentionally concealing it from the public for fear of causing a panic. Media outlets in Hawaii and in Los Angeles have allegedly been specifically told not to say anything . . . yet . . . for the same reason.

I am breaking this story.

As most of the civilized world knows by now, the Kilauea volcano on the south side of Hawaii’s big island, began erupting earlier this week.

Prior to the appearance of lava at the surface, hundreds of small earthquakes were felt. Then the quakes got bigger. A magnitude 5.6 struck Thursday evening and a strong Magnitude 6.9 was a sort of announcement by the volcano that it was time to blast off. This map from the USGS web site, shows the location of the Magnitude 6.9 quake and the rings indicate how far away the quake was felt:

Within minutes of that M6.9 quake, 2,000 degree lava began shooting out of the ground — over 100 feet into the air — through cracks in roads up to 12 miles away from the volcano crater! The lava quickly set homes ablaze.

Roads became impassable:

The lava is destroying everything in its path:

The lava is not stopping. Other roads are now cracking open with super-heated steam and toxic gases spewing out:

Evacuations were ordered, with more than ten thousand people told to flee for their lives.

But this is far from the worst of it. While all this shaking and spewing is taking place, the land atop all this lava activity is literally moving toward the ocean. Specifically, an area of land about the size of Manhattan in New York City, called the “Hilina Slump” is not only moving, deep cracks are appearing which SOME geologists fear are indications the Hilina Slump is going to BREAK OFF of the island, and fall into the ocean in one giant splash.

The Hilina Slump is an area of about 5,000 cubic miles of dirt and rock. If it breaks off and slides into the ocean (as has happened 60 times in the past elsewhere in the Hawaiian islands) a Pacific-wide-Tsunami would be generated, hitting the U.S. west coast with waves over 100 feet tall moving at 500 miles per hour.

San Diego, Los Angeles and other major cities would be wiped off the face of the earth.

This is a geological map of the Kilauea Volcano showing the Hilina Slump:

The Hawaiian Islands are home to the largest documented shoreline collapse in history, an ancient seaward landslide that sent rocks from the island of Oahu to sites more than 100 miles offshore. The avalanche of debris from the northeast shore of Oahu probably occurred between 1.5 and 3 million years ago, and it undoubtedly created one of the largest tsunamis in Earth’s history, a wave large enough to inundate every coastline of the northern Pacific Ocean.

Today, geologists are saying that seismic and tectonic forces are creating the potential for a similar disaster on the southeast shore of the big island of Hawaii, near Kilauea volcano. The world’s most active volcano, Kilauea is continually growing larger. At the same time, its seaward flank is moving toward the Pacific, currently at the rate of about 10 centimeters per year. Kilauea’s movement takes several forms. Layers of lava and sediment atop the mountain are pulled down by the force of gravity. The entire mountain itself also moves slowly out to sea as magma derived from deep within the earth’s mantle intrudes into the core of the volcano.

“From previous studies, we know that Kilauea is the site of an active landslide, the Hilina slump, which has moved in historic times,” said Julia Morgan, assistant professor of Earth Science at Rice University in 2003. “We now recognize that Kilauea also experienced a catastrophic landslide in the past, possibly within 25,000-50,000 years, which is quite recent in geologic terms.”

The 10-by-15 mile Hilina slump is now partially detached from the seaward flank of Kilauea, and a candidate for catastrophic collapse.

The Volcano is moving!
While there is no real consensus on why Hawaiian volcanoes move, the fact is that they do move. One of two things can happen when you apply enough force to move a volcano; neither is particularly good.

First, the volcano can move or slide fairly easily along its base. Generally the movement is relatively continuous, however a bit of sticking here and there can generate some rather large earthquakes. That’s what we’ve had this week with Kilauea. Sticking, then earthquakes.

The structure that results from this type of movement is called a “slump.” Generally, a large block of the volcano slides coherently and stretches the volcano. Because the block is lengthening, it must also get thinner. The result of this is a set of cuspate normal faults near the head of the slump. The blocks on the seaward side of the fault drop downward due to the fact that the moving block is thinner.

