Prophetic Word Of 18 Things That MAY Happen In 2018 (Byron Searle)

Prophetic Word Of 18 Things That MAY Happen In 2018 (Byron Searle)

I think many people might be confused because many think WWIII is right around the corner so please read this for more understanding. There is a HARVEST also that must happen.

So here is what Bryon got yesterday and share. Hope this helps all of you.

18 things that MAY happen in 2018

April 14, 2018 9:12 PM By Byron Searle 5 Comments

My son, you have asked what will happen in 2018/5778. I will give you a list of things that MAY come to pass. I say MAY come to pass because some things may be postponed until a later day. There are, however, some things that must be.

  1. War with North Korea – It will be very quick.
  2. War in the Middle East – Nations will attack Israel.
  3. War in the Far East – China will attack Japan.
  4. War in Europe – Muslims will declare war on Germany, France, and Italy.
  5. War in South America – Venezuela/Brazil go to war.
  6. War in North America – Russia invades USA.

These are the wars and rumors of wars spoken of in Matt.24. There will be many smaller wars between people groups.

  1. Economy Reset – World economics will reset to the currency the beast will use. Crypto-currency will be what the man of sin controls.
  2. Famine – Will grip many lands, and millions of people will starve to death.
  3. Signs in the sun – 2018 will be the hottest on record, melting polar ice caps and causing great flooding.
  4. Storms – 2018 will be the worst ever for strong storms, electrical, tornadic, flooding, and hail.
  5. Lawlessness – 2018 will will be the year of total lawlessness. Cities will have riots where where many will be killed. Heinous will be a word used most often.
  6. Terrorism – In 2018, terrorists will attack at will around the world, killing thousands. They will use biological weapons taken from Syria.
  7. Earthquakes – 2018 will be the year of massive earthquakes all around the world. The word MEGA-QUAKE will be replaced with TERRA-QUAKE meaning the land has changed shape.
  8. Pestilences – New diseases will be discovered that have no cure and will kill many thousands. Entire countries will be quarantined.
  9. Water – will be more valuable than gold as terrorists pollute water supplies.
  10. Revival – Will start to break out in small churches that have sought Me on their knees.
  11. Apostate Church – Will grow in attendance and will be a building with dead people inside.
  12. Asteroid – Will hit the Atlantic Ocean, causing massive flooding and death.

My children, these are a few of the judgments I will bring upon unrepentant man. I have been sending My prophets for many, many years, yet no one seems to believe My Words. As these judgements start, I will allow a short time period for My children to repent. If NO repentance occurs, the judgments will occur faster as birth pangs on a woman.

My son, tell My body how much I love them. I don’t want to see any perish, but stubborn stiff-necked children have to learn the hard way. Many of My children will escape to the safe haven I have chosen; many will not and perish.

My son, all things are about to change. As I said before, in one night when you go to sleep, the world will be one way. When you wake up, it will be totally different. These things must be that scripture will be fulfilled, but prayer will postpone some events – NOT STOP – but postpone, to allow more into My Kingdom. My son, pray, seek me daily, never let your armor get rusty, and keep your sword sharpened. I love you.


Messiah Jesus & The Father.

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3 Replies to “Prophetic Word Of 18 Things That MAY Happen In 2018 (Byron Searle)”

    1. Byron is spot on. I’ve had recent vision of red swirling lines covering the earth n we have reached a point of no return…n folks turn a deaf ear whenever i say judgement has begun…July 2010 had vision dream…high above t earth then over USA then over Maine over Portland Maine…n I see that Portland is violently on fire… suddenly my vision was expanded n I did see that all cities in USA were violently on fire…n as I stood in midair w my angel on the right side..he lifted up his right arm n pointed with his index finger at USA n said this to me…AND ALL THOSE DWELLING IN THE CITIES DID NOT COME OUT ALIVE….the end….


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