A Love Letter From Jesus To YOU! Let Him In

A Love Letter From Jesus To YOU! Let Him In

Harolyn Allison

we all backslide even me, when you fall get back up. repent and you are forgiven, when Christ paid the price, he became the sacrafice for all time. the feelings you have are flesh this comes from Satan, he does not want you to be close to God, when this happens, read Luke chapter 10 verses 19 and 20. you have the power to put Satan behind you. it will work. Christ died, and rose again, He has defeated death, you now have the right to just come on in to Him and be heard, you asking for forgiveness is granted, you are never alone. as Christ states in the bible, I will never leave you or forsake you ever. this is one of many of His promises, claim it.

your statement that you confess you are a sinner, is part of the sinners prayer, say the prayer and ask Him in, then you will be let in. when you find this salvation, you must do regular maintance to hold the salvation, this is done by prayer and asking for forgiveness. this is done daily. talk to Gog via prayer form this relationship with Him, the more you do, the stronger you will become, the less lonely you will feel. you are not alone. 1 confess you are a sinner 2 proclaim that Christ is the son of God 3 that he died and rose again, 4that you now wish Him to come into your heart, this is the sinners prayer. ask for your heart to be cleaned. do not despair, He is waiting. God no longer wants blood sacrafices, all he wants is your love. you will grow stronger, feel better and the warm feeling of the holy Spirit will envelope you

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