Very Important Video: Shocking Secrets In The Food Industry! (Jason A.)

Very Important Video: Shocking Secrets In The Food Industry! (Jason A.)


It’s honestly not hard to see our food isn’t natural at all. The fast food burgers are nothing more than horse meat, rat meat, even dog meat. And the USDA slaps that “inspected by” sticker on, people trust it and end up getting cancer from it. I know farmers who sell corn… They still are getting forced to pay higher fees, and agents harassing them to hand the farm over to the government or be prepared to be shut down. Look at chocolate milk for an example; you’d think it would be chocolate and milk right? Wrong!!! Red seaweed is added for “texture” when its been proven to give people cancer. Americans don’t care. Aslong as they can eat enough to themselves to feed 6 people…
Organic does not mean Non-gmo. I could grow organic gmo’$ …get it? It’s not the way we grow it- it’s the gov. Altering its DNA. I read a disgusting article about a 2 year old steak & injected shrimp. I barely eat any meat. It’s so gross. Castro Valley, California used to be the chicken capitol of the world, second was Napa. Now China runs the industry in hazmat suits. Look those hidden camera videos up. It is sad & we are the targets. I’d like to vomit on them- then kill them off!! Every single last one. See how the tables turn!
Kale and spinach also help detoxify the brain of heavy metals like aluminum if you want smart food for brain cashews almonds walnuts and other nuts are good for that.
Healthy food is expensive.
Yes, this is why you see such a huge gap in health from the rich and poor. This is why poorer people die on average 22years younger then richer people. Richer people can afford home house filtration systems, organic all natural produce and grass fed free range organic meats etc. simply shop the parameter of your grocery store, take a all natural non synthetic vitamin Naturello is just one brand and excersise regularly and you will see a huge improvement in health, less brain fog and overall a happier life.
Meat and dairy is subsidized by the state, that’s why it’s cheap. You should buy produce when it’s in season and when it’s on sale and stock up. Dried beans, lentils, chickpeas, basmati and jasmin rice in bulk (10-20lbs) bags are cheap af and can be cooked quickly in Instant pot. Also grains, nuts, seeds and dried fruits are cheep when bought in bulk. You will save on energy bill too on whole-food plant based diet as you don’t cook as much compared to SAD.
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