Prophetic Word: “Many False Prophets Are Throughout America” (Byron Searle)

Prophetic Word: “Many False Prophets Are Throughout America” (Byron Searle)

“Many false prophets are throughout America.”

My son, these people who REFUSE to hear My Words, which walk in the imaginations of their hearts and walk after other gods to serve them, shall be like this dirty, worn-out girdle – GOOD FOR NOTHING!

My son, many false prophets are throughout America. These people do not hear from Me, but from the vain imaginations in their mind. Many of these so-called prophets and seers only say what the people want them to say or to promote themselves to make money. This girdle that I speak of that is good for nothing was at one time new, full of color, and able to be worn. After time, the girdle is old, full of holes, dirty and smelly. Many prophets at first hear My voice and speak the truth, but over time pride comes in, false doctrines come in, and the prophet does not hear My voice any longer and is good for nothing.

You ask, how can I allow these false voices to continue using My Name? My son, the answer is I allow them to speak so My people will SEEK ME. There have been many false prophets spreading many lies to deceive My body. But My body must SEEK ME in prayer, and I will reveal the truth. I said to try the spirits that these men and women speak in the authority of, but My body blindly follows every wind of doctrine spoken of by these false prophets.

Here is truth:

  1. America will NOT be great again. This nation will decrease as I will raise up Israel.
  2. Trump is NOT the savior. He is who I will use to bring judgment.
  3. The economy is NOT strong. This will fall in one hour.
  4. Russia is NOT your friend – My instrument of indignation.
  5. The man of sin is here now. He will reveal himself soon.
  6. The Gathering will happen very soon – very, very soon. No one is expecting My return now. I will come as a thief in the night. All eyes are on Trump and America returning to greatness.
  7. North Korea will be defeated quickly.
  8. The judgments are happening, proving all the false prophets are liars.


The Father

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5 Replies to “Prophetic Word: “Many False Prophets Are Throughout America” (Byron Searle)”

  1. I want to know Him more.
    I’ve failed me, my children, my calling and all because of a failed marriage.
    I rejected me and everything went wrong and nosedived…I need God touch to strength and divinely direct and lead me on what to do.
    I want HIM to lead as I follow.
    Thank Byron Searle..please talk to me.

    1. Byron does not look at comments here so he cannot answer you. He is on FB and if you have FB you can ask him there. I am not quite understanding what you are saying about yourself in relation to the
      message Byron put out? If I can help you let me know.

    2. Ngozi,
      You have never sunk so deep or “failed” too miserably that Jesus will not rescue you!
      I think that the Church Age is coming to a close soon, but the DOOR is still open for now. This is the time of grace. Jesus IS THE DOOR. He will always “leave the 99 sheep to rescue one”!! Cry out to Him with all your heart in repentance and for His mercy and restoration. Speak out any of the PSALMS from the Bible that seem to fit your feelings. Do not give up. He WILL add His “SUPER-natural” to your honest cries for help. Keeping you in prayer.

  2. How ironic…the one that Yah showed me with EVIDENCE and confirmed with an Angel in my dream does NOT hear from him puts this out on false prophets…hahaha! I hate to be him, when he stand in front of Yeshu’a on Judgement day

    1. Really, Mary?

      You are going to claim God has told you our good friend Byron is a false prophet?

      Too many of his prophecies have already rung true for me to believe that!


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