The Hilina slide on the southern side of Kilauea is an excellent example of a slump. The large “palis” or cliffs on the south side of Kilauea are the tops of the extensive fault system at the head of the Hilina slide. The faults downdrop blocks towards the coast over 2000 feet in places. The downdropped coastal side of the fault blocks are probably tilted back towards the rift zone, but have been filled in by numerous lava flows making them slope very gently (about 1 degree) towards the ocean.

During the 1990’s, Kilauea was moving an average of about 10 cm a year seaward. This is a lot of movement for such a large object. This is a lot of ground to break and as you can imagine it results in some pretty large earthquakes. The last time that this appears to have happened was in 1868 and the result was the M8 Kau Earthquake.

Second, the volcano can get stuck and suddenly release, causing a massive earthquake and landslide. The Hilina Slump is said to be “the most rapidly moving tract of ground on Earth for its size.” The Hilina Slump can move much faster. At 4:48 AM, November 29, 1975, a 37-mile-wide section suddenly dropped 11½ feet and slid seaward 26 feet. The result was a magnitude-7.2 quake and a 48-foot-high tsunami around Hawaii. This was a minor movement of the slump. If the entire 4,760-cubic-mile block broke off, (as some geologists who spoke with me today believe may take place) it would probably create a magnitude-9 quake and a tsunami 1,000-feet high.

All the coast-hugging cities of the Hawaiian Islands would be swept away. And LOOK OUT Australia, Japan, and California.

(SOURCE: Napier, A. Kam; “Landslide,” Honolulu, p. 28, February 1997. Cr. H. DeKalb.)

Tsunamis travel at jet speeds on the deep, open, ocean and have such small amplitudes that ships rarely notice them. Only when they reach shallow water as they approach land, do they slow down and reach monstrous sizes.

It is about 2500 miles from Hawaii to Los Angeles. Given that Tsunamis travel at about 500 MPH, the ten million people living in and around L.A. would have between four and five HOURS to evacuate the entire city once the Hilina Slump collapses into the ocean. How the hell do you evacuate ten million people in 4 to 5 hours?

And that’s just Los Angeles. What about the other large cities on the west coast: San Diego? San Francisco?

The fact that certain bosses at the USGS have told their subordinates not to reveal the magnitude of what’s happening right now in Hawaii for fear of causing a panic is, in one aspect, noble. But the other aspect is HOW DO YOU EVACUATE TEN MILLION PEOPLE IN FOUR TO FIVE HOURS?

Quite simply, you don’t. It cannot be done.

This is a brief, four minute video showing what would happen if the Hilina Slump falls off the Kilauea Volcano into the ocean. The story, with some important advice, continues below the video:

I want to be explicitly clear to all the folks on the west coast: At this time, there is NO tsunami and that may remain the situation. There is NO NEED TO PANIC or to evacuate at this time.

Yet, given the fact that officials in Hawaii and at the US federal level already know the Hilina Slump is moving and they are not telling anyone, it seems to me (as a reasonable person) the concealing of this information is not a wise decision.

Folks along the west coast should have a plan. If an evacuation order comes out, you’d better know at that instant where you’re going and how you’re getting there because believe me, when ten million other people find out they have to run for their lives or be killed by a tsunami in four or five hours, it will be utter, unimaginable, chaos.

Again, there is no need to panic, or to evacuate now. But be acutely aware of what is taking place right now in Hawaii because if the part of the Kilauea volcano called the Hilina Slump collapses into the ocean, you will be lucky to escape with your lives once an evacuation order is given.

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  1. You are lying because USGS has no idea when where or how that chunk of land sitting on a cliff’s edge will do what you have stated and they are not trying to conceal it from the public. It is idiots like you who put out this GD hysteria that the press bought into that has everyone jumpy. The Helina Slump can only slide into the ocean if the depths of the magma can accurately be determined. At the date you have posed this, it was far too early to make any type of factual determination as to this supposed catastrophe. We vacationed there between May 10th and the 21st, and no one was talking about this because it was not something they worried about. You were so quick to publish your hysteria you forgot to examine the details and the logic of what you heard.

