NEWS: 3 Dead In Vienna, Kim Jong-Un Says US Is Sworn Enemy, Stephen Hawkings Dead At 76, 3rd Major Storm Hits NE, California To Start Recycling Sewer Water Into Tap Water, & More

NEWS: 3 Dead In Vienna, Kim Jong-Un Says US Is Sworn Enemy, Stephen Hawkings Dead At 76, 3rd Major Storm Hits NE, California To Start Recycling Sewer Water Into Tap Water, & More

BREAKING NEWS: At least three people are injured as knifeman goes on rampage attacking people at random on the streets of Vienna 

Kim Jong-un says US is ‘the sworn enemy to humankind’ as South Korean President Moon warns it’s ‘too early to be optimistic’ over North’s offer of denuclearization

Daily Mail:Professor Stephen Hawking dies peacefully aged 76 at his Cambridge home – 55 years after the scientist was diagnosed with motor neurone disease and given just two years to live BREAKING NEWS: 

If Amazon Alexa & Echo Devices Can Be DEMON POSSESSED, Imagine What’s Going To Happen Tomorrow As People Interface Their Brains With A.I. Computers 

Bibi Netanyahu just slapped the United Nations with one big reality check: The United Nations wants the world to forget one basic truth. That is, Jews have been living in Israel for three thousand years before the United Nations ever even existed! 

ICE spokesman QUITS after he says the agency asked him to share ‘alternative facts’ about the Oakland mayor warning immigrants of a raid and says claims of 800 ‘getting away’ are ‘just false’

Third major storm slams parts of the northeast with 1,500 flights already cancelled and up to 20 inches of snow expected in blizzard conditions

California to start recycling sewer water into tap water… and yes, it’s full of insane chemicals:SQ-YEARS AGO I STATED THEY WOULD BE ‘DROWNING IN THEIR OWN DEFECANT’ AND EXCRETED PHARMACEUTICALS IN DRINKING WATER WOULD EMASCULATE,THE MALES 

Nerve agent WAS used to poison Russian spy and his daughter in Britain as it’s revealed the police officer first on the scene is also fighting for his life

From foaming at the mouth to uncontrollable diarrhoea and seizures: Here are the 10 terrifying ways nerve gas destroys the body within minutes

Putin warns his country’s enemies will be ‘served with poison’… as British police investigate nerve agent poisoning of Russian spy and his daughter 

Putin says he would annihilate the world with his nuclear weapons if nukes were fired at Russia because ‘why do we need a world if Russians cease to exist?’

FBI agents were ‘blocked from contacting oligarch’s mistress and her sex coach boyfriend after they offered proof of Russian meddling in US election in exchange for their release from a Thai prison’

Mystery of Alabama County Commission candidate found covered in blood and severely injured in her driveway after calling a friend screaming that she had been attacked

Baltimore Can’t Afford to Heat Schools, But is Paying $100k to Bus Students to Gun Control Rally 

Austin police have responded to at least 150 suspicious package calls since Monday’s deadly double explosion involving ‘sophisticated’ bombs ‘fitted with motion sensors and filled with shrapnel’ 

something fishy going on! Why would Trump hire someone who loved torturing people in Thailand? Will she be instrumental in calling out the UN Military on us and ordering us to be killed? you have to wonder. Something very odd is going on.

Trump’s picks real-life Carrie Mathison to be CIA’s first female boss – but she ran ‘black site’ where waterboarded al Qaeda suspect lost an eye

SNOWDEN CRITICIZES NEW CIA PICK FOR INVOLVEMENT IN TORTURE PROGRAM Gina Haspel accused of participating in torture, destroying video tapes of interrogation sessions-SQ-I AGREE WITH SNOWDEN-BARBARISM AT IT’S WORST! 

Trump’s personal assistant is FIRED: Aide is escorted out of the White House and is being probed for alleged ‘financial crimes’ – but STILL lands face-saving job on Trump’s 2020 campaign

More and more of these half animal, half human

‘I feel like a brown-eyed, bearded man is trapped inside him!’ Photo of a dog that ‘has a human face’ goes viral – and the pooch has even been likened to Jake Gyllenhaal

Huge STD outbreak in Pittsburgh suburb as health officials say ‘under-24s are more promiscuous than ever’

Terrifying moment a woman is swept off the side of a mountain by a massive landslide after she ignored warnings and stood shouting at the tons of earth surging towards her


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