Satanic Ritual Abuse: Is The Proof Really Lacking? (A Call For An Uprising)

Satanic Ritual Abuse: Is The Proof Really Lacking? (A Call For An Uprising)

Please pray against this abuse of our little babies and children….THIS NEEDS TO BE EXPOSED AND THIS EVIL AGAINST OUR CHILDREN NEEDS TO END!!!!

12000 + kids with absolutely no way to collaborate and get their stories straight make the EXACT same claims, with incredibly detailed accounts and nothing gets done, it’s just “hysteria”. ONE person makes a claim that someone grabbed his or her butt, without ANY details or real evidence and that person is destroyed before they even get their day in court. Nope, nothing wrong with THIS picture whatsoever. 😤😤😤😤
Thank you ACFAU!! I daily pray for the children around the world, I will continue to and I have been ever since you helped open my eyes to see The absolute sickness that these Satanist’s are doing to these children!! It’s just, it’s so absolutely Insidious, Anything more evil than I can even imagine or comprehend!! But we know, Their time is getting shorter and shorter! I say this all the time, but once again Thank You so much for all you do!! May God bless you and keep you and your family safe 😇💜
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  1. Just Praise Him Today
    (Glynda Lomax)

    Posting this for a friend who is helping raise up intercessory groups to pray against the sex trafficking of children – she asked me to write a prayer to use, and I just posted it today on the Prayers tab on the JPH site….For those who would like to pray along with her group…:

    On Thursday the 19th, 20th, & 21st, we will be getting together in fasting & prayer for these little girls, below in the link, and other suffering children worldwide that are victims of sex trafficking and ritual abuse. Anyone who wants to join us please confirm through my email and I will keep you posted on details.
    Bless you all!

    Pray for those who are trapped in sex trafficking, that they would experience freedom from their present situation and come to know God’s saving grace. Pray for the church to rise up to rescue these victims. Pray boldly for purity of heart, soul, and mind for all those involved.

    It’s so important Christians fight on behalf of these victims (Proverbs 31:8-9). The organization FAST (Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking), provides great educational toolkits for Christians.

    Prayer for Children and Young People Being Trafficked

    This is a prayer a sister asked me to write to help children and young people being trafficked.

    In the mighty Name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, I bind up any attacks by Satan or his demonic forces against me or anyone I love or anything I own in response to this prayer and spiritual warfare. I bind you up, Satan, along with your demons, and you are all bound, in Jesus Name.  I plead the precious Blood of Jesus over myself, my loved ones and all that I own right now. Thank You, Lord, for your mighty hedge of protection and warring angels that protect us now.

    We stand together now, Lord, and declare according to Your Holy Word that You are among us as we pray this prayer against trafficking. We know Your holy Word says that one can put a thousand to flight, but two can put ten thousand to flight, and we join together now and declare that spiritual law of multiplication in effect as we pray for all children being trafficked or assigned for trafficking in any way in our areas.

    We lift up all these traffickers, pimps and coyotes to You and we ask Lord that you would save each of them, heal whatever is broken in them and fill them with compassion and kindness for others. We also ask, Lord, that You would cause righteous anger to rise up in all those in positions of authority who can do something physically about these trafficking situations and that You would give them very creative ideas for catching traffickers and stopping it wherever they can. We pray Lord that you would not let these people in authority rest until they do what they can do to stop these young people from being trafficked and abused.

    We know it is not Your will that these precious young ones be tortured by these terrible spirits and forced into sexual abuse and we ask, Oh Lord, that You would send your warring angels to fulfill the answer to our prayers, in each of our areas. We ask that You would make these precious young people aware that YOU ALONE are GOD and that You love them so much You have assigned angels to watch over and protect them, and we ask that you instruct these angels to stop this abuse and torture in Jesus mighty Name. We ask You would save each of these precious young people being trafficked, Lord, and give them warrior spirits. We cover these precious children in the powerful Blood of Jesus that NO DEMON can withstand! We praise You, Lord God!

