Prophetic Message About Crypto Currencies: “I Will Hold It Down & Control It For A Short Season” (Christine Beadsworth)

Prophetic Message About Crypto Currencies: “I Will Hold It Down & Control It For A Short Season” (Christine Beadsworth)

“I will hold it down and control it for a short season.”

I have been praying much about putting in sell orders for crypto currency Reddcoin (RDD). In the last couple of days, the Lord has been warning me of a situation which will unfold.

On 5th April, I had a quick vision of a man wrestling a long-horned black bull to its knees in a sawdust arena with barriers round the edge. There were onlookers peering over the top of the barriers.

I had a sense that this bull represents the bull market, which keeps trying to rise, but Jesus, the Mighty Warrior has been wrestling it to its knees for our sake, so that we may gather the smaller coins like RDD and ETN.

The Lord will go forth like a mighty man, He will rouse up His zealous indignation and vengeance like a warrior; He will cry, yes, He will shout aloud, He will do mightily against His enemies. (Isaiah 42:13)

However, I am also reminded of the story of the bull kneeling down for Europa to climb on his back and then he runs away with her. So we must be alert and obedient to leap off the runaway bull market when the Spirit indicates and not be governed by greed and the love of money, staying a little longer for the ride with the thought of greater profits.

He said to me later in the day, “I will hold it down and control it for a short season, Beloved, but when I let go and leave the ring, it will rise and rampage in madness and cause much destruction.”

I saw the bull stand up quickly once the Lord released it and it left the arena. The bystanders stood around staring at it, as it got up onto its’ feet. Then the bull charged around, snorting and whipping its long sharp horns around and people scattered in fear. Then I understood why it was important to put in the sell orders for RDD before the bull fully stands up vertically and to set the orders for less than the full height of the bull, because there is going to be great upheaval and ups and downs with the runaway bull market and its behaviour will be very unpredictable, so it will be dangerous for God’s people to be anywhere near during this time.

When I saw the Lord stride out of the ring, I was reminded of the dream I had of the canoe race and how the Lord left the race in the back of someone’s canoe as they exited. Others were frantically entering the race with determined expressions on their faces but the Lord’s presence was absent from the race environment. At the time, I thought that canoe race represented ETN, but it might be showing the whole crypto currency investment environment.

Today, I am back watching the bull, which was held down by the Lord. I see the bull staggering to its feet and its’ knees are highlighted. It is as if this is the height at which I am placing my sell orders ($2.22) in order to get out safely. If my sell order was higher up, the bull would already be shaking its’ head and getting ready to run amok. Perhaps the other prices that people saw, like $5.00, are higher up the bull’s standing height before it runs wild.

Perhaps my exit off the roller coaster with the suitcase on my lap before the top of the steep incline illustrates this same scenario. We must each exit as directed by the Holy Spirit at His appointed moment. I am selling RDD into LTC as directed by the Lord for me. I do not know when He will show me to sell it, but I know it is not yet.

I am also aware that to each of us is awarded a different measure according to our faithfulness and obedience in previous seasons. Others may have been shown higher figures because the Lord is entrusting them with more finances for His Kingdom purposes.

The standing up straight in one spot by the bull is the sudden vertical climb in RDD price. Seek the Lord for exit figures and do not rely on the wisdom of men. Only He knows exactly what is going to happen and when. If your sell order is not in place by the time Jesus, the Mighty Warrior stops wrestling the bull down, you will find yourself caught in the frantic panic to try and get into place on the exchanges and exit with your profits in a time of unpredictable runaway bull market, and exits will be clogged by fear-filled people, who just want their fiat back.

There have been other prophetic words posted in the last couple of days saying that chaos is going to break out and the crypto markets is just one of the arenas it will play out.

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