Prophetically Speaking: What Happened To Giving God Love, Reverence And Respect? (Ms. Sophie)

Prophetically Speaking: What Happened To Giving God Love, Reverence And Respect? (Ms. Sophie)


Why do we continually fight with God and disobey? Why do we refuse to give Him the respect He deserves? Why do we no longer reverence Him and realize how Holy He really is? Please tell me what gives anyone the right to expect God to bless us, prosper us, and give us everything we want when we do not even want Him working in our lives, we don’t want Him in our home, we don’t allow Him in our schools, even our leaders have dismissed and rejected Him. Most of our church leaders teach nothing about true repentance, reverence and fear of God. Yet, we expect Him to give us our heart’s desires don’t we? We want more and more yet we give nothing back.

America is full of every perversion known to man and instead of rising up against it we just “tolerate” it. There are more pro-abortion advocates then pro-life advocates. We live in a society that anything goes, let us live as we wish and we are truly the most spoiled nation in the world. We have become “spoiled rotten kids”. We have molded God into being “our servant” when we should have been serving Him by desiring to live by His truth, His ways, and being obedient. We refuse to give up any sins because either we love them so much or we do not believe that the Holy Spirit really can make us a “new creature in Christ”. We do not believe His warnings that He has given to tons of people. We think living by God’s ways is restrictive yet it is the road of cleansing, purification, sanctification that leads us back to His arms when we are called home. That is where freedom is. We become free from sin and no longer follow satan but we always must do our part in this walk. We must walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

Why do people just brush off Yeshua’s death and make a mockery of it? We were blessed by His great love when He came, lived and died and rose again for each one of us and crushed the law of sin and death so why are we not thanking Him for this? Why do we really believe that we will enter into heaven with our dirty garments? Are we playing games with God’s mind and putting Him to the test so that we can stay in our sins and enjoy them, living the way the devil wants us to do yet convincing ourselves that God is fine with all this? Didn’t Yeshua demonstrate to us how to walk through life, how we must overcome, how we must make a concerted effort to run from sin, how we must stop falling into temptation, how we will be judged on how we lived our lives? We were born on earth to be tested, tried by God. Tribulation is a part of life. He is searching and seeing which ones use self-control, do not wish to abuse others, how much love they have in their hearts for others, if they are willing to let go and forgive, how we persevered no matter what came our way and what was our reaction to what came our way! This life is fraught with pain, whether physical, mental or emotional but that does not mean we can use these pains as our crutch, our excuses in life or to be revengeful towards anyone.

We ourselves have a responsibility in life and the world does not owe us a darn thing. We owe the world something; we are to give back, not just take, take and take some more. Was Yeshua a taker or a giver? He was born into wealth yet chose poverty but didn’t scam anyone, steal or make excuses. We will not get away with our excuses when we stand before Him because He will ask us “how did you live for Me?” You see, we weren’t born for everything to be all about us. We can’t keep taking, lying, stealing, fornicating as we please, smoking weed, putting drugs in our systems, staying drunk, living in adultery, being a false witness against another and expect to enter into the Kingdom. People say I can’t change…oh yes, you can. We can change our thoughts, our attitudes. We need the Holy Spirit to help us along the way and that is why repentance is so necessary because that is when we allow Him into our lives so He can help us. He is a gentleman though and won’t force Himself on anyone. So there is an attitude behind all this. If we really want help or to change, it will happen.

You think going to some church building will make you holy? You think doing a fundraiser and singing a few songs makes you clean? You say you are saved right? Where is the evidence you have been saved? The Lord will see how you lived for you; to have your pleasures in this life with no interest in turning away from the world and the lusts thereof.

It saddens me when I see people just truly don’t care how much they are breaking Yeshua’s heart. He gave His all for us. Could you endure those beatings? Could you have endured nails going into your hands and feet, being mocked, ridiculed, spit on with a crown of thorns being pressed into your head as the pain is unbearable? Sadly, for most, it does not matter what He really went through because if it did they would really want to have a relationship with their Creator, they would seek Him and would really want to clean up their act and honestly try. They would realize they NEED Him more than anyone else and He is more than happy to help us. I don’t see this in the majority of people but see a bunch of people running around living as the world not caring about anything except their next “fix” whether it’s another smartphone, TV, car, vacation, clothes, sex, video game, lover, next husband, next wife and so on and so on.

Why is it that we will obey civil laws in place but God’s eternal laws, our code of ethics, the moral codes of life we want nothing to do with it? When you run a red light and get stopped by a cop, he hands you a ticket so you feel you were unjustly served so you go to fight to have this ticket removed. So the judge hears your plea and decides in his kindness to let you off the hook this time with a warning. You are so happy you didn’t have to pay that $138.00 fine or whatever the amount was.

So, okay, next time you are out, are you not now even more responsible to uphold the civil law than before? Do you go and keep running red lights thinking that you will never have to pay? No, if you are smart you will watch and make sure you uphold the law. You won’t be testing the waters again because you know, next time you get caught, the ticket is there, you might even be required to do jail time if you keep being a repeat offender of the law. You know you will be held responsible for your actions. Same goes for everything in our lives. We are responsible for our actions, our thoughts, our defiance, our disobedience, our callous attitude, our hatred of others!