    And now, JEZEBEL, we gather together all over the earth and we stand against you and all the demons who help you now in the power and authority of the precious shed Blood of our Savior, Jesus Christ. We have been given authority over all your power according to Luke 10:19 and you must do as you are told in Jesus Name. The Word of God says whatever I bind on earth is bound in heaven and whatever I loose on earth is loosed in heaven. We bind you, Jezebel with heavenly chains from on high. We cut every string between you and all the demons you control on earth in these situations of trafficking in our areas right now in Jesus mighty Name and we command them not to help you. We tape their mouths and bind them in chains in Jesus Name.

    ISAIAH 47 says You are common, you are NO QUEEN, Jezebel! You are an ugly old hag and we command you to sit IN THE DUST in Jesus Name! We command you to grind meal at the millstone according to God’s holy Word. You have no throne. You are no virgin. You are a liar and a witch and we rebuke you and renounce all your works in Jesus Name! We rip your veil from you and expose you. You are NO LADY, and you never were. We destroy all your idols and all your sacrifices. WE EXPOSE YOUR UGLINESS FOR ALL TO SEE WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

    We dry up your rivers and your springs. We command you to walk through dry places, having no place of rest for you have given no rest to your victims, in Jesus Name. We tear down every palace you have built for yourself for you are NO QUEEN, you ugly old hag. We come in the Name of the Lord of Hosts and His Word says He will cast you into a bed and burn you with fire. We will watch with great joy as He does. We cover you with the precious Blood of Jesus. We cover each of our schools with the precious Blood of Jesus. We cover our towns and streets and our daycare centers with the precious Blood of Jesus. It burns you if you go anywhere we have put it and we continually apply it to these places and these children. We cut you off from Ahab, from the minions who serve you and from any children you have. We cut you off from satan in Jesus Name. We command them helpless to assist you in Jesus Name. We tape their mouths and we bind them with heavenly chains in Jesus Name. They may NOT help you in any way.

    We command that every instance of trafficking in our areas becomes known to the authorities and they MUST take action to protect these children NOW in Jesus Name. Jesus loves the children and WE WILL FIGHT FOR THEM AS HIS SERVANTS! 

    We forbid you to work in any of the schools or neighborhoods or daycares or anywhere young people are in our areas and every area we have authority in, in Jesus Name and by the Power of His Shed Blood. You must cease and desist your attacks on these children RIGHT NOW in Jesus Name! There shall be none to save you, Jezebel, for your own co-conspirators shall push you out of the window and you will be eaten by the hounds of hell. We send confusion into the camps of every one of these traffickers, pimps and coyotes right now, and we command in Jesus Name that this confusion causes them to turn on each other and be caught. We cover these children in the mighty, matchless Blood of Jesus Christ Our Savior and we decree they WILL live, they WILL be freed, and they WILL be saved and fulfill their personal destinies in the Lord Jesus Christ, in Jesus Name!

    We decree in Jesus mighty Name that every Satanic altar in our territories is now COVERED IN THE BLOOD OF JESUS AND EMPTIED OF EVERY HUMAN AND ANIMAL SACRIFICE. We command those children to be freed and returned to their families by the authority of the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, our Lord and Savior. They are HIS! We command those precious animals to be freed unharmed in Jesus mighty Name!

    We ask, Lord, that You would raise up intercessory groups all over this nation to pray in accordance with Your Holy will for these young people to be freed and returned to their loving homes. We pray that any of these traffickers, pimps and coyotes who refuse to repent and stop their participation in these vile and hideous crimes would be captured and imprisoned, never to participate again, in Jesus Name.

    We declare by the holy Word of God these children and young people shall live and not die. We decree in Jesus Name that they will be healed of all the trauma and any sexual diseases they have contracted through this abuse. We decree they will be set free from PTSD in Jesus Name. They shall live and fulfill their destinies in God! We command you to sit in the dust and grind meal in your shame, Jezebel. STAY OUT OF OUR TERRITORIES in Jesus mighty Name! We cover our territories with the Blood of Jesus and we stand against you for the Lord of Hosts!

      1. I’m glad you did. The prayer is from the new tab added, on the Wings of Prophecy site. The first part (before the prayer) is from the JPH (Just Praise Him) FB Page. God always, and richly bless you!


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