Prophetic Vision #42-A Nation Mourns (Sharlene R.)

Prophetic Vision #42-A Nation Mourns (Sharlene R.)

Vision #42 – A Nation Mourns – Sharlene R. (A Call Of The Bride)

Fort Riley remembers, honors fallen on Memorial Day ...

Mar 14/18 pm

I was in the Throne Room and just before I turned to go down the stairs, ( I was facing the right corner of Jesus on His Throne) I looked to my right and saw others worshiping close to the steps that go up to the stage where Jesus sits on His Mercy Seat. I waved and someone waved back but I didn’t see their face. Going down the stairs, I saw my friend, and as I was walking towards her, I happen to look down at my feet and I was barefoot and wearing sandals! I also saw the hem of my white robe! I’ve never noticed that before! That’s new. Wow! Also the floor appeared smoother today. I saw also my friend a little more clearly and she is very young, like how she looked when she got married. (I was at that wedding) We turned to look at the screen.

My view opened to see a massive cemetery with thousands of white crosses in rows, each one marked with a soldier’s name. They reminded me of the crosses from WWll. There were so many! A soldier wearing a dark uniform and a red cap was standing in front of the cemetery to my left and was playing a trumpet or horn. I heard him play taps- that music that they play when a soldier has passed away in battle. I understood that all of America could hear it. It was like a national funeral service. I saw an American flag flown half mast nearby. In the distance to my right were many people attending, all wearing black; dresses, suits like what you would wear at a formal funeral. There were many black cars, with dignitaries and families of the soldiers standing, weeping, mourning. It was so sad; so much sorrow. A man was speaking behind a pulpit, addressing the families of the fallen soldiers and the nation. He was too far away for me to recognize him. He may have been a pastor or minister as he was trying to speak words of comfort and encouragement. He wasn’t wearing a uniform. I understood this vision was connected to vision #22 Feb 4/18  (Hope note – I sent Sharlene a link to Arlington Ntl Cem and she had not heard of it)

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