Prophetic Dream: Sudden Mass Exodus Of Traders (Cryptopia-NZDT) & War Coming In March (Christine Beadsworth)

Prophetic Dream: Sudden Mass Exodus Of Traders (Cryptopia-NZDT) & War Coming In March (Christine Beadsworth)

Prophetic dream warns of sudden mass exodus of traders and war coming in March.

In the early morning of 3rd February, I received a very troubling dream and am still praying for the full interpretation.

I dreamt I was just about to cross a bridge to go to a place where my friends and I often went, to meet someone. I could see people sitting at tables talking, almost like a coffee shop. Just then the bridge was blocked by a stream of people leaving the place and a friend I haven’t seen for 25 years, Louisa, told me it had turned into a Freemason’s lodge and its new name was Europia, so I mustn’t go there.

It seems Louisa had been at this meeting place, but was leaving along with many others at the same time. The bridge was so filled with people leaving that no one could go the other way.

The rest of the dream concerned driving from place to place in a big white pickup truck on roads I hadn’t been on before.


After waking, I prayed concerning the thought of Cryptopia being the place which had become a ‘Freemason’s lodge with a new name (and therefore new character or identity, as a name is a reference to the characteristics of the person carrying it). Was this the gathering place where people were streaming out of?

That same day, I tried to log onto Cryptopia and my computer couldn’t even find the site. I tried on my phone as well and it was the same. Yet others could log on. The next day, it was back to normal, which made me realize that the Lord was giving me a sign and confirming that the way there was about to be blocked by people leaving.

It seemed in my dream they were leaving because of changes that had occurred. The same day, I also discovered about one of the banks in NZ stopping trade with Cryptopia, which resulted in them informing traders that at the end of March they will no longer trade in NZDT, so people must withdraw their trades. Looking at it now, I realized this was represented by the bridge being blocked with people leaving Cryptopia.

When praying about the Europia dream, I asked the Lord, “When will this happen?”

He answered, “After February”.

So I asked, “Why, what happens in March?”

He said, “War comes in March.”

Then I discovered that March is named from the Roman god Mars, the god of war.

I am not sure which war. It might be Trump okaying the attack on North Korea as this has been recently prophesied, but in any case, this will affect the markets hugely. Another possibility is war in the Middle East. Purim is at the end of February, a celebration of the destruction of the Jew’s enemy Haman in Persia which is modern Iran, so Israel might be about to attack Iran as they seem to often do strategic maneuvers in line with Biblical dates.

The end of March is Passover. I am reminded that the weeks before Passover were traumatic weeks in Egypt, the firstborn died. So the month of March is going to be ugly for the investment market, probably the time of the huge wave plunge. This year, Passover begins at sunset on Friday, 30th March and continues until sunset on Saturday, 7th April.

I am quite upset at the prospect that the Lord may be warning me that Cryptopia is about to become an unsafe place, where the Bride will be taken captive, during the bull run, as it has become a familiar comfortable place for me (perhaps the coffee shop where friends go).

I have personally had no problems with trading or withdrawing at Cryptopia, until the first week of February when I felt I needed to take all the small amount of ETN remaining and place it in my wallet. For the first time, my deposit was still pending after 22 hours in spite of doing everything I was supposed to.

I have been much in prayer since then, concerning what to do. The Lord instructed me on the 4th February to join the NEXT exchange which is about to start trading in ETN . What I actually heard was, “Move to the next exchange.” Seeing as the only other exchange trading in ETN from 14th Feb is NEXT exchange, it seems obvious to move all ETN into a wallet and then trade on NEXT exchange when the value rises significantly enough and the conversion to fiat option becomes available.

In the dream, my friend told me the new name of the meeting place was Europia. The name Europia could also indicate the crypto markets used to be a kind of Utopia for investors but it will change to Europia and people will be fleeing it. The name change might also mean that the place of gathering to exchange crypto becomes a freemasons lodge – this speaks of illuminati takeover of crypto market They have had control of the stock market and will deliberately crash it, (which I saw in a previous dream represented by the white card being let go to crash to the ground) and they hate that the crypto market is not under their thumb so they will establish strong control by witchcraft and government and bank shutdown. I am asking to be led concerning this, as it seems Cryptopia will not be the place to sell RDD later, because of turning into ‘Europia’.

I believe this warning is similar to the warning the wise men received concerning Herod’s evil intentions after laying their gold and silver and frankincense (representing prayer and worship) at the Lord’s feet, and they had to return by another way which was shown to them by the Lord in a dream.

There is a crash coming. Get out of the way and move higher for safety. From this platform, you will be able to watch what unfolds and know when it is safe to return to trading. Please pray earnestly as to what the Lord would have you do. Trust the Lord to instruct and remove you from the rollercoaster before the disastrous plunge begins.

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  1. Seems like your prophetic insight was correct, but only off about a year. I imagine there will be a mass exodus from Cryptopia once the exchange reopens sometime in Feb. Be interesting to see goes to war with who.


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