Well, this is how God is judging each one of us in heaven. Are you upholding the law of morality, of uprightness, of loving others or are you continually testing the waters, testing God? God gave us a moral compass to live by. That was so we could be blessed and is not in place to harm us. There are consequences to living in sin willingly and you will pay the ultimate price in the end. God does not put us in hell but we sure the heck do a good job of putting ourselves there. Civil laws we obey, yet obeying God is foreign to us. We must stop making excuses for our sins and stop justifying them and instead turn from them. Just like we won’t run more red lights, we sure don’t need to be trampling on God’s grace and mercy He has given us. You know, in the end God isn’t going to care how many cakes you made, how many shirts you gave to someone at a charity if you are living in moral decay and filth. He looks at our sin. He loves the sinner as He has said over and over again but HATES the sin. The Pharisees always made themselves look good on the outside but their hearts were full of sin, deceit, lies and hypocrisy. All a show but God reads our hearts. We cannot lie to him but we sure can fool people in life. We can say “I love my church friends, my sister, my brother, my neighbor and then behind their backs we put them down constantly, we laugh at their troubled lives saying they deserve it, we slander people without even really knowing who they are in real life, we think we are better than others because we have nicer clothes, nicer car, more money, we think we are not to blame and just blame everyone else all the time for our troubles too in life”. Is this Christlike?

Did Yeshua walk on earth telling everyone that He was better than them and did He gossip about them and get others to go against people? Did Yeshua slander anyone? Did He hate anyone? Did He live in unforgiveness? Did He blame even those who killed Him in the end or did He say “forgive them Father for they know not what they do?” Think about these things.

When we live in excuses our whole life, in our filthy ways, we are showing God we do not respect Him, we will not reverence Him and we will stay in rebellion to Him which is foolish because you cannot win that one yet we want to stay in disobedience. Where is this showing God you love Him? Show me that in the Bible. God, out of the sheer love in His heart, sent down His Son to save us from ourselves yet we are rejecting this.

As I close, I can see why we must be judged harshly because we are very spoiled, we have no true desire to repent of anything but yet we want God to repent of judgment on us. That won’t happen people. We will be judged. It is the only way anyone will finally repent and turn back. We are too far gone as a people, as a society. It is our own pride and disobedience in this nation that will bring us to destruction. God truly deserves to be reverenced, respected. He loves us all but why should He allow this to go on? I, myself, am so tired of seeing people hate one another, kill each other, destroy each other’s lives and I cannot even imagine how He feels about this for He sees so much more and sees everything that is going on all over the world. I am disappointed in mankind in many ways myself. We have to stop this. Make it easy on yourselves; turn back before these things, the judgments happen! I even believe some judgments are already happening and have been. Realize, It is going to be God’s way in the end!! Soon all will see. Noone is going to get away from standing before Him on that day! Don’t ever forget that!

I love you all and I feel a profound sadness over how far we have truly fallen from grace! Yeshua deserves so much more from us! Give Him some love please. He deserves all our love always! No greater gift was ever given to man than when He laid down His life for us. Without Him doing this, we were all doomed to burn forever!! Show Him the respect. Reverence Him. Bow before Him. Tell Him you are sorry. Love Him as He requires and that is through obedience. Stop fighting with Him.

Think on all these things!

(Ms. Sophie-3/12/2018)



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7 Replies to “Prophetically Speaking: What Happened To Giving God Love, Reverence And Respect? (Ms. Sophie)”

  1. “We think living by God’s ways is restrictive yet it is the road of cleansing, purification, sanctification that leads us back to His arms when we are called home. That is where freedom is. We become free from sin and no longer follow satan but we always must do our part in this walk. We must walk the walk, not just talk the talk.”

    That is so key – we are not free TO sin, we are free FROM desire to sin as we crucify our “old man” (the flesh) and become a “new man” (Christ living in us). Our desires begin to align with those of the Spirit. I’m far from perfect, but the cleansing, purification, and sanctification process has freed me from desire for many sins that I could never overcome on my own! It has been so freeing, step by step – the process continues…

    It is so tragic that this simple but undeniable distinction so often falls on deaf ears. People hold so tightly onto that lie of OSAS.

    1. AMEN and mainly because they don’t want to even try to stop doing what they are into. So OSAS gives them this false security that they will make it in. Satan knows our weaknesses of the flesh and he made sure he would get many trapped into this lie of his.

    2. Bro. Evan– IF EVERY— Born Again, Holy Spirit filled Water Baptized Believer in JESUS CHRIST– would be MORE concerned about pleasing the Lord rather than themselves (their flesh)– we would surely witness true transformation and a profound LOVE & RESPECT for HIM!!

      Our daily prayer should be– Lord Jesus HELP US NOT to embarrass or profane YOUR NAME!! Let us be LIVING EXAMPLES of YOUR righteousness and HOLINESS (one description hardly ever used in this modern society; HOLINESS)

      If we’re constantly reminded that ALL OF OUR ACTIONS, our SPEECH and our lifestyle REFLECTS our reverence & LOVE for JESUS– there would be more SPIRITUAL MATURITY & DEVELOPMENT amongst the Body of Believers in Jesus Christ!

      “And so, dear brothers, I plead with you to give— YOUR BODIES TO GOD. Let them be a LIVING SACRIFICE—HOLY– the kind He (JESUS CHRIST) can accept. When you think of what HE HAS DONE FOR YOU, is this too much to ask? DON’T COPY the behavior and customs of this world, but be A NEW and DIFFERENT PERSON– with fresh newness in ALL YOU DO– and THINK. Then you will learn from your own experience HOW HIS (JESUS CHRIST) WAYS WILL REALLY SATISFY YOU.”
      ROMANS 12:1-2 (Living Bible Translation)

      1. Also, we need mind renewal through reading, speaking and meditating on THE WORD day and night. Jesus IS “THE WORD”!!
        We feed the Spirit in us by feeding on The Word. As we do that, the “flesh man” is put down. Whichever one we feed the most, GROWS. Which will it be, flesh or Spirit? It’s really a no brainer as the Word tells us that the flesh profits NOTHING!


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