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Prophetic Dream: You Will Know Who Has The Mark Of The Beast By The Spirit (Patti Young)

Prophetic Dream: You Will Know Who Has The Mark Of The Beast By The Spirit (Patti Young)

Dream: You Will Know Who Has the Mark of the Beast by the Spirit – Patti Young

 Patti Young    April 29, 2018

The Lord gave me a dream in the early
hours of this morning. I am gifted more
with visions, I see things always have
visions, but have probably had about
5 or 6 significant dreams in the last 6

I was with another person and we
were high up on a mountain top, and we
started to come walking down towards
the valley. I said to the other person
with me, I am so thirsty the climb up
this mountain has been very hard I want
something to drink, but there was no
where to drink because we were out
in the wilderness. Strange, I’m coming down the back side of this mountain there was a machine that held drinks in it, but I looked through my purse, I had no money to buy a drink. I continued down the back side of this mountain I saw two men, probably in their thirties, one was a regular sized man and an- other was the size of a dwarf. I noticed they had a backpack and they were
doing their laundry which was strange,
I knew there was a machine to do their
laundry and and I knew everything they owned was in that backpack. |
said to them, do you have any money
for the machine so that I could buy a
drink l’m thirsty And the small that was
a dwarf brought his hand up to me and
said, i dont have any money but I
can get you a drink. l stood in wonder
of what he was saying, then he lifted
up his right hand to me and showed
me his middle finger. l didn`t see
anything at first, but then he pressed
the finger and it light lit up in his nail
bed, and what l saw was a barcode
with a hunch of other numbers on lt
He dldn’t know, but my heart started
to pound very hard, l knew that he had
the mark and he could buy or sell and
he could get anything he wanted. Then
the Lord showed me that’s how he
was doing his laundry, he was paying
with the barcode , When I looked at him
asked him if l can take a picture of it?
Then l felt a complete uneasiness
Coming from him, somerhing started
to rise in him, but he told me yes, he
said why do you wanna picture of this?
l said my daughter is an RN, a nurse l‘m,
just amazed at how they do this and how lt works. I want in show her so. He then touched that middle finger and the light came on, a barcode and other numbers I
snapped a picture i told him thank you
I didn’t want a drink from him, I would
be on my way. l noticed when he and
his parter were doing the laundry it
was all clean, but then they were laying
their clean clothes on the dirt, the dust
Of the earth, folding them and putting
them back in their backpack.

The Lord showed me these things about this dream. Their outside they look like
mere men, when he pressed the light
On in me finger and l saw me barcode
I sensed and saw a demonic forces
rise up in him, he was not himself, i
knew it, i could see with my spiritual
eyes but I remained calm and didn’t
let him know that i knew who he was,
The Lord showed me that on the
outside in the days they are to come,
that men will look l like any other
man, but they have been marked and
they will be around us, but only by the spirit will you desern the marked ones. The Lord was revealing it me his mark because
it was hidden, you couldn’t see it,
you didn’t know it was there until his
frnger was lit up, the significance of
me mark being on the middle finger
was showing they had put there finger
up to God, and all that he stood for,
they wanted no part of him, they had
made (their choice and this is what
they wanted. The other thing the Lord
snowed me, is they were entering up
the back way, coming up the back of
the mountain trying to come up to the
Holy mountain where me Remnant
will be. You have to recognize your
enemy, you must know your enemy.
and in the days ahead you will only
know them by discernment, very, very
sharp discernment. There is no other
way that you will know them you can
not see them with your natural eye.

When l was a small girl 8 years old, I
was walking to the bus stop, and than
I saw a small dwarf like demon, lt
was a demon and it looked at me

I knew that it was a demon, it followed
me to the bus stop. It got on the bus
with me and sat on the seat by me. I
remember to this day I was so afraid, I was scared because his demon was following me, I could see it and nobody else could and I couldn’t tell anybody about this demon. This dwarf that I saw in my dream was the same thing the Lord brought back to my memory of what I saw as a young girl at 8 years old. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities, ” even now we are vessels of the spirit of God or vessels of this world with demons flesh, most of the flesh on
the earth today is nothing more than
manifested demons. The earth is
filled with all of its wickedness, these
are sons of their father by taking the
mark they identified who they belong
to and when the mark has been taken
by the flesh, the demons wiII rise up
and will occupy them. Remember the
word of God tells us to beware of man,
I don’t remember the Lord telling us to beware of the man. I don’t remember reading any-where in the Bible the Lord telling us to be afraid of the nephilum or
hybrids or giants or aliens. When you go to the scripture it tells us over and over again, to beware of man. God never said to beware of all these other things. You have to remember, the beast that is soon
to arise is a man. He is a host with
the in dwelling of satan, the dragon,
who will give him his power. Always
remember we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but principalities and powers, the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of satan.


Prophetic Word: Another Door For Has Just Been Opened And No Man Will Shut It (HolySpiritWind)

Prophetic Word: Another Door For Has Just Been Opened And No Man Will Shut It (HolySpiritWind)

Another Door for War has Just Been Opened and No Man will Shut It – Holy Spirit Wind

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Holy Spirit Wind                Another Door for War has Just Been Opened and No Man will Shut It

Received 4-28 through 4-30-18

My son, I have told you and many other watchmen and prophets that judgement is coming to your nation (America) and to the whole earth. Indeed it is already touching many countries but it will touch all of them. I have been warning some for so long that now their minds are numbed to My warnings. You must realize that there are some of My lost sheep who have never heard My warnings yet, so I continue sending them out. All of you must realize that war is going to be your reality very soon. A shift in the spiritual realm has occurred once again and now it is manifesting in the physical realm. I tell you now, another door for war has just been opened and no man will shut it.

My children, I want you to come humbled and broken before me so that you can hear what I am saying. When you come before me thinking you know anything, you cannot receive what I am saying. Do not come before Me with your own preconceived ideas. My knowledge far exceeds yours and you know nothing, except for what I allow to be revealed to you. Do not think that you have it all figured out because you haven’t even scratched the surface. The term “tip of the iceberg” does not even cover what you don’t know. What you know is more like one snowflake of the iceberg. What you know is like one grain of sand and all the deserts of the world. What is like a drop of water in all the oceans, rivers and lakes of this earth. What you know is like the small blue spec of a planet on which I have placed you, compared to the trillions and trillions of galaxies and planets that are in the ever expanding universe in this realm. Yes, there are other realms as well, more than you can imagine or even know if I told you. There is so much more that you can’t even begin to imagine because I have not allowed it to be known. Yes, the evil men of this world think they know much and they are prideful and they think that they are gods. I will show them who exactly is the most high God! I AM that I AM!

I tell you this day that the warnings are coming to an end. I have told you that you are days away from the kick-off event and I have not relented or changed my mind. Just because you think “days” should mean one thing, it does not mean that I follow your rules of thinking. You should follow mine. Look in the scriptures, did I not tell My prophet Daniel a timeframe of 2300 days?(Daniel 8:14) Did I not tell him again timeframes of 1290 and 1335 days?(Daniel 12:11-12) You would do well to read these passages so that I may give you understanding. You know nothing as you ought to know but if you ask I will give you a small part of My wisdom and knowledge if you ask me humbly, with the right motive in your heart. Why would you limit Me when I say something happening in “days” to just a few months? You must not try to figure these times out through man’s wisdom because it cannot be done. This is how doctrines of demons and men have come to infiltrate My body. Be patient, what I have said will take place when I say they will. When these judgements do take place most will wish they had more time but time will be NO MORE!

Once again My children, look to Israel and you will see that time is moving ever faster and it is very short. A hook has been placed in the jaw of Israel’s enemies and they will now begin to try to destroy her. I will allow her to chastised by her enemies but she will not be utterly destroyed. She will cry out to Me and I will hear and I will defeat her enemies. I shall protect The house of Israel and the tribe of Judah for they are My own chosen people. They have strayed away but they will come back to Me and know that I AM the Messiah that they have been waiting for. The wicked shall be deceived and follow the beast but My elect shall not follow another. For they KNOW Me and I KNOW them.

Come close to Me and do not be afraid, My perfect love casts out fear!

Jesus Christ

Yahushua Hamashiach


Prophetic Vision: The Enemy That Are Marked By Satan Will Try To Enter Into Places Of Refuge God Has Chosen….. (Patti Young)

Prophetic Vision: The Enemy That Are Marked By Satan Will Try To Enter Into Places Of Refuge God Has Chosen….. (Patti Young)

Vision: “the enemy that are marked by satan will try to enter into places of refuge God has chosen, places of safety that God is and has been preparing for his people” – Patti Young 

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Patti Young

April 29, 2018

While doing dishes tonight the Lord showed me the enemy that are marked by satan will try to enter into places of refuge God has chosen, places of safety that God is and has been preparing for his people. The Lord told me that they will try to enter in, and will say “please let me come in, for I am hungry and I am thirsty and I am blind and poor and naked.” Only discernment with the mind of Christ and the spirit of God will show you the these are of the enemy😔

Revelation 3:17 KJV
Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:

The Truth May Surprise You! (Jason A.)

The Truth May Surprise You! (Jason A.)

He was a blood sacrifice for the Queen of England.
Wow, read the lyrics of this young man’s song; he was exposing pedophilia in this song. Was he raped himself as a teen? we will never know or did he see things that disturbed him. Many of these people turn to drinking and drugs to forget the horrors of what they saw or went through. I don’t believe this man committed suicide after reading his lyrics here. I pray he was saved during his last moments on earth.
Tears to Heaven; What is this my eyes behold? A well of sorrows, hurting souls. Oh my heart swelling in my chest. A never ending well of tears springing forth from my eyes. An overwhelming sadness is upon me. Tremendous weeping fills my soul. I see, I feel heartbreaking sadness. Who hears my cries?
Tears to Heaven; Show me Your heart Oh My Father. Can I comprehend? Will I crumble into countless pieces? How deep is the darkness? I tremble and quake at the very thought. Oh my Father how can anyone seek this darkness? Tears fall from my eyes. Who hears my cries?
Tears to Heaven; The innocence of youth, stolen away. Oh the children, we must pray. Behind closed doors the wicked work in darkness, but forever known are their evil ways, for my Father see’s the filthiness of those hands, working wickedness in His sight. My mind cannot conceive this horror. Who hears my cries?
Tears to Heaven; Hearts break, silent screams of agony. These who are innocent, meek, battered, and broken. No one sees your face. Who remembers your name? Starving and naked, alone and afraid. Hiding your face in shame. Who hears my cries?
Tears to Heaven; Shrouded in darkness, broken, bleeding, wounds cry out for healing. I’m dirty, unclean, sorrow surrounds me, lost in the shadows. Hiding within to numb the pain. Who hears my cries. Tears to Heaven; Suffering in silence, who hears these muffled cries? Invisible icy hand covers my face. Suffocating, crushing life out of me, nightmarish torments of agony. A dead world, deafened ears hear not my cries. Each lost in chains of darkness. Awakened in a nightmare. Lost, forsaken. Days seem as an eternity. Who hears my cries?
Tears to Heaven; Broken flesh, weeping eyes, crushed in Spirit, who am I. Darkness consumes, sinking, shattered, utter devastation consumes this hollow shell, this is loneliness, isolation, constant pain. Love a distant memory. This life has been stolen…….. Nothing am I……. Filthy and wretched……. I am….. Nothingness….. An empty shell am I….. Who hears my cries?
Tears to Heaven; Lying bleeding on the floor, Helpless weeping, Oh no more. Someone please tell me that I’m worth saving. A voice inside Hold on, lying here my wounds are bleeding. A voice inside Hold on, beaten down a ruiness Heap, trapped in silent screaming save me please tell me I’m worth saving And take me home. Who hears my cries?
Tears to Heaven; The world grows cold, a heartless people. Heartless nations. Surrounded by hatred and selfishness. Hell enlargeth itself. Shame on their faces yet none can see. My eyes behold wickedness. Who hears my cries? Remember me. Pray for me. In my brokenness will You save me? In my emptiness will You fill me? In my lostness can I be found? Clinging to memories as I’m falling. A hope for a new day. Drowning in sorrow, screaming for release. A river awaits you, a river so clean, a river of healing, a river of love. There is one waiting for you.
You may not know Him but He knows you and He is there. He knows you, He loves you. Our Lord And Savior, Jesus Christ, Yeshua Savior Messiah. God in the flesh. He came to this world to take all this pain away and wash us in His own precious blood. He hears our cries He is taking you home. He will wipe away every tear from your eyes. Let my eyes not fall from You my Savior. Let my eyes behold Your light, shine on me Your Eternal sight. With Your eyes behold I tremble. With Your eyes behold Your temple. Surrounded by sin and death Lord give me Eternal rest Praise be to His Name for ever and ever…
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NEWS: Dramatic News About Iran By Netanyahu, Illegals Scale US Border Fence, Profit Destruction By Hedge Fund CIO, & More

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Hulking sumo wrestlers make babies CRY by jigging them up and down – to the delight of their mothers – in bizarre contest said to ward off evil spirits

The Lord Asks: What Will You Do? (Stephen Hanson)

The Lord Asks: What Will You Do? (Stephen Hanson)

The LORD Asks: What Will YOU Do? – Stephen Hanson

Photo credit: istockphoto

Stephen Hanson

28 April 2017

“When the sky turns dark and all around you are the signs of my returning soon what will your refuge be?
When the mountains quake and the earth cracks below you who will you run to?
When all around you you see chaos and catastrophe, where will you find peace?
When many of your churches have fallen and even the elect are deceived, who will you run to?
When all manner of wickedness and sin is rampant around you, what will you do?
When the love of many has waxed cold and all your people want is to have their ears tickled with the teaching of “feel-good preachers,” what will you do?
What will you do when truth is replaced with falsehood?
What will you do when families are split up and all they can do is live from day-to- day?
What will you do when some of your cities have been destroyed?
Will you just say that this is the order of business?
Will you adhere to the teachings of science and man or will you believe in an everlasting Father who created this world out of nothing?
I tell you my people, the signs are everywhere. But many have kicked over those signs and have said that they are just old wives’ tales.
I tell you that the judgments have begun. All of the previous seasons have ended.
You would be wise to know the times and seasons that you are living in.”


Prophetic Word: The Implosion! (Pastor Benjamin Faircloth)

Prophetic Word: The Implosion! (Pastor Benjamin Faircloth)

The Implosion! – Benjamin Faircloth

Photo credit: istockphoto

Benjamin Faircloth     The Implosion!
Posted on Apr 29, 2018

“Woe to the nations that call good evil and evil good! Who take advantage of the innocent and simple-minded ones. Woe to those who trade men’s souls for wealth, gain, greed, and power! Have you never read that My eyes are upon the sparrows?

You reject Truth, you forge a lie out of the mold of deception. You weave and spin deceit. You’ve learned your craft from your master the devil!

Do not be surprised oh nations of the earth, as the implosion of your systems begins to take place! Your treaties and your frail plans to avoid chaos and judgement are futile!

You are on My time, this is the hour of My revelation, and My plans for humanity! What will be, is what it is, for I have spoken it by My prophets before you were born.

Hear Me oh nations who practice deceit and witchcraft, the time has come to receive your recompense, your wages are ready, and your payment is before you!

This is My hour says your God. Trust Me, read My Word, I told you these things BEFORE they were!”

(Scripture reference for this message is Jeremiah 12)