    1. Frances Sturgill cannot answer you on here but USGS has lied about many things in the past and present and that has been brought up by others and not just her. Did she make an error here? I don’t know for sure but most people don’t have a clue what goes on in their own nation, cities or towns. They could care less. Look at here in America. They have no clue so calm down please. If you look at MrMBB333 and even I think Dutchsinse has mentioned USGS does not mention some things at all. Better to be warned than not to be warned and what is going on in Hawaii is not getting better at the moment. God Bless you and thanks for commenting. Like I said, others have mentioned the problems with USGS so she is not alone. Much love to you.

  2. Before I can even give any consideration to anyone’s words, I need to know who they are and I can find nothing on Frances Sturgill. Who is this person that the USGS would be reaching out to contact them with such sensitive information if it is so secret?

    1. All I can say is, she’s a watchman with inside information. If that’s not good enough for them, too bad. I don’t reveal info about sources, or they won’t trust me anymore.

      If she wants to reveal more about herself she will. People can use discernment (and should) and can do their own research (and should) and believe who and what they want to believe.

      That’s my answer.
      (this is from the man that sent me this information to post about Tsunami coming to west coast-I asked him to reply so here it is for you)

  3. Well so much for USGS keeping it all secret except to the special mysterious loose lipped Frances Surgill. Considering Hawaii is almost 2,500 miles away from California I doubt your news is credible.

    1. wow, people sure do get mad thinking something cannot happen. Some of it has gone into the Pacific Ocean already and of course, it can hit the west coast 2,500 miles away. God can do anything He wants to and California is deep in sins and promotes anything and everything that is against God. God is about to pour more redemptive judgments out and California is not exempt. It is to wake up the people there to turn back to Him and repent. Don’t get so upset about it. Much is going to happen there and all over the USA. Peace to you.

      All I can say is, she’s a watchman with inside information. If that’s not good enough for them, too bad. I don’t reveal info about sources, or they won’t trust me anymore.

      If she wants to reveal more about herself she will. People can use discernment (and should) and can do their own research (and should) and believe who and what they want to believe.

      That’s my answer.
      (this is from the man that sent me this information to post about Tsunami coming to west coast–I know him well & he too gets inside information at times)

  4. Sounds like something youtube Paul Begley would spin to get views. I for one get tired of these tin foil hat theories. Just look at youtube and all the doom and gloom videos with dates going back years ago that never happened.

    1. Not sure why you are upset over this since it was just warning that a slump could fall into the ocean and travel? I DO NOT see any dates mentioned except about something that happened in 1975
      but that was just stating fact. This volcano is still spewing a/o having larger fissures and that possibility still remains that it will travel and destroy parts of California. Either way,
      if you look at future google maps you will see that California is NO longer there. Wonder why that is? No need to get upset over this but to just be aware that it is a real possibility.

  5. Just listening to your video on you tube and how far you go with your judging according to your personal beliefs I think your lost. You talk about our President as a false profit? This is a guy that does the job of Commander and Chief for free? The same leader that starts every meeting with prayer? The same leader that is trying to put God first and prayer back into schools? What got me is the way you talked about the American Indians as though there devils. This is exactly what your kind promoted when they arrived here long ago. You brought Hell in the form of your religion and you brought death both by genocide and a religion the condemns on the basis of race! Personally you are nothing more than a young zealot in your group. If your elders and followers are like you then your all ignorant racists carring a cross equal to the KKK. Read carefully the word of God especially the books of Paul. He was one that talked to all churches and tried to unifie them saying we have the same love for Jesus Christ so why don’t we get along. He taught against Cathlicism and good works saying that there is no need and impossible to please God without JC. Warning to you…he did not judge them to Hell because of there belief…he came with love.
    But then you pull up scientific facts about volcanos in Hawaii and use the facts of science to what purpose? To use fear behind Gods judgement . no one and I mean no one is going to listen to a religious zealot like you. You stand for racism.


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