Prophetic Dream: Alarm Bells Going Off (Isabelle Paquette)

Prophetic Dream: Alarm Bells Going Off (Isabelle Paquette)

I had a dream the other night I was on a boat and these alarms started to go off and I knew they wanted the boat evacuated, like it was taking on water, but I knew it wasn’t. I remember hearing someone say “Should we get changed? And a woman saying, No, keep your pyjamas on, we have to go now”. Then I knew to start packing bags for things people would need and a man told me “Go get water bottles in that room down the hall, they are going to need water”. So I went and found the room and started packing my bag with water bottles then I saw a flashlight on the ground but it was in pieces, but I picked up the three pieces because I knew I could put it back together to fix it and use it later. I then go back to my room and start packing more things and I was packing things for kids, things I knew they would like and would keep them distracted. I then tell someone. “No, this isn’t normal. Something bad is going to happen. Like they will pretend it will be aliens or………..” (I don’t remember what else I said) but I knew they wanted the people off the ship and they were going to lie and deceive us into a reason behind it. I remember packing three bags and as I finnished putting in the last piece in the bag (they were a pair or jogging pants) I woke up. I then asked Father, what was that about? He said, “The alarm bells are going off!!! Do you hear them? Be ready!”. I got that dream the other day